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Saeki T. (2016) CO2 Flux Estimation by Top-Down Approach over the Arctic Region
Saeki T & Patra P

Saelens E. (2018) Local Meteoric Water Lines and the Spatial Transformation of Extratropical Precipitation
Smith D, Saelens E, Liston M & Carey A

Saenger C. (2021) How 17O Excess in Clumped Isotope Reference-Frame Materials and ETH Standards Affects Reconstructed Temperature
Saenger C, Schauer A, Heitmann E, Huntington K & Steig E
(2017) How Does the 17O Excess of Carbonates Relate to their Source Waters? Examples from Biogenic and Abiogenic Minerals
Saenger C, Schauer A, Kelson J, Hodson K, Steig E, Huntington K & Gothmann A
(2012) Clumped and Magnesium Isotopes in Corals: A Comparison with Traditional Paleothermometers
Saenger C, Thiagarajan N, Felis T, Lough J, Holcomb M, Gaetani G, Cohen A, Affek H & Wang Z
(2012) Mg Isotope Fractionation between Aragonite and Fluid
Wang Z, Zhang S, Saenger C & Hu P
(2012) Clumped Isotopes Role in a Multi-Proxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Dublyansky Y, Spoetl C, Douglas P, Ivany L, Saenger C & Zhang Y

Saenger E.H. (2013) Direct Observation of Gas Hydrate Formation in a Sedimentary Matrix on the Microscale
Sell K, Chaouachi M, Enzmann F, Kuhs WF, Kersten M, Pinzer B & Saenger EH

Saenz J. (2011) Deciphering the Significance of Hopanoids in the Marine Geologic Record
Saenz J, Wakeham S, Eglinton T & Summons R
(2008) Culture-Independent Methods Reveal the Primary Sources of Hopanoid Lipid Biomarkers
Pearson A, Leavitt W, Saenz J & Tam M
(2002) Significance of Sea-Floor Barite Cements in Marinoan-Age Post-Glacial Cap Carbonates
Hoffman PF, Van Dusen A, Halverson GP, Saenz J, Kaufman AJ & Schrag DP

Saenz W. (2015) Sulphur Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Gases from Poás and Turrialba Volcanoes, Costa Rica
Alfonso P, Martinez M, Canet C, Delgado H, Fernandez E & Saenz W

Saetveit N. (2019) Automated Processing of Seawater Samples for Iron Isotope Ratio Determination
Field P, Conway T, Summers B, Saetveit N & Sakowski J

Saeva Olga (2015) Geochemical Anomalies in Sulfide-Bearing Waste Disposal Areas, Kemerovo and Chelyabinsk Regions Russia
Yurkevich N, Saeva O, Karin Y, Provornaya I & Kucher D

Saeva Olga (2011) Metals and As in Mine Tailings Drainage Systems: Mobility and Removal
Yurkevich N & Saeva O
(2005) Century-Resolved 1<!s><$>Myr History of Paleogeographic Changes in Lake Khubsugul (Mongolia), Reconstructed from Geochemical Markers in Lake Bottom Sediments
Phedorin M, Fedotov A, Goldberg E, Saeva O, Zolotarev K & Grachev M
(2000) Three Distinct Fluid Systems at the Costa Rica Subduction Zone: Chemistry, Hydrology, and Fluxes
Kastner M, Morris J, Chan L, Saether O, Luckge A & Silver E

Saeva Olga (2018) Sulfur Gases Emission from Sulfidic Mine Tailings in Winter: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidence
Yurkevich N, Bortnikova S, Olenchenko V, Yurkevich N, Edelev A, Saeva O & Abrosimova N

