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Sadler Peter (2019) Bioavailable Fe Supply by Aeolian Dust to the North Atlantic
Lee B, Owens J, Raiswell R, Severmann S, Sadler P & Lyons T
(2018) Iron and its Impact on Primary Productivity in the Southern Ocean
Lee B, Raiswell R, Sadler P & Lyons T

Sadler Peter M. (2020) High-Resolution Palaeozoic Biodiversity History of Marine Invertebrates Based on CONOP and Parallel Computing
Fan J, Shen S, Erwin DH, Sadler PM, MacLeod N, Cheng Q, Hou X & Yang J

Sadofsky S. (2006) Enriched Isotopic Composition of the NW Central American Volcanic Arc: Crustal Contamination or a Sediment Slab Melt?
Heydolph K, Hoernle K, Van Den Bogaard P, Hauff F & Sadofsky S
(2005) Volatile Cycling Throught the Central American Volcanic Arc from Melt Inclusion Studies of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican Magmas
Sadofsky S, Hoernle K & van den Bogaard P
(2004) Volatiles in Melt Inclusions from the Central American Volcanic Arc: Insights into Subduction-Zone Volatile Cycling
Sadofsky S, Hoernle K & van den Bogaard P

Sadooni Fadhil (2017) A Geobiological Model for the Formation of Dolomite in Sabkha-Environments
Bontognali T, Al-Saad Al-Kuwari H, McKenzie J, Al-Disi Z, Williford K, Vasconcelos C, Petrash D, Sadooni F, Tuite M & Dittrich M
(2017) Dolomite Formation within Microbial Mats in the Coastal Khor Al-Adaid Sabkha of Qatar
DiLoretto Z, Al-Kuwari H, Al-Disi Z, McKenzie J, Vasconcelos C, Palermo C, Williford K, Sadooni F, Tuite M, Bontognali T & Dittrich M
(2013) Dolomite Formation within Microbial Mats from the Dohat Faishakh Sabkha, Qatar
Brauchli M, Bontognali T, McKenzie J, Strohmenger C, Jameson J, Sadooni F & Vasconcelos C

Sadooni Fadhil N. (2022) Sabkhas of Qatar: Extreme Environments Supporting Biological Activity and Mineral Formation
Strakhov I, DiLoreto ZA, Elsayed H, Al Disi ZA, Naja K, Al-Kuwari HAS, Sadooni FN, Alkhayat J, Mundle S & Dittrich MB
(2022) Microbial Relics within Gypsum Crystals and their Astrobiological Implications
Dittrich M, DiLoreto ZA, Ahmad M-S, Al-Kuwari HAS, Sadooni FN & Bontognali TRR

Sadradze N. (2015) Petrogenesis of Post-Collisional Volcanism in the Greater Caucasus
Bewick S, Harris N, Hammond S, Parkinson I, Adamia S & Sadradze N

Saebo L. (2004) Experimental Dissolution of Basaltic Glass; Effect of pH, Oxalic Acid and Temperature
Saebo L, Thorseth I & Tumyr O

Saeed A. (2006) Enriched mantle component in high Sr/Y ('TTG') granites: Hf, Sr, Nd, O, isotopic compositions of Cretaceous arc magmas from New Zealand
Tulloch AJ, Griffin WL, Kimbrough DL, Faure K & Saeed A

Saeed D. (2021) Mechanisms of 234U Enrichment in Waters of Carbonate Terrains – Dead Sea Watershed
Saeed D, Stein M, Bookman R & Lazar B

Saeed H. (2016) Iron, Phosphorus and Manganese Interactions in a Seasonally-Stratified Lake System
Saeed H, Hartland A, Hamilton D & Mucalo M

Saeed M. (2019) Coral Chemists: Decoupling the Carbonate System to Survive
Chalk T, Standish C, Murray F, Foster G, Saeed M, Lei F, Hennige S, Roberts M, D'Angelo C & Wiedenmann J

Saeed R.
(2018) Combined Application of Citric Acid and 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Assisted Phyto-Management of Chromium Contaminated Soil by Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Farid M, Ali S, Rizwan M & Saeed R
(2017) Microwave Irradiation and Citric Acid Assisted Seed Germination and Phytoextraction of Nickel (Ni) by Brassica Napus L.; Physiological and Biochemical Alterations
Farid M, Ali S, Rizwan M, Saeed R, Tauqeer HM & Sallah-Ud-Din R

Saeed S. (2013) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Hassan Salaran Granitoid Complex in SE Saqqez, Western Iran
Mohammad F, Sepahi AA & Saeed S

Saeed T. (2017) Re-evaluation of the Global Dust Longwave Direct Radiative Effect from Laboratory Estimates of the Refractive Index and Model Simulations
Di Biagio C, Formenti P, Balkanski Y, Caponi L, Cazaunau M, Pangui E, Journet E, Nowak S, Caquineau S, Andreae MO, Kandler K, Saeed T, Piketh S, Seibert D, Williams E, Boucher O & Doussin J-F

Saeedi A.S. (2011) Metal Pollution Assessment In Sediment of the Talar River, N. Iran
Vanaei M, Maghsoudi A, Saeedi AS & Najjaran M

Saegusa H. (2016) Numerical Simulation for the Long-Term Evolution of Freshwater-Seawater Interface
Kunimaru T, Saegusa H, Yagi K, Ono M, Ijiri Y, Horio A, Kurihara A & Ota K

Saeki T. (2016) CO2 Flux Estimation by Top-Down Approach over the Arctic Region
Saeki T & Patra P

Saelens E. (2018) Local Meteoric Water Lines and the Spatial Transformation of Extratropical Precipitation
Smith D, Saelens E, Liston M & Carey A

Saenger C. (2021) How 17O Excess in Clumped Isotope Reference-Frame Materials and ETH Standards Affects Reconstructed Temperature
Saenger C, Schauer A, Heitmann E, Huntington K & Steig E
(2017) How Does the 17O Excess of Carbonates Relate to their Source Waters? Examples from Biogenic and Abiogenic Minerals
Saenger C, Schauer A, Kelson J, Hodson K, Steig E, Huntington K & Gothmann A
(2012) Clumped and Magnesium Isotopes in Corals: A Comparison with Traditional Paleothermometers
Saenger C, Thiagarajan N, Felis T, Lough J, Holcomb M, Gaetani G, Cohen A, Affek H & Wang Z
(2012) Mg Isotope Fractionation between Aragonite and Fluid
Wang Z, Zhang S, Saenger C & Hu P
(2012) Clumped Isotopes Role in a Multi-Proxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Dublyansky Y, Spoetl C, Douglas P, Ivany L, Saenger C & Zhang Y

Saenger E.H. (2013) Direct Observation of Gas Hydrate Formation in a Sedimentary Matrix on the Microscale
Sell K, Chaouachi M, Enzmann F, Kuhs WF, Kersten M, Pinzer B & Saenger EH

Saenz J. (2011) Deciphering the Significance of Hopanoids in the Marine Geologic Record
Saenz J, Wakeham S, Eglinton T & Summons R
(2008) Culture-Independent Methods Reveal the Primary Sources of Hopanoid Lipid Biomarkers
Pearson A, Leavitt W, Saenz J & Tam M
(2002) Significance of Sea-Floor Barite Cements in Marinoan-Age Post-Glacial Cap Carbonates
Hoffman PF, Van Dusen A, Halverson GP, Saenz J, Kaufman AJ & Schrag DP

Saenz W. (2015) Sulphur Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Gases from Poás and Turrialba Volcanoes, Costa Rica
Alfonso P, Martinez M, Canet C, Delgado H, Fernandez E & Saenz W

Saetveit N. (2019) Automated Processing of Seawater Samples for Iron Isotope Ratio Determination
Field P, Conway T, Summers B, Saetveit N & Sakowski J

Saeva Olga (2011) Metals and As in Mine Tailings Drainage Systems: Mobility and Removal
Yurkevich N & Saeva O
(2005) Century-Resolved 1<!s><$>Myr History of Paleogeographic Changes in Lake Khubsugul (Mongolia), Reconstructed from Geochemical Markers in Lake Bottom Sediments
Phedorin M, Fedotov A, Goldberg E, Saeva O, Zolotarev K & Grachev M
(2000) Three Distinct Fluid Systems at the Costa Rica Subduction Zone: Chemistry, Hydrology, and Fluxes
Kastner M, Morris J, Chan L, Saether O, Luckge A & Silver E

Saeva Olga (2018) Sulfur Gases Emission from Sulfidic Mine Tailings in Winter: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidence
Yurkevich N, Bortnikova S, Olenchenko V, Yurkevich N, Edelev A, Saeva O & Abrosimova N

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