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Sageman Bradley B (2021) Bulk Carbonate and Foraminiferal Calcium Isotope Ratios Indicate Calcification Stress Preceded Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Kitch GD, Jacobson AD, Coccioni R, Chung-Swanson T, Hurtgen M & Sageman BB

Sageman Bradley B. (2020) Calcium Isotope Response of Morozovella spp. To Paleocene-Eocene Ocean Acidification
Kitch GD, Jacobson AD, Hurtgen MT, Sageman BB, Harper DT & Zachos JC
(2019) Calcium Isotope Composition (δ44/40Ca) of Bulk Carbonate Spanning Ocean Anoxic Event 2: Kinetic Effects or Diagenesis?
Kitch GD, Jacobson AD, Ankney ME, Masterson AL, Hurtgen MT & Sageman BB
(2019) Calcium Isotope Evidence for Environmental Change Before and Across the K-Pg Extinction
Linzmeier B, Jacobson A, Sageman B, Hurtgen M, Ankney M, Petersen S & Tobin T
(2019) Thermal and Paleoceanographic Responses to OAE2 from Δ47 Geochemistry and a Refined Chronostratigraphy
Jones MM, Petersen SV, Sageman BB, Selby D, Jacobson AD, Singer BS & Jicha BR
(2018) Deciphering the Unexpected Response of the Cr Isotope Proxy to OAE 2
Holmden C, Jacobson A, Sageman B, Hurtgen M & Dickson A
(2018) Linking Deccan Volcanism and the Bolide Impact with Ca Isotope Stratigraphy from the Late Maastrichtian of Seymour Island, Antarctica
Linzmeier BJ, Jacobson AD, Sageman BB, Hurtgen MT, Ankney ME, Petersen SV & Tobin TS
(2018) Quantifying Terrestrial Weathering Across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Ibarra D, Jones M, Caves Rugenstein J, Sageman B, Graham S, von Blanckenburg F & Chamberlain P
(2018) δ18O Records of Circulation, Sea Level, and Climate in the Western Interior Seaway during OAE2
Jones MM, Schuette C, Sageman BB & Leckie RM
(2018) Integrating Multiple Clocks and their Applications in Geology and Astronomy
Ma C, Meyers S & Sageman B

Sager F. (2009) Hyperaccumulation of U in Organic-Rich Alpine Soils, Dischma Valley, Davos, Switzerland
Steinmann P, Regenspurg S, Roquier C, Bernier-Latmani R, Sager F & Froidevaux P

Sager M. (2009) In situ Precipitation of Arsenic and Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soils by Microbiological Sulfate Reduction
Jang H-Y, Chon H-T, Lee J-U & Sager M
(2006) Dispersion and Pollution Characteristics of Platinum in Urban Environment of Seoul,Korea
Chon H-T, Lee H-Y & Sager M

Sager Will (2015) Walvis Ridge-Tristan-Gough, South Atlantic – Triple-Zonation of a Plume over 60 Ma and Role of LLSVP
Class C, Koppers A, Sager W & Schnur S

Sager William (2011) The Shatsky Rise Supervolcano
Sager W, Sano T & Korenaga J
(2004) Geochemistry and Age of Basalts from the Shatsky Rise, NW Pacific
Mahoney J, Duncan R, Tejada M & Sager W

Sager William W. (2016) Walvis Ridge-Tristan-Gough, South Atlantic – Deconvolution of Source Components and Dynamic Mixing
Class C, Koppers AAP, Sager WW & Schnur S

Saghaï A. (2017) Exploring Metabolic Interactions of Highly Diverse Archaea in Microbial Mats from the Atacama Desert
Gutiérrez-Preciado A, Saghaï A, Moreira D, Deschamps P, Zivanovic Y & López-García P
(2016) Microbial Calcification in the Rock Record: Learning from Field- and Laboratory-Based Studies Down to the nm-Scale
Benzerara K, Cam N, Cosmidis J, Duprat E, Li J, Lopez-Garcia P, Moreira D, Saghaï A, Skouri-Panet F & Zeyen N
(2015) Non-Cyanobacterial Lineages Likely Contribute to Carbonate Precipitation in Modern Microbialites
Saghaï A, Benzerara K, Zeyen N, Zivanovic Y, Moreira D, Bertolino P & López-García P

Saghatelyan A. (2020) Arsenic Contents and Associated Health Risk in Soils of a Mining Area
Tepanosyan G, Sahakyan L & Saghatelyan A
(2018) Soils Geochemical Surveys as an Indicator of the Quality of Urban Environment
Tepanosyan G, Sahakyan L & Saghatelyan A
(2009) Environmental Impact of Mining Industry
Sahakyan L & Saghatelyan A

Saghravani S.R. (2022) Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Arctic Regions: A Multi-Parameter Approach
Saghravani SR, Borecka M, Böttcher ME, Diak M, Hong W-L, Knies JM, Kotwicki L, Kuliński K, Lepland A, Makuch P, Koziorowska-Makuch K, Sen A, Ehlert von Ahn CM, Winogradow A & Szymczycha B

Sagitova A. (2017) Gold Deportment in Processing Products from Lichkvas-Tey Polymetallic Deposit (Armenia)
Agapov I, Anisimov I, Nepochatova A & Sagitova A
(2016) Zircon from Rare-Metal Li-F Granites: Magma Chamber Processes and Magma Source
Sagitova A, Badanina E, Syritso L, Abushkevich V & Volkova E
(2015) The Application of Raman Microprobe Spectroscopy in the Study of Fluid and Melt Inclusions in Quartz from Sherlovaya Gora (Russia)
Pikhulina A, Badanina E, Sagitova A, Syritso L, Thomas R & Bocharov V