Sáez A. (2019) Tracking Human and Regional Climate Changes in Lake Sediment Records from Flores Island, the Azores
Richter N, Russell JM, Amaral-Zettler L, DeGroff W, Raposeiro PM, Gonçalves V, de Boer EJ, Rull V, Pla-Rabes S, Hernández A, Sáez A, Bao R & Giralt S
(2007) A High-Resolution Study of Diatom Oxygen Isotopes in a Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene Laminated Record from Lake Chungará (Andean Altiplano, Northern Chile)
Hernández A, Bao R, Giralt S, Leng MJ, Barker PA, Pueyo JJ, Sáez A, Moreno A, Valero-Garcés B & Sloane HJ

Sáez R. (2019) Gold in Massive Sulfides of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Yesares L, Sáez R, Ruiz de Almodóvar G, Proenza JA & Pons JM
(2019) REE-Mineralogical Characterization of Mine Wastes and Revalorization of the Palabora Igneous Complex
Díaz J, Yesares L, Gómez-Arias A, Castillo J & Sáez R
(2015) Increasing Environmental Stress along the Kellwasser Crisis in the Catalonian Coastal Ranges. A Geochemical and Palynological Approach
Moreno C, Sáez R, González F & Melgarejo JC
(2015) Tracing Paleoenvironmental Conditions during Massive Sulfide Deposition in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (IPB): A Geochemical and Mo Isotope Approach
Sáez R, Cardellach E, Moreno C, Almodóvar GR, Wasylenki L & Hui AK

Saez Salgado E. (2023) Opportunities for Geoenvironmental Risks Determination, Mitigation and Reuse of Future Mine Wastes Using Geometallurgical Tools
Saez Salgado E, Parbhakar-Fox A, Baumgartner R & Fox N

Safaei S. (2015) AMD and PCA Multivariate Outlier Detection: A Case Study of Chahar Gonbad Area
Farahmandian M, Kianpouryan S & Safaei S

Safar Z. (2013) Evaporation as the Transport Mechanism of Metals in Arid Regions
Lima AT, Safar Z & Loch JPG

Safari M. (2011) Petrogenesis of Zoozan Pluton, NE of Lut, Eastern Iran
Mazhari SA & Safari M

Safari N. (2018) Genetic Features of the Formation of Gold-Sulphide Mineralizations in the Chore Ore Field
Safari N, Fayziev A, Vazirov K & Malakhov F

Safarzadeh E. (2015) Precambrian Basement in Sirjan (South of Iran)
Safarzadeh E, Hassanzadeh J, Masoudi FM & Pourmoafi SM

Saffarini D. (2005) Display and Retraction of Outer Membrane‚ Cytochromes by Shewanella oneidensis in Response to Electron Acceptor Availability
Gorby Y, Biju V, Pan D, Mclean J, Saffarini D, Fredrickson J & Lu P

Saffarzadeh A. (2013) Partitioning Behavior of Cs in the Matrix of Simulated Ash Residues
Saffarzadeh A & Shimaoka T

Saffer D. (2023) Boron Loss and Isotopic Fractionation as a Result of Sediment Dehydration during Subduction from Seafloor to Sub-Arc in SW Japan
Do E, Perez S, Chen T-W, Fisher D, Agostini S, Saffer D & Feineman M
(2007) Modelling Pore Water B and δ11B Signatures in the Shallow Subduction Zone Forearc: Examples from Barbados, Costa Rica and N. Japan
Saffer D & Kopf A

Safiullah S. (2000) Mechanisms of Arsenic Pollution of Groundwater in Sedimentary Aquifers: An Example from the Ganges-Meghna-Brahmaputra Deltaic Plain of Bangladesh
McArthur J, Ravenscroft P & Safiullah S

Safonov Oleg (2019) Fast Assimilation of Serpentinized Mantle by Basaltic Magma
Borisova A, Zagrtdenov N, Toplis M, Ceuleneer G, Safonov O, Pokrovski G, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U & Bychkov A
(2019) Carbonate-Bearing Source of Fluids in Leucocratic Granitoids Associated with Granulites of the Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa: A Case of Study of Carbonate-Silicate Inclusions in Garnet
Mityaev A, Safonov O, Yapaskurt V, Varlamov D, Shcherbakov V, van Reenen D, Belyanin G & Elburg M
(2019) Subisobaric Cooling of Mafic Xenoliths from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Siberia
Sapegina A, Perchuk A, Safonov O, Yapaskurt V, Shatsky V & Malkovets V
(2017) Making Earth’s Continental Crust from Serpentinite and Basalt
Borisova A, Zagrtdenov N, Toplis M, Bohrson W, Nedelec A, Safonov O, Pokrovski G, Ceuleneer G, Melnik O, Bychkov A, Gurenko A, Shcheka S, Terehin A, Polukeev V, Varlamov D, Gouy S & De Parseval P
(2016) Formation of Continental Crust during Ultra-Hot Precambrian Orogeny: Insight from Geodynamic Modeling
Perchuk A, Safonov O, Smit A, van Reenen D, Zakharov V & Gerya T

Safonov Oleg G. (2023) Voluminous Felsic Crust Formation from the Hadean Ultramafic Protocrust
Borisova AY, Safonov OG, Nédélec A, Bohrson WA, Kosova SA & Parseval PD
(2021) Chromitites as a Memory for the Lithosphere Origin, Evolution and Recycling
Borisova AY, Zagrtdenov NR, Ceuleneer G, Toplis MJ & Safonov OG
(2015) Merwinite as a Host of Alkalis in the Mantle: Synthesis and X-Ray Characterization
Bindi L & Safonov O
(2015) Catalytic Activity of Some Crustal Rocks: Experiments on the Vapor Conversion of Methane
Barelko V, Safonov O, Bykova N, Dorokhov V & Kuznetcov M
(2015) Structural Properties of Carbonate-Silicate Melts: An EXAFS Study on Y and Sr
Pohlenz J, Pascarelli S, Mathon O, Belin S, Shiryaev A, Safonov O, Veligzhanin A, Murzin V, Irifune T & Wilke M
(2015) Characterisation of Quenched Carbonate-Silicate Melts by Vibrational Spectroscopy, XAFS and HEXRD: Structure and Y, Sr, Zr Speciation
Shiryaev A, Murzin V, Veligzhanin A, Shablinskaya K, Averin A, Safonov O, Zubavichus Y, Pohlenz J, Belin S, Mathon O & Wilke M
(2013) The H2O-CO2-(K, Na)Cl Fluids, Melting of the Tonalite Gneiss, and the A-Type Granitic Magmas: Experimental Evidence for Connection
Safonov O
(2013) Experimental Study on Interaction of the H2O-NaCl Fluid and Model Peridotite at 6 GPa
Butvina V & Safonov O
(2013) Serpentinites as Catalysts for Vapor Conversion of Methane in the Earth Crust
Barelko V, Safonov O, Bykova N, Dorokhov V & Bykov L
(2009) Carbonatite to Kimberlite Link in the Chloride-Carbonate-Silicate Systems
Perchuk LL & Safonov OG
(2008) Cl-Rich Phlogopite-Celadonite Mica: Synthesis, X-Ray Study, and Petrological Implication
Nazzareni S, Safonov O, Comodi P & Bindi L
(2008) Experimental Modeling of Chloride-Bearing Diamond-Related Liquids: A Review
Safonov O, Perchuk L, Litvin Y, Chertkova N & Butvina V
(2002) Formation of Potassium-Bearing Clinopyroxene in Potassic Mantle-Derived Liquids
Safonov O, Perchuk L, Litvin Y & Matveev Y
(2000) Fluid Reactions during Formation of Coronitic Textures in Rocks from the Adirondack Complex (USA)
Safonov O

Safonov Y. (2005) New Type of Rare-Metal Mineralization: Deposition of Metals in High-Temperature Vapor System of Kudriavy Volcano, Iturup Island, Kuriles, Russia
Chaplygin I, Safonov Y, Mozgova N & Yudovskaya M

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