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Szymczycha B. (2022) Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Arctic Regions: A Multi-Parameter Approach
Saghravani SR, Borecka M, Böttcher ME, Diak M, Hong W-L, Knies JM, Kotwicki L, Kuliński K, Lepland A, Makuch P, Koziorowska-Makuch K, Sen A, Ehlert von Ahn CM, Winogradow A & Szymczycha B
(2022) Submarine Groundwater Discharge Impacts the Biogeochemistry of Coastal Systems, Southern Baltic Sea
Ehlert von Ahn CM, Szymczycha B, Escher P, Schmiedinger I, Struck U, Rooze J, Vogler S & Böttcher ME
(2021) Isotope Hydrobiochemical Characterization of Solutions in Permeable Coastal Sediments Affected by Submarine Groundwater Discharge, Southern Baltic Sea
Ehlert von Ahn CM, Escher P, Szymczycha B, Schmiedinger I, Struck U, Liu B, Vogler S & Böttcher ME
(2020) The CO2 System Variability in the Vicinity of the Vistula River Mouth
Stokowski M, Winogradow A, Szymczycha B & Kuliński K
(2020) Bioavailability and Remineralization of Sediment-Derived Dissolved Organic Carbon from the Baltic Sea Depositional Area
Lengier M, Szymczycha B & Kuliński K
(2018) Deep Submarine Groundwater Discharge Indicated by Chloride Anomalies in the Sediment Pore Water in the Gulf of Gdańsk, Southern Baltic Sea
Szymczycha B, Kłostowska Ż, Kuliński K, Winogradow A, Jakacki J, Klusek Z, Grabowski M, Bordecka-Goluch A, Graca B, Stokowski M, Koziorowska K & Rak D
(2018) The Exposure Assessment of the Residues of Pharmaceuticals in SGD Area in the Bay of Puck, Southern Baltic Sea
Borecka M, Białk-Bielińska A & Szymczycha B
(2017) Depth of the Vadose Zone Controls Aquifer Biogeochemical Conditions and Extent of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Removal Through Denitrification
Szymczycha B, Kroeger K, Crusius J & Bratton JF
(2015) Structure and Functioning of the Acid-Base System in the Baltic Sea
Kulinski K, Szymczycha B, Schneider B, Winogradow A, Hammer K & Pempkowiak J
(2015) Submarine Groundwater Discharge to the Southern Baltic Sea
Szymczycha B & Pempkowiak J

Szymczyk A. (2017) Chemical Composition of Organic Sediments from the Mizerów Peatland (Upper Vistula River Valley, Southern Poland) – Preliminary Study
Skreczko S, Wojtyniak M & Szymczyk A

Szymkiewicz M. (2013) Potential of Uranium Removal from Post-Uranium Mining Heaps by Indigenous Bacteria
Mielnicki S, Drewniak L, Szymkiewicz M, Rewerski B & Sklodowska A

Szynkiewicz Ania (2021) Urban Runoff Source Partitioning Using Isotopic Analysis of Nitrate and Sulfate
Rexhausen V, Szynkiewicz A & Hathaway J

Szynkiewicz Anna (2018) S Isotope Fractionations in Volcanic Aqueous Systems on Earth and Mars
Szynkiewicz A, Goff F, Vaniman D, Faiia A & Pribil M
(2018) Sulfur Cycling at Meridiani, Mars
Hynek B & Szynkiewicz A
(2018) Understanding the Mechanism of Sulfate Formation via Metal Catalyzers on Mars Using Iceland as a Terrestrial Analog
Ende J, Szynkiewicz A & Faiia A

Szynkiewicz Anna (2020) Weathering and S Cycle in Volcanic Watersheds Analogous to Mars
Szynkiewicz A, Goff F & Vaniman D

Szynkiewicz Anna (2016) Tracing Salinity Sources in the Semi-Arid Rio Grande River with a Multi-Isotope Tracer (U, S, B, and Sr) Approach
Ma L, Garcia S, Nyachoti S, Szynkiewicz A, McIntosh J & Gaillardet J

Szynkiewicz Anna (2015) Riverine Sulfate Budget in the Light of Sulfur Isotopes – Current Understanding and Remaining Questions for Future Studies
Szynkiewicz A

Szynkiewicz Anna (2012) Using Uranium Isotopes to Determine Salinity Sources in Rio Grande Waters
Ma L, Szynkiewicz A, Borrok D & McIntosh J
(2012) Fluxes of Sulfide-Derived Sulfate in the Rio Grande Valley
Szynkiewicz A, Borrok D & Vaniman D

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