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Saby M. (2023) Supersaturated Metal Contents in Hydrothermal Fluids of the Northern Volcanic Zone, Iceland: Implication for Element Transport in the Crust
van Hinsberg V, Berlo K, Saby M, Pinti DL, Gautason B & Sigurðardóttir ÁK
(2021) 20Ne/36Ar in Geothermal Fluids of Theistareykir: A Possible Thermometer of Water-Rock Interactions?
Pinti DL, Haute-Labourdette M, Saby M, Poirier A, van Hinsberg V, Berlo K, Castro CM, Gautason B & Sigurðardóttir ÁK
(2021) Trace Volatile Metals and Noble Gases in Deep Sampling at Theistareykir Geothermal Field, NE Iceland: it is not Only About Volcanic Arcs
Saby M, van Hinsberg V, Pinti DL, Berlo K, Rocher O, Sigurðardóttir ÁK, Gautason B & Kevin B

Sacarabany A. (2008) Iron-60 in the Cosmic Blender
Dauphas N, Cook D, Sacarabany A, Frohlich C, Davis A, Wadhwa M, Pourmand A, Rauscher T & Gallino R

Saccani E. (2023) Reconstruction of the Sulfur Cycle in the Earth Mantle: Isotopic Signatures of Subduction-Unrelated and Subduction-Related Ophiolitic Rocks
Brombin V, Barbero E, Saccani E & Bianchini G
(2017) Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Basalts from Central Iran: Evidence from Nain and Ashin Ophiolites
Pirnia T, Saccani E & Torabi G
(2016) Petrology of the Reaction Zone between Gabbro and Peridotite from Nain Melange, Central Iran
Pirnia Naeini T, Arai S & Saccani E

Saccocia P. (2018) Sill Intrusion, Sediment Alteration, and Hydrothermal Activity in Off- and on-Axis Environments of Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California
Seewald J, Sylva S, Soule A & Saccocia P

Saccone L. (2012) Biotite Weathering in Watersheds of the Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic
Balogh-Brunstad Z, Saccone L, Smits MM, Berner C, Wallander H, McMaster T & Stipp SLS
(2011) Nutrient Uptake at the Fungi-Mineral Interface
Mankasingh U, Gazze SA, Saccone L, Duran AL, Leake JR & Ragnarsdottir KV
(2011) The Scale Factor in the Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Weathering Debate
Smits M, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Saccone L, Wallander H & Colpaert J
(2011) Surface Characterization of Biotite from a Mesh Bag Field Study
Balogh-Brunstad Z, Saccone L, Smits MM, Berner C, Wallander H, McMaster TJ & Stipp SLS
(2010) Constraining Global-Scale Weathering Models Through Nano-Scale Ectomycorrhiza-Mineral Interactions
Bridge J, Bonneville S, Saccone L, Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Andrews M, Hardy K, Taylor L, Beerling D, Benning L, Leake J, McMaster T & Banwart S
(2009) Paxillus involutus Hyphae: Imaging their Structure and Interaction with Mineral Surfaces Using AFM
Saccone L, Gazze SA, Ragnarsdottir KV, Leake JR, Duran AL, Hallam KR & McMaster TJ

Sach-Kocher A. (2012) Ultra Depleted Mantle at the Gakkel Ridge
Salters V, Sach-Kocher A &  HJBD

Sachan A. (2020) Microbial Weathering of Coal for REE Extraction
Briggs B, Martinez M, Sachan A & Ghosh T

Sachan H.K. (2014) Isotopic Evidence of Mantle Contribution to Ladakh Accretionary Prism (India)
Kharya A, Sachan HK, Singh SK & Gupta AK
(2011) Geochemical and Isotopic Composition of Quartzites Near the MCT Zone (Garhwal Himalaya, India): Implications to their Provenance & Deposition
Rai SK, Singh SK & Sachan HK
(2003) Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on the Protolith of Ultra High Pressure Eclogitic Rocks from the Tso-Morari Crystallines, Ladakh Himalaya, India
Ahmad T, Tanaka T, Sachan H, Gouzu C, Hyodo H & Itaya T

Sachdev E. (2023) Dissolved Organic Matter Quality Influences Heterotrophic Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in the California Current Ecosystem
Adams JC, Diaz JM & Sachdev E

Sachleben J.R. (2001) Trichloroethene Sorption to Wetland Soils and Lignitic Sediments from the Northern Gulf Coastal Plain
Fryar AE, Sweat CJ & Sachleben JR

Sachs Julian (2017) Quantitative Decomposition of the Biogeochemical “Heartbeat” of a French Polynesian Atoll
Bolden I, Gagnon A & Sachs J
(2007) Purification of Sterols and Alkenones for Compound Specific Hydrogen Isotopic Analysis Using HPLC
Smittenberg R, Schwab V & Sachs J
(2002) Surface Temperatures from Alkenones in Late Quaternary Marine Sediments
Sachs J & Anderson R

Sachs Julian P. (2019) Deep-Sea Oxygen Depletion and Ocean Carbon Sequestration during the Last Ice Age
Anderson R, Sachs J, Fleisher M, Allen K, Yu J, Koutavas A & Jaccard S
(2019) Tropical Climate Response to the Ocean Circulation Disruption 8200 yr ago from Lipid δ2H in Palau & Galápagos Lake Sediments
Sachs JP, Atwood AR, Wolhowe M & Battisti DS
(2018) Precipitation Changes in the South Pacific Convergence Zone during the Last 2, 000 Years Using Dinosterol Hydrogen Isotopes from Freshwater Lake Sediments
Maloney A, Nelson D, Richey J, Prebble M, Hassall J, Sear D, Langdon P & Sachs J
(2018) Mangrove Leaf Species-Specific Isotopic Signatures (N-Alkane δ2H and δ13C) along Salinity and Soil Fertility Gradients in the Shark River Estuary, USA
He D, Ladd SN, Sachs JP, Jaffé R & Rivera-Monroy VH
(2015) Modern Spatial Rainfall Rate is Well Correlated with Coretop δDdinosterol in the South Pacific Convergence Zone
Maloney A, Nelson D, Sachs J, Hassall J, Sear D & Langdon P
(2014) A 2 kyr Record of Eastern Tropical Pacific Paleohydrology Using Multiple Biomarker Hydrogen Isotope Records from Coastal Lakes on Isabela Island, Galápagos
Nelson DB & Sachs JP
(2014) Hydrogen Isotope Response to Changing Rainfall and Salinity in Australian Mangroves
Ladd SN & Sachs J

Sachs S. (2021) U(VI) and Eu(III) Bioassociation Behavior and Uptake Mechanisms of Plant Cells
Jessat J, Moll H, Bilke M-L, John W, Hübner R, Steudtner R, Drobot B, Bok F, Stumpf T & Sachs S
(2019) Time Dependence of the Bioassociation Behavior of U(VI) and Eu(III) with Brassica Napus Cells
Jessat J, Sachs S, Moll H, Steudtner R, Bok F & Stumpf T
(2017) Canola Cell (Brassica Napus) Responses to europium(III) Exposure: A Spectroscopic Study
Moll H, Sachs S & Geipel G

Sachsamanoglou K. (2022) An Integrated Hydrogeochemical Approach to Identify Multiple Salinization Sources of a Coastal Aquifer (Rhodope, Northern Greece)
Tziritis E, Fidelibus MD, Guler C, Külls C & Sachsamanoglou K

Sachse A. (2011) Biogeochemical Characterization of Geothermal Fluids
Vieth-Hillebrand A, Vetter A, Sachse A, Henne S, Regenspurg S & Mangelsdorf K

Sachse Dirk (2014) Ecophysiological Mechanisms that Determine the Leaf Wax N-Alkane δ2H Values of C3 and C4 Grasses
Gamarra B, Sachse D & Kahmen A
(2014) A Dual-Biomarker Approach to Quantitative Paleohydrology
Sachse D, Rach O & Kahmen A
(2014) Organic Geochemistry of Kenyan Rift Valley Lake Sediments
Grewe S, Sachse D & Kallmeyer J
(2014) Leaf Wax N-Alkane Stable Isotope Ratios Determine Sediment Sources in the Arun River, Eastern Nepal
Hoffmann B, Bookhagen B, Feakins SJ, Barthold F, Olen S, Adhikari DP & Sachse D
(2014) Streamwater δD and δ18O Values and Biomarkers in the Sutlej Valley, NW India
van der Veen I, Barthold F, Hoffmann B, Sachse D & Strecker M
(2013) A Decadal Lipid Biomarker Paleohydrological Record during the Onset of the Younger Dryas from Northeastern Germany
Schütrumpf K, Brauer A, Neugebauer I, Rach O & Sachse D
(2013) Towards Quantitative Paleohydrology: Reconstructing Changes in Relative Humidity from Lipid Biomarker δD Values
Sachse D, Rach O, Kahmen A, Wilkes H & Brauer A
(2013) A 2000-Year Rainfall Record from the Eastern Tropical Pacific and ENSO Variability during the Common Era
Romero-Viana L, Kienel U & Sachse D
(2011) A High-Resolution Paleohydrological Record of the Younger Dryas Episode from Western Europe – Using Lipid Biomarker D/H Ratios
Rach O, Brauer A, Wilkes H & Sachse D
(2011) Evaluation of Lake Biomarkers as Indicator of Environmental Changes along a Climatic Gradient in Cameroon
Schwab-Lavrič V, Garcin Y, Sachse D, Todou G, Séné O, Onana J-M, Achoundong G & Gleixner G
(2011) Hydrogen Isotopic Signatures of Algal Biomarkers as a Proxy of Hydroclimatic Variability in Lake Isabel, Mexico
Romero Viana L, Haug GH, Kienel U & Sachse D

