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Sun Ya-Li (2018) Continental Mantle Heritage in the Tethyan Suture Zone, Central Tibet
Huang Q-S, Shi R-D, Sun Y-L & Ding L

Sun Yadong (2015) Gem-Quality Apatite as Reference Material for Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Biogenic Apatite by the Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Sun Y, Joachimski M & Wiedenbeck M

Sun Yajie (2023) Trace Metals, Radionuclides, and Strontium Isotopes Variations of Global Phosphate Rocks and Fertilizers: Implications for Tracing Environmental Impacts
Vengosh A, Wang Z, Williams G, Hill R, Dwyer G, Duckworth O, Gatiboni L, Schnug E, Sun Y, Bol R, El-Hasan T, Haneklaus S, Bahadir AM, Singh A & Shrivastava A
(2022) Strontium Isotopes and Metal(loid)s Variations in Global Phosphate Ores
Vengosh A, Wang Z, Williams G, Hill R, Dwyer G, Duckworth O, Gatiboni L, Schnug E, Sun Y, Bol R, El-Hasan T, Haneklaus S, Bahadir AM, Singh A & Shrivastava A
(2019) Oxygen Stable Isotopes in Phosphate Rocks
Sun Y, Amelung W, Wu B, Haneklaus S, Maekawa M, Lücke A, Schnug E & Bol R

Sun Yan (2009) Brightness Temperature Distribution of the Moon: Result from Chinese Chang’E-1 Lunar Orbiter
Zheng Y, Bian W, Sun Y, Feng J, Zhang X, Liu J & Zou Y

Sun Yanfeng (2020) Epiphytic Bacteria are Indispensable in Production of Algae-Derived RDOM (Refractory Dissolved Organic Matter)
Liu Y, Sun Y, He C, Shi Q, Kan J & Sun J

Sun Yang (2016) Preservation and Modification of the Archean Lower Crust beneath the Western Part of the North China Craton
Ying J, Zhang H, Tang Y & Sun Y
(2016) Distinctive Recycled Component and Multiple Metasomatism: A Case Study Related to Key Issue in Debate of Enriched Mantle Endmember EMI
Zhou X, Ying J, Sun Y & Su B

Sun Yang (2013) LOMU Geochemical Signature of the Cenozoic Ultrapotassic Volcanic Rocks in NE China: Implications for a Relic Ancient Mantle Segment beneath the Eastern CAOB
Zhou X, Ying J, Sun Y & Shao J

Sun Yang (2015) Multiple Mantle Metasomatism as Inferred from O, Li and Mg Isotopes of the Pleistocene Ultrapotassic Volcanic Rocks in NE China: An EMI /LOMU Debate
Zhou X, Ying J, Sun Y & Su B
(2014) Deep EMI Source Signature Inferred from Geochemistry of Ultrapotassic Volcanic Rocks in Eastern CAOB: Evidences of Re-Os and Li Isotopes
Zhou X-H, Ying J-F, Sun Y & Su B-X

Sun Yang (2018) Magnesium Isotopic Systematics of the Makran Arc, Iran: Implications for a Hidden high-Delta26Mg Reservoir in the Continental Crust
Pang K-N, Teng F-Z, Sun Y, Chung S-L, Zarrinkoub MH & Chiu H-Y
(2018) Origins of the Leucite Hills Lamproites Constrained by Magnesium Isotopes
Sun Y, Teng F-Z, Kuehner S & Pang K-N

Sun Yang (2021) Prediction of Crystal Structures and Motifs in the Fe-Mg-O System at Earth’s Core Pressures
Sun Y, Wentzcovitch RM, Wang R, Zheng F, Fang Y, Wu S, Lin Z, Wang C-Z & Ho K-M

Sun Yaojia (2023) Crustose Coralline Algae Dissolution Buffers Coral Reef Environments
Branson O, Ellwood MJ, Cornwall C, Maher W, Sun Y, Holland KD, Goodarzi P, Martin H & Eggins S
(2023) Strontium, Acantharia and Carbon Export, What’s the Connection?
Sun Y & Ellwood MJ

Sun Yele (2016) Molecular Markers of Secondary Organic Aerosol in Mumbai, India
Fu P, Aggarwal SG, Chen J, Li J, Sun Y, Wang Z, Chen H, Liao H, Ding A, Umarji GS, Patil RS, Chen Q & Kawamura K

Sun Yele (2015) Towards Quantitative Mixing State Measurements: The Sacramento Case Study
Moffet R, O'Brien R, Wang B, Yu X-Y, Alpert P, Riemer N, West M, Sun Y, Knopf D, Laskin A & Gilles M

Sun Yele (2019) Elemental Characteristics of Airborne Fine Particles in an Industrial Area at a Coastal City of Central Eastern China
Hu W, Fu P, Song T, Feng Y, Cheng B, Sun Y & Wang Z
(2019) Aerosol Sources, Processes and Effects on the Urban Boundary Layer: Highlights from the Beijing Air Pollution and Human Health Programme
Coe H, Allan J, Mehra A, Worrall S, Bacak A, Bannan T, Priestley M, Slater J, Joshi R, McFiggans G, Topping D, Connolly P, Liu D, Flynn M, Yu C, Sun Y, Fu P, Wang Z, Ge X & Worsnop D

Sun Yele (2018) Fine Particle pH for Beijing Winter Haze as Inferred from Different Thermodynamic Equilibrium Models
Song S, Gao M, Xu W, Shao J, Shi G, Wang S, Wang Y, Sun Y & McElroy M