Sağlam E.S. (2011) Environmental Impacts of Abandoned VMS Deposits: An Example Case from NE Turkey
Sağlam ES, Akçay M & Çolak DN
(2009) Mineralogy, Chemistry and Distribution of Mine Tailings from the Murgul (Artvin) Cu Deposit and their Environmental Impacts, NE Turkey
Saglam ES & Akcay M

Sago M. (2016) The Nature of Volcanic Ash Erupted from Owakudani Fumarolic Area of Hakone Volcano on June 30, 2015
Yaguchi M, Ohba T, Sago M & Sekimoto A

Sago N. (2017) Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation
Suga H, Sago N, Miyahara M, Ohigashi T, Yamaguchi A & Ohtani E

Sagong H. (2002) Paleoproterozoic Orogeny in South Korea: Evidence from Sm-Nd and Pb Step-Leaching Garnet Ages of Precambrian Basement Rocks
Sagong H, Cheong C-S & Kwon S-T
(2002) Regional Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Differences of the Mesozoic Granitoids in South Korea: Implications for the Basement Structure
Kwon S-T & Sagong H
(2002) Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopic Investigations of Late Cenozoic Alkali Basalts and their Ultramafic Xenoliths in South Korea: A Mixing Zone in the Source Mantle beneath East Asia
Choi SH, Kwon S-T, Sagong H & Cheong C-S

Sah D. (2020) Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Agra, India: Gas-Particle Partition, Concentration and Potential Risk
Verma PK, Sah D, Kumari KM & Lakhani A

Sah S.P. (2002) The Natural Abundance of 15N and 13C in the Soil and Needle of the Pine Forest (Pinus Roxburghii) along Altitudinal Gradient in Nepal
Sah SP & Brumme R

Saha A. (2013) Geochemistry of Fast-Spreading Lower Crust: Results from IODP Expedition 345 at the Hess Deep Rift
Godard M, Meyer R, Saha A, Gillis K, Snow J, Klaus A & Shipboard Scientific Party IE3

Saha Abhishek (2019) Metasomatism of Indian Ocean MOR Mantle: Evidences from Geochemical Signatures of Carlsberg Ridge Basalts
Sensarma S, Saha A & Hazra A

Saha Abishek (2015) Mantle Processes and Sulphide Saturation History of Volcanic Rocks in Diverse Tectonic scenario:Platinum Group Element (PGE) Geochemistry of Archean Iron Ore Group and Proterozoic Malangtoli Metavolcanic Rocks of Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India
Mutum RS, Chakravadhanula M, Ray J, Ganguly S, Sanapala R & Saha A
(2015) Stromatolitic Carbonates and Cherty Dolomites from Chitradurga Greenstone Belt of Western Dharwar Craton, India: Geochemical Evidence for Archean Biogenic Activity and Paleoenvironmental Conditions
Arubam KC, Chakravadhanula M, Ganguly S, Sanapala R, Saha A & Thounaojam D
(2015) Trace Element Budget along a Section of Fast-Spread Oceanic Crust: Results from Drilling at the Hess Deep Rift (ODP Leg 147 and IODP Expedition 345)
Godard M, Falloon T, Gillis K, Akizawa N, Koepke J, Marks N, Saha A, Garbe-Schonberg D & Meyer R

Saha Auromeet (2009) Spectral Dependence of Aerosol Absorption over an Urban Coastal Zone
Saha A, Mallet M, Piazzola J & Despiau S

Saha D. (2019) Coupled MORB and Arc Signatures from a Neoarchean Greenstone Belt, Central India: Intra-Oceanic Double-Sided Subduction
Deb G, Saha D, Patranabis-Deb S & Banerjee A
(2019) Barberton Type Meta-Komatiites from Singhbhum Craton, India: A Window into Paleoarchean Mantle
Bachhar P, Saha D, Banerjee A, Patranabis-Deb S & Deb GK

Saha G.C. (2009) Arsenic Remobilization from Paddy Soil during Monsoon Flooding in Bangladesh
Roberts LC, Hug SJ, Dittmar J, Voegelin A, Kretzschmar R, Wehrli B, Cirpka OA, Saha GC, Ali MA & Badruzzaman ABM

Saha L (2019) In situ U-Th-Pbtotal Analysis of Monazites from Bundelkhand Craton, India and Geodynamic Significance
Raza MB, Rahman H, Alfimova N, Nasipuri P, Saha L & Pati JK
(2019) Proterozoic Crustal Evolution of Northern Domain of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, India
Gaur Y, Saha L & Gautam S

Saha Lopamudra (2022) How Strong are the Pan-African Signatures from the Northern Part of the Eastern Ghats Belt?
Saha L & Behera S
(2022) A Pan African Greenschist Facies Shear Zone in Central India and its Tectonic Implications
Bhandari A, Saha L & Nasipuri P
(2020) Proterozoic Tectonics from the Northern Domain of the Eastern Ghats Belt
Behera SR, Saha L, Pal DK & Champati AK
(2020) Tectono-Metamorphic Evolution of the Grenville-Aged Jahazpur Shear Zone, in Northwest India
Gupta S, Saha L, Prakash A, Alfimova N & Bogomolov E
(2011) Mesoarchaean Tectono-Metamorphic Event from Bundelkhand Craton, Central India
Pati JK & Saha L
(2011) Prograde P-T Path of a ~3.2 Ga Tectonometamorphic Event from Assegaai Greenstone Belt, SE Kaapvaal Craton
Saha L, Hofmann A & Xie H

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