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Szilas Kristoffer (2016) Making the Complex Mantle Keels beneath Cratons
Pearson G, Wang H, Hunen JV & Szilas K
(2016) Highly Depleted Peridotites within Mesoarchaean Orthogneiss at the Seqi Olivine Mine, SW Greenland – Potential Implications for the Formation of Cratonic Keels
Szilas K, van Hinsberg V, McDonald I, Morishita T & Pearson G
(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of the ~3.0 Ga Fiskefjord Peridotites, SW Greenland
Peters S, Pack A, Zeuner M, Szilas K & Hering M

Szink I. (2019) Can Plants Alter Exudates Based on Soil Lithology?
Szink I, Brantley S & Eissenstat D

Szitkar F. (2017) AUV-Based Exploration of the TAG Segment at 26°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Implications for Resource Assessment and Metal Fluxes
Petersen S, Yeo I, Jamieson J, Szitkar F, Graber S, Augustin N & Rothenbeck M

Szizybalski A. (2016) Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer Analysis of CO2 Reveals Preferential Flow Pathways in Geological Storage Site
Van Geldern R, Nowak M, Zimmer M, Szizybalski A, Myrttinen A, Barth J & Jost H

Szocs T. (2011) Arsenic Speciation and Sequential Extraction Studies
Szocs T & Bartha A
(2011) Identification of Transboundary Geothermal Aquifers by Hydrogeochemistry
Rman N, Szocs T & Lapanje A
(2008) High Arsenic Content of Shallow Groundwater in Young Basins
Szocs T, Horváth I, Bartha A, Bertalan É, Tóth G, Ballók M & Horváth É
(2004) Dedolomitization Induced by Dissolution of CaSO4 Fertilizers in Loess Sediments of the Szigetvár Area, SW Hungary
Szocs T & Pacheco F
(2002) 1 D Geochemical Modelling Using NETPATH and PHREEQCI (South-West Hungary)
Szocs T
(2000) Water-Rock Interactions and Infiltration Calculations
Szocs T

Szopa Cyril (2012) Mid- and Far-Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy of Titan's Tholins
Gautier T, Carrasco N, Mahjoub A, Vinatier S, Giuliani A, Szopa C, Anderson C, Correia J-J, Dumas P & Cernogora G
(2012) Understanding the Formation and Properties of Titan's Aerosols with the PAMPRE Laboratory Experiment
Szopa C, Carrasco N, Correia JJ, Hadamcik E, Dahoo PR, Gautier T, Mahjoub A, He J, Buch A & Cernogora G
(2004) Amino and Carboxylic Acids in a Mars Soil Analogue from the Atacama Desert
Buch A, Glavin D, Szopa C, Cabane M, Sternberg R, Raulin F, Navarro-Gonzalez R & Mahaffy P

Szopa Cyril (2015) A Perspective on the Complex Organic Composition of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Giri C, Ehrenfreund P, Goesmann F, McKenna-Lawlor S, Meierhenrich U, Roll R, Steininger H, Szopa C & Ulamec S

Szopa K. (2019) The Kalahari Craton in the Fiery Heart of Rodinia
Gumsley A, Sałacińska A, Knoper M, Mamuse A, Chew D, Söderlund U, Kamo S, Szopa K & Ernst R
(2019) Cimmerian Hydrothermal Activity in the Sakar Mountains of SE Bulgaria
Salacinska A, Szopa K, Gaweda A, Gumsley A, Chew D & Petrov P
(2017) Two Different Fingerprinted Impacts in One Layer: A New Find of Altered Meteoritic Remnants in the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Clay in Lechówka, Poland
Szopa K, Karwowski Ł, Krzykawski T & Brachaniec T
(2017) A New Natural Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology: Monazite from the Skalna Brama Pegmatite, the Sudetes, Poland
Szopa K, Kusiak M, Gawęda A, Banasik K, Chew D, Dunkley D, Iizuka T, Janeczek J, Konečný P, Krzykawski T & Yi K
(2016) Enigmatic Presence of Zircon Crystals in Rocks from Teschenite-Picrite Association in the Silesian Unit (Southern Poland)
Szopa K, Wlodyka R, Chew D & Gaweda A
(2016) Trace Metals Bioaccumulation Ability of Selected Freshwater Bivalve Shells
Brom K, Szopa K & Gawęda A

Szponar N. (2022) The Geochemistry and Microbial Community at a Site of Active Serpentinization: The Tablelands, NL, CAN
Cook MC, Szponar N, Winter J, Coxon IN & Morrill PL
(2020) Identifying Sources of Mercury in Peruvian Amazon Aquatic Systems Using Hg Stable Isotopes
Nason K, Szponar N, Vega C, Gerson J, Berhardt E, Fernandez L & Bergquist B
(2020) Tracing Atmospheric Mercury in the Peruvian Amazon Using Hg Isotopes
Szponar N, Vega C, Mclagan D, Gerson J, Bernhardt E, Mitchell C, Wania F, Fernandez L & Bergquist B
(2012) Sourcing Hydrocarbons at Two Continental Sites of Present-Day Serpentinization: The Tablelands, NL, CAN and The Cedars, CA, USA
Morrill P, Rietze A, Szponar N, Kuenen JG, Suzuki-Ishii S & Nealson K

Szpunar J. (2017) Frontiers in Speciation Sciences: The MARSS Center: Centre of Mass Spectometry for Reactivity and Speciation Sciences
Donard OFX, Berail S, Amouroux D, Tessier E, Pecheyran C, Claverie F, Bowen I, Szpunar J, Bierla K, Schaumloeffel D, Malherbe J, Horreard F, Martinez H & Courreges C

Szramek L. (2007) Efficiency of Cl Recycling during Subduction of Oceanic Crust: Constraints from Melt Inclusions in HIMU Lavas
Szramek L & Lassiter J
(2002) Carbonate Equilibria and Mass Transport in Surface Waters
Szramek K & Walter L

Szucs A.M. (2021) How Does Bastnäsite Form? Replacement of Calcite by Rare Earth Carbonates
Szucs AM, Stavropoulou A, O’Donnell C, Davis S & Rodriguez-Blanco JD
(2020) Interaction of Calcite with Rare Earth Hydrothermal Fluids
Szucs AM, O'Donnel C, Davis S, Stavropoulou A & Rodriguez-Blanco DJD

Szűcs E. (2019) The Pannon LitH2Oscope Project: Developing the ‘pargasosphere’ Concept
Kovács IJ, Szanyi G, Gráczer Z, Wéber Z, Süle B, Timkó M, Czifra T, Liptai N, Berkesi M, Lange T, Patkó L, Novák A, Molnár C, Szűcs E, Szabó C & Wesztergom V

Szulàgyi J. (2020) The Role of Jupiter in Chondrule Formation
Bodénan J-D, Surville C, Szulàgyi J, Mayer L & Schönbächler M

Szupiany R. (2022) Towards Sustainable Landscapes – Fluvial Organic Carbon Fluxes Modulated by River Morphology
Repasch M, Scheingross J, Hovius N, Szupiany R, Lupker M, Haghipour N, Eglinton TI & Sachse D

Szurmanova Z. (2015) A Larger Positive Delta 53Cr Shift from Pollution Source to Groundwater at Czech Industrial Sites, Compared to the Northeastern U.S
Stepanova M, Novak M, Hellerich LA, Chrastny V, Cadkova E, Farkas J, Curik J, Szurmanova Z & Cron M
(2013) Comparison of δ53Cr Ratios between Geogenic and Anthropogenic Chromium in Central European Waters
Novak M, Chrastny V, Farkas J, Bullen TD, Cadkova E, Szurmanova Z, Tylcer J, Erbanova L, Prechova E & Pasava J

Szuszkiewicz M. (2018) Technogenic Magnetic Particles in the Enviroment as of Pollution Sources
Magiera T, Szuszkiewicz M & Rachwał M
(2016) Standard Materials of Fe and Mn Oxides, Hydroxides and Carbonates in the Study of Technogenic Magnetic Particles
Rachwał M, Jabłońska M, Magiera T, Teper E, Wawer M, Krzykawski T & Szuszkiewicz M

Szutowicz S. (2012) Ocean-Like Water in Jupiter-Family Comet 103P/Hartley 2
Hartogh P, Lis DC, Bockelee-Morvan D, de Val-Borro M, Biver N, Kuppers M, Emprechtinger M, Bergin EA, Crovisier J, Rengel M, Moreno R, Szutowicz S & Blake GA

Szymanek K. (2020) Electrochemical Evidence of Malonate Specific Sorption to Hematite
Kedra-Krolik K, Begovic T, Prus M, Namiesnik D, Szymanek K, Piasecki W & Zarzycki P
(2020) Magnesium Diminishes the Electrical Double Layer Forces between Carbonate Particles
Prus M, Kedra-Krolik K, Szymanek K, Piasecki W & Zarzycki P
(2019) Electrokinetic Tracking of CaCO3 Nucleation
Prus M, Szymanek K, Mills J, Nielsen Lammers L, Piasecki W, Kedra-Krolik K & Zarzycki P

Szymanowski D. (2021) Chromium Burial in Continental Margin Sediments
Bruggmann S, Szymanowski D, Severmann S, Schoene B & McManus J
(2018) A Super-Volcanic Magma Reservoir at High Temporal Resolution
Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw J-F & Bachmann O
(2016) Constraining Magma Residence Timescales by Coupling ID–TIMS U–Pb Dating of Zircon and Titanite
Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw JF, Bachmann O & von Quadt A
(2015) Li in Rhyolites: What’s up with that?
Ellis B, Bachmann O, Magna T & Szymanowski D

Szymanowski J. (2018) Experimental Thermochemistry of Neptunium Compounds
Zhang L, Dzik E, Perry S, Hickam S, Sigmon G, Szymanowski J, Navrotsky A & Burns P
(2014) The Stability and Dissolution of Two Uranyl Peroxide Nanoclusters in Aqueous Solutions: U60 and U24P
Flynn S, Szymanowski J, Burns P & Fein J
(2012) Neptunium (V) Adsorption to a Halophilic Bacterium at 2 and 4 M Ionic Strength: Surface Complexation Modeling in High Ionic Strength Systems
Ams D, Swanson J, Szymanowski J, Fein J, Richmann M & Reed D
(2012) Using a Surface Precipitation Approach to Model the Continuum between Hg Adsorption and Precipitation onto Bacillus subtilis
Nell R, Szymanowski JES & Fein J
(2012) Thermodynamic Stability of U60 Nanoclusters Based on Solubility Measurements
Flynn S, Szymanowski J & Burns P
(2007) Solubility Measurements of Neptunium-Incorporated Soddyite
Alessi D, Fein J, Forbes T, Burns P, Szymanowski J & Almes J

Szymanski A. (2006) CO2-recycling to the deep convecting mantle
Brenker FE, Vollmer C, Vincze L, Vekemans B, Szymanski A, Janssens K, Szaloki I, Nasdala L, Joswig W & Kaminsky F

Szymanski E. (2012) Magnetite (U-Th)/He Dating Attractive Dates in Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks
Stockli DF, Taylor JL, Szymanski E & Ketcham RA

Szymanski L. (2020) Vulnerability of Paleosol Carbon Decomposition to Root-Derived Carbon Inputs
de graaff M-A, McMurtry A, Szymanski L, Dolui M, Pett-Ridge J, Behre A, Mason J & Marin-Spiotta E

Szymczak R. (2006) A combined multidisciplinary kinetic modeling approach for determination of coastal ecosystem contaminant fluxes
Szymczak R, Twining J, Hollins S, Mazumder D & Creighton N

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