Sun Yele (2014) Primary Organic Aerosols in the Urban Atmosphere: Insights from Aerosol Mass Spectrometry
Zhang Q, Collier S, Ge X, Sun Y, Xu J, Jimenez J-L, Ulbrich I, Mohr C, Ng S & Canagaratna M

Sun Yele (2017) Primary Biological and Biomass Burning Aerosols at the Northern Slope of Mt. Everest, Central Himalayas
Fu P, Ren H, Wan X, Sun Y, Wang Z, Kawamura K, Liu C-Q & Cong Z

Sun Ying (2015) Marine Group II Archaea are Significant Players of Carbon Cycling in Estuaries and Coastal Seas
Zhang C, Xie W, Murugapiran S, Dodsworth J, Luo H, Sun Y, Chen S, Wang P, Hedlund B & Phelps T

Sun Yingying (2016) Elucidation of the Interplay between Fe(II), Fe(III) and Dopamine with Relevance to Iron Solubilization and ROS Generation by Catecholamines
Sun Y, Pham AN & Waite TD
(2015) Effect of Chloride Driven Copper Redox Cycling on the Kinetics of Fe(II) Oxidation in Aqueous Solutions at pH 6.5-8.0
Sun Y, Pham AN & Waite D

Sun Yipu (2015) Multi-Fluid in Carbonate Reservoir: Geochemistry Evidence from Cement of Ordovician in Erdos Basin, Northwest China
He Z, Zhang J, Ding Q, Sun Y & Jin X

Sun Yong (2015) Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in the Soils of Central Tibetan Plateau, China: Distribution, Composition and Transformation
Yuan G-L, Sun Y, Li J & Wang G-H

Sun Yong (2014) The Crustal Growth and Evolution of North China Craton: Revealed by Hf Isotopes in Detrital Zircons from Modern Rivers
Diwu C, Sun Y & Wang Q
(2014) New Evidence for ~4.45 Ga Terrestrial Crust from Zircon Xenocrysts in Ordovician Ignimbrite in the North Qinling Orogenic Belt, China
Diwu C, Sun Y & Wilde SA
(2014) Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf Isotope Constraints on the Precamprian Crustal Evolution of the Ordos Block, North China Craton
Zhang C, Sun Y, Diwu C, Guo L & Luo J
(2011) Episodic Events of the Western North China Craton and North Qinling Orogenic Belt, in Central China: Revealing by Detrital Zircon U–Pb Ages
Sun Y, Diwu C, Zhang H, Qiang W & Guo A
(2011) Crustal Growth in the North China Craton at ~2.5 Ga: Evidence from in situ Zircon U-Pb Dating, Hf Isotopes and Whole-Rock Geochemistry of the Dengfeng Complex
Diwu C, Sun Y, Guo A, Wang H & Liu X
(2010) The Retrograde Partial Melting of the Xitieshan UHP Eclogite from the North Qaidam, NW China
Chen D, Liu L, Sun Y & Zhu X
(2010) LA-ICPMS U–Pb Zircon Geochronology and Lu–Hf Isotope Compositions of the Taihua Complex on the Southern Margin of the North China Craton
Sun Y, Diwu C, Lin C & Wang H
(2008) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the North Qaidam UHP Terrane, NW China
Chen D, Liu L & Sun Y
(2008) Paleoarchean Crustal Remnants in the Western North Qinling Orogenic Belt
Sun Y, Diwu C, Wang H, Dong Z, Zhang H & Chen L
(2008) Dating and Geochemical Characteristics of Yanwan Paleozoic Collisional Intrusions in West Segment of Qinling Mountains, China
Wang H, Sun Y & Xu X
(2008) Nb/Ta in Lajimiao Gabrro – Implications for Lower Crust Melting
Liu J, Sun Y & Sun W
(2007) Formation History of Archaean TTG Gneisses in the Taihua Complex, Lushan Area, Central China: in Stiu U-Pb Age and Hf-Isotope Analysis of Zircons
DiWu C-R, Sun Y, Lin C-L, Li H-P, Chen L & Liu X-M
(2007) Earliest Geological Record in North China Craton: 4079Ma Zircon U-Pb Age
Wang H, Chen L, Sun Y, Xu X, Chen J, Liu X & Zhang H
(2007) ~2.5Ga Sanukitoids from Guyang Greenstone Belt, North China
Chen L, Guo J, Liu F & Sun Y
(2007) Melt Percolation in Songshugou Ultramafic Massif
Liu J, Sun W & Sun Y

Sun Yong (2016) Zircon/rock Partition Coefficients of Trace Element, P and Ti in Grantic Rocks
Xu J, Liu X & Sun Y

Sun Yong (2016) Early Paleoproterozoic (2.45~2.2 Ga) Magmatic Activity during the Period of Global Magmatic Shutdown: Implications for Crustal Evolution of the Southern North China Craton
Diwu C & Sun Y

Sun Yong-Ge (2018) Methane Generation Accompanied by an Unusual Degradation of Long-Chain Alkyl Substituted Moieties in Heavy Oil as Evidenced by Anoxic Biodegradation Experiments
Cheng L, Shi S, Yang L, Zhang Y, Dolfing J, Sun Y-G, Liu L-Y, Li Q, Tu B, Dai L-R, Shi Q & Zhang H
(2018) Revisiting the Early Land Forest Hypothesis for a Late Devonian Mass Extinction Process in the Southern Appalachian Basin Using an Organic Geochemical Characterization of the Chattanooga Shale (Frasnian to Famennian)
Lu M, Lu Y, Sun Y, Ikejiri T, Sun D & Carroll R

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