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Uba C. (2009) A Late Miocene Stable Isotope Paleosoil Record of Andean Foreland Precipitation
Mulch A, Uba C, Strecker M, Schönberg R & Chamberlain CP
(2007) Climate Change in the Southern Central Andes at 8 Ma
Strecker M, Mulch A, Uba C, Schmitt A & Chamberlain P

Uberuaga B.P. (2013) The Effect of Chemical Evolution in 137CsCl on Radionuclide Leaching
Zhang F, Marks N, Gale J, Kang Q, Uberuaga B, Stanek C & Henson N
(2013) Radiation Damage Evolution in Nanocomposites
Uberuaga BP

Ubide Teresa (2022) Magmatic Pathways Feeding the 2021 Paroxysmal Events at Mt Etna: A Mineral Perspective
MacDonald A, Ubide T, Mollo S & Taddeucci J
(2022) High-Resolution Crystal and Melt Geochemistry: Decoding Magma Storage and Eruption
Ubide T
(2022) Improved Accuracy and Precision of in situ Sr Isotope Measurements by LA-MC-ICP-MS: New Insights into Magma Histories
Mulder J, Hagen-Peter G, Ubide T, Tapu A-T, Feng Y & Vasconcelos PM

Ubide Teresa (2013) Magmatic Processes Revealed by Heterogeneous Crystal Populations in a Lamprophyre System
Ubide T, Galé C, Larrea P, Arranz E, Lago M & Wijbrans JR
(2013) New Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Data on Graciosa Island Lavas (Azores)
Larrea P, Widom E, Galé C, Ubide T, Lago M & França Z
(2012) Enriched Mantle Source for the Cretaceous Alkaline Lamprophyres from the Catalonian Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)
Ubide T, Gale C, Arranz E, Lago M, Larrea P, Tierz P & Sanz T

Ubide Teresa (2020) Basalt Alkalinity Modulated by a Lithospheric “Filter”: Thermobarometry of a Complex Plumbing System beneath the Dunedin Volcano
Pontesilli A, Brenna M, Ubide T, Mollo S, Masotta M, Caulfield J, Le Roux P, Nazzari M & Scarlato P
(2020) Low Melt Fluxes Enhance Differentiation and Complexity of Intraplate Volcanic Plumbing Systems
Tapu A-T, Ubide T & Vasconcelos P
(2020) A Smoking gun for Copper Enrichment in Arc Volcanoes?
Ubide T, Costa F, Kendrick MA & Berry AJ
(2020) The Role of Undercooling on Trace Element Partitioning in Sector-Zoned Clinopyroxene
MacDonald A, Ubide T, Masotta M, Mollo S & Pontesilli A
(2020) Days to Weeks of Syn-Eruptive Magma Interaction: High-Resolution Geochemistry of the 2002-03 Branched Eruption at Mount Etna
Magee R, Ubide T & Caulfield J
(2020) Pulses of Aphyric Andesite Dykes Remobilising Micrometre-Sized Crystal Cargo at Tongariro, NZ
Lormand C, