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Sadanandan B. (2003) Genesis and Timing of Mineralization in the Wynad Gold Field, Southern India
Sadanandan B & Hideki W

Sadati N. (2013) The Role of Organic Matter in Genesis of Sedimentary-Hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits in Nahand-Ivand Area, NW Iran
Sadati N, Yazdi M, Behzadi M, Adabi MH & Mokhtari MAA

Sadati S.N. (2021) Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping for Geochemical Exploration in the Zaviyeh 1:100000 Sheet, Using Aster Data
Babazadeh M, Sadati SN & Mohebi A
(2021) Alteration Mapping for Geochemical Exploration in Niazgholi-Moshiran area, Using Aster Data
Manzelati N, Sadati SN & Lotfibakhsh A
(2021) Geochemical Behavior of Cu and Other Elements in Polymetallic Deposits in Qarah Gol Area, Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil Province
Zia SSZ, Sadati SN & Ahmadzadeh G
(2020) Targeting of Alteration for Prospecting of Polymetal Mineralization Using Remote Sensing in Qarah Gol Area, Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil Province
Zia S, Sadati SN & Ahmadzadeh G
(2017) Diagenetic Pyrite as a Source for Sedimentary Copper Deposit in Nahand-Ivand Area, North of Tabriz, NW Iran
Sadati SN & Yazdi M
(2014) Linking TOC and Trace Elements Characteristics for Identifying Paleoredox Conditions in Sedimentary Copper Deposit at Nahand-Ivand Area, North of Tabriz, NW Iran
Sadati SN, Yazdi M, Behzadi M, Adabi MH & Mokhtari MAA

Sadavarte P. (2022) Relevant Methane Emission to the Atmosphere from the Geological Gas Manifestation of the LUSI Eruption Study Case, Indonesia
Sciarra A, Mazzini A, Etiope G, Sadavarte P, Houweling S, Pandey S & Husein A

Sadayappan K. (2021) Do Root-Regolith-Rock Interactions Govern Critical Zone-Climate Feedbacks over Decades to Centuries?
Sullivan PL, Billings S, Li L, Nippert J, Wen H, Zhang X, Moreno V, Sadayappan K, Keen R, Hirmas D, Flores A, Murenbeeld K, Barnard H, Singha K & Ajami H

Sade Z. (2017) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Witherite (BaCO3) Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I
(2016) Kinetic Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes during CO2(aq) (De)hydration and (De)hydroxylation: Revisiting Theoretical and Experimental Data
Sade Z & Halevy I
(2014) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Carbonate Mineral Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

Sadeghi B. (2016) Enhancement of Au Anomalies: Weight Bulk Leach Extractable Gold Data with Catchment Area
Sadeghi B, Carranza EJM, Wang H, Yilmaz H & Ford A

Sadeghi M. (2021) Boron Geochemistry of European Agricultural Soil
Negrel P, Ladenberger A, Reimann C, Demetriades A, Dr. Birke M & Sadeghi M
(2019) Geochemical Behaviour and Mineral Potential of Critical Elements in Swedish Till
Ladenberger A, Sadeghi M, Morris G, Lax K & Snöälv J
(2015) The Geochemical Atlas of Sweden – A New National Geochemical Baseline Dataset
Andersson M, Ladenberger A, Carlsson M, Sadeghi M, Uhlbäck J & Morris G
(2013) REE Contents in Soils and Sediments from the GEMAS and FOREGS Data-Bases: Comparison between Different Geological Contexts in Italy and Sweden
Sadeghi M, Petrosino P, Andersson M, Albanese S, Ladenberger A, Morris GA, Uhlbäck J, Lima A & De Vivo B
(2013) Geochemistry of Urban Soils in Karlstad, Central Sweden – Preliminary Results
Uhlbäck J, Ladenberger A, Andersson M & Sadeghi M
(2013) Elemental Patterns in Agricultural and Grazing Land Soils in Norway, Finland and Sweden – What Have We Learned from Continental Scale Mapping?
Ladenberger A, Uhlbäck J, Andersson M, Reimann C, Tarvainen T, Sadeghi M, Morris G & Eklund M
(2010) Leveling and Analysis of Till Geochemical Data: Case Study in the Skellefte District (Sweden)
Sadeghi M, Carranza EJM & Lax K

Sadeghi Bojd M. (2005) From Fluid Inclusion Study to Genesis of the Anguran Ore Deposit, NW Iran
Sadeghi Bojd M & Moore F
(2003) Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Study of Anguran Deposit, NW Iran
Sadeghi Bojd M

Sadeghian Mahmood (2011) Magnetic Susceptibility of Zafarghand Granitoidic Pluton
Gavanji N, Sadeghian M & Shekari S
(2008) Petrology and Geochemistry of Chah – Salar Granitoidic Pluton (SW Neishabour, NE Iran)
Farsi Z, Sadeghian M, Ghasemi H & Khanalizadeh A
(2006) Geochemical investigation on quartz-monzonite pluton of Tuye-darvar, in eastern Alborz structural Zone, Damghan, north - east of Iran
Khanalizadeh A, Ghasemi H, Sadeghiyan M & Abedi A

Sadeghian Mahmoud (2021) Investigation of the Plagioclases Texture Variation and Mineral Chemistryof the Eocene Andesites of W- Torbat-E Heydarieh(NE Iran)
Saki S, Tabakh shabani AA, Papadopoulou L & Sadeghian M

Sadek M. (2006) Stable isotope tracing of water exchange along a dryland river
Cendon Sevilla DI, Gibson J, Sadek M, Stone D, Hughes C, Hankin S & Hollins S

Sadek Ghabrial D. (2017) Biotite-Chlorite Transformation during Low Temperature Alteration of Some Volcanic Rocks from Sinai
Sadek Ghabrial D

Sadekov Aleksey (2022) Elemental Uptake by Individual Calcite Crystals
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Perez-Huerta A, Borrelli C & Rezaei M
(2021) Pushing the Limits for in situ U-Series (U-Th) Geochronology in Carbonates
Scott PM, Sadekov A, Trotter J, Breitenbach S, de la Fuente M, Horstwood M, Condon D, Bickle M & McCulloch M
(2019) Uptake of Uranium by Carbonate Crystallization from Reduced and Oxidized Hydrothermal Fluids
Gabitov R, Migdisov A, Nguyen A, Van Hartesveldt N, Perez-Huerta A, Sadekov A, Sauer K, Caporuscio F, Xu H & Roback R
(2018) Geochemistry of Metastable Phases of Calcium Carbonate and their Relationship with Biogenic Carbonates
Sadekov A, Gabitov R, DeCarlo T & McCulloch M
(2018) Visualization of Elemental Uptake by Individual Calcite Crystals
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Dyer J & Xu H
(2018) Reactive Transport Modelling of 87Sr/86Sr and δ234Ui Evolution in a CO2 Rich Aquifer: Constraint from Modern Fluids and Fossil Veins
Scott P, Maskell A, Bohlin M, Condon D, Sadekov A, Horstwood M, Sahy D, Chapman H, Kampman N & Bickle M
(2016) Relative Impacts of Upwelling, Iron & Ocean Circulation on the Equatorial Pacific CO2 Source over the Last Deglaciation
Pichevin L, Ganeshram R & Sadekov A

Sadekov Aleksey Yu. (2015) Submicron Measurements of Mg Isotopes in Biogenic Carbonates Using LA-MC-ICPMS
Sadekov A, Lloyd N, Misra S, Mewes A, Shuttleworth S, Langer G, Bijma J & Elderfield H
(2015) Use of 10 TΩ Faraday Cup Amplifiers in (LA-) MC-ICP-MS: External Precision of 234U/238U Ratios and δ11B
Lloyd N, Sadekov A & Misra S
(2015) Controls on Sr/Ca Incorporation into Benthic Foraminifera Tests – A Down-Core and Intra-Shell Variability Perspective
Kerr J, Sadekov A & Elderfield H
(2015) Syringe Based Flow Injection MC-ICP-MS: High-Efficiency Sample Utilization with Increased Throughput
Field P, Misra S, Sadekov AY & Lloyd N
(2014) Disequilibrium Effects on Elemental Incorporation into CaCO3
Gabitov R, Thien B & Sadekov A
(2013) Growth-Rate Induced Disequilibrium of Boron and Divalent Cations in Calcite: An in situ Approach
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Rollion-Bard C & Watson B
(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca Partitioning between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Schmitt A, Gabitov R, Sadekov A & Leinweber A

Sadekov Alesksey (2017) Pyritization of Shelly Fossils, a Multi-Disciplinary Case Study from the Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay
Haworth B, Turchyn AV, Poulton SW, Sadekov A & Butterfield NJ
(2017) Rare Earth Elements and Authigenic ‘coatings’ in the Service of Palaeoceanography: A Microanalysis Approach
Skinner L, Sadekov A, Brandon M, de la Fuente M, Read E, Gottschalk J, Ureta-Souanef S & Greaves M
(2017) The Faithfulness of Foraminiferal Calcite as a Seawater Chromium Recorder
Parkinson I, Remmelzwaal S, Sadekov A, Titelboim D, Roepert A, Schmidt D, Abramovich S, Polerecky L & Middelburg J
(2017) Revisiting Mg Isotopic Fractionation in Foraminifera
Sadekov A, Langer G, Misra S, Lloyd N, Kaczmarek K, Mewes A, Holland K, Eggins S, Allen K, Bijma J & McCulloch M
(2017) Elemental Systematics of Modern and Fossil Deep Water Corals from the Perth Canyon, Australia
Trotter J, Sadekov A, Montagna P & McCulloch M

Sader K. (2009) Analytical Electron Microscopy of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces
Brown A, Bonneville S, Sader K, Benning L & Brydson R

Sadergaski L. (2017) Uranium Contamination from Abandoned Uranium Mines in the Navajo Nation
Moore N, Said M, Baumer T, Sadergaski L, Burns P, Simonetti A, Sigmon G & Shuey C

Saderne V. (2021) Total Alkalinity Production in a Mangrove Ecosystem Reveals an Overlooked Blue Carbon Component
Saderne V, Fusi M, Thomson T, Dunne A, Mahmud F, Roth F, Carvalho S & Duarte CM

Sadikhov E. (2017) Geochemistry, U-Pb Zircon Dating and Geodynamic Conditions of Gabbro-Tonalite Complex of Lesser Caucasus
Sadikhov E

Sadiklar M.B. (2011) Mineral Chemistry and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of the Kabadüz Ore Veins (Ordu, NE-Turkey)
Demi̇r Y, Sadiklar MB, Uysal I, Ceriani A & Hani̇lçi̇ N
(2009) Coexistence of Abyssal and Ultra–depleted SSZ Type Mantle Peridotites from the Muğla Area, SW Turkey
Uysal I, Karsli O, Sadiklar MB, Tarkian M, Meisel T, Ottley CJ & Stutz P
(2009) Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Dacitic Rocks Accompanying the Murgul (Artvin, NE Turkey) Massive Sulfide Deposit
Si̇pahi̇ F, Şen C, Sadiklar MB & Demi̇r Y
(2009) Alteration of Late Cretaceous Dacites in the Murgul Area (Artvin, KD Turkey)
Si̇pahi̇ F, Sadiklar MB, Şen C & Demi̇r Y
(2007) The Formation of the Fe Skarn Deposit between Camibogazi and Arnastal (Gumushane, NE Turkey): Evidence from Mineral Chemistry
Sadiklar MB, Sipahi F, Bernhardt H-J & Uysal I
(2007) The Alteration Mineralogy and Mass Change of Volcanics from Zigana (Gümüshane, NE-Turkey)
Sipahi F, Sadiklar MB & Pracejus B
(2007) PGE Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Os-Isotope Signature in the Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from the Kahramanmaras Area, SE-Turkey
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Meisel T, Tarkian M & Sadiklar MB

Sadiq M. (2022) Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic P-T Evolution of Pelitic Granulites from the Larsemann Hills Sector, East Antarctica: New Insights from Phase Equilibrium Modelling and Monazite CHIME Dating
Arora D, Naraga P, Pant NC & Sadiq M
(2021) Characterization of Borosilicates Bearing Rocks of Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica: Implications for their Polygenetic Evolution
Sadiq M, Arora D, Dharwadkar A, Roy SK, Pant NC, Ghosh JG & - R

Sadjadi A. (2011) An EXAFS and ab Initio Study of Aquated Cd2+ and Chlorocadmium(II) Complexes up to 300℃
Seward T, Lemke K, Henderson M, Charnock J & Sadjadi A

Sadjadi S. (2011) FT-ICR/MS and Quantum Chemical Studies of Aqueous Polyoxometalates
Taczkowska M, Lemke K, Sadjadi S & Seward T
(2011) FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry of Carbonate Clusters: Magic Clusters and pH Effects
Lemke K, Sadjadi S & Seward T
(2010) FT-ICR/MS and Quantum Chemical Study of the Aqueous Microsolvation of Cadmium Chloride Complexes
Lemke KH, Sadjadi SA & Seward TM
(2009) Thermodynamic and Structural Stability of (CO2)n n=2-4: An ab Initio and QTAIM Study
Sadjadi S, Butt S & Lemke K

Sadki D. (2017) Lower Jurassic Organic Matter Preservation Events, an Oceanic Anoxic Event, and Carbon Cycle Perturbations
Silva RL, Duarte LV, Gómez JJ, Mendonça Filho JG, Wach G, Sadki D, Rodrigues B, Carlisle C & Caniço A

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