Sachse Dirk (2016) A 30ka Hydroclimatic Record from the Pamir
Aichner B, Mischke S, Pausata F, Zhang Q, Heinecke L, Feakins S, Sachse D, Mahmoudov Z & Rajabov I

Sachse Dirk (2020) Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Dating of Soil and Sedimentary Leaf Waxes in an Arid High-Altitude Environment
Aichner B, Rethemeyer J, Gierga M, Stolz A, Mętrak M, Wilk M, Sachse D, Rajabov I & Mischke S
(2020) Fluvial Sediment Transit Time Regulates the Fate of Organic Carbon between Source and Sink
Repasch M, Scheingross J, Hovius N, Wittmann H, Lupker M, Eglinton T, Haghipour N & Sachse D

Sachse Dirk (2017) Insights into Organic Carbon Oxidation Potential during Fluvial Transport from Laboratory and Field Experiments
Scheingross JS, Dellinger M, Eglington T, Fuchs M, Golombek N, Hilton R, Hovius N, Lupker M, Repasch M, Sachse D, Turowski J, Veith-Hillebrand A & Wittmann H
(2017) Potential Salinity Effects on Leaf Wax Lipid δD Values from Submerged Aquatic Macrophytes in Paleo-Climatic Records
Aichner B, Hilt S, Périllon C, Sachse D & Mischke S

Sachse Dirk (2022) Towards Sustainable Landscapes – Fluvial Organic Carbon Fluxes Modulated by River Morphology
Repasch M, Scheingross J, Hovius N, Szupiany R, Lupker M, Haghipour N, Eglinton TI & Sachse D
(2022) Carbon Storage, Transfer and Outgassing Driven by Floodplain Morphology and Seasonality at the Rio Bermejo, Argentina
Dosch S, Sachse D, Repasch M, Vieth-Hillebrand A, Bufe A & Hovius N
(2022) Investigating the Role of Marine Authigenic Clay Formation in Setting the δ7Li Composition of Seawater
Läuchli C, Gaviria-Lugo N, Bernhardt A, Wittmann H, Sachse D & Frings PJ

Sachse Dirk (2018) Paleohydrological Changes in Southeast China Since 13 ka BP Based on a Multi-Proxy Record from Shuizhuyang Peat
Wang X, Huang X & Sachse D
(2018) Timescales of Leaf Wax Biomarker Transport and Preservation in Alluvial River Systems: Rio Bermejo, Argentina
Repasch M, Sachse D, Hovius N, Scheingross J, Eglinton T & Lupker M
(2018) Deciphering River Water Source Contributions from Seasonal Moisture Pathways and Latitudinal Stable Isotope Signatures Across the Central Himalayas
Hassenruck-Gudipati H, Andermann C, Hovius N, Sachse D, Meyer H & Dee S

Sachse Dirk (2021) New Insights into the Behavior of Lithium Isotopes in the Clay-Size Fraction of Marine Sediments
Läuchli C, Gaviria-Lugo N, Bernhardt A, Wittmann H, Sachse D & Frings PJ
(2021) Lithium Isotopes in Exchangeable and Silicate Fractions of Clay Sized Fluvial Sediments along a Climatic Transect
Gaviria-Lugo N, Läuchli C, Wittmann H, Bernhardt A, Sachse D & Frings P

Sachse Dirk (2023) Multiple Isotope Constraints on Clay Formation and Alteration during Early Marine Diagenesis
Frings PJ, Läuchli C, Gaviria-Lugo N, Bernhardt A, Wittmann H, Sachse D & Tatzel M

Sachse Dirk (2019) Insolation Influence on Late Pleistocene-Holocene Hydrology of the Southern Iberian Peninsula
García-Alix A, Camuera J, Ramos-Román MJ, Toney JL, Sachse D, Schefuß E, Jiménez-Moreno G, Jiménez-Espejo FJ & Anderson RS
(2019) Riverine Particulate Organic Matter Sourcing Varies Across the Himalaya
Menges J, Hovius N, Andermann C, Lupker M, Märki L, Haghipour N, Eglinton T, Gleixner G & Sachse D

Sachse Dirk (2015) Evaluating Hydroclimate Change in the Recent Past with Observed and Modeled Leaf Wax Hydrogen Isotopes
Konecky B, Nusbaumer J, Stevenson S, Thompson D, Wong T, Noone D & Sachse D

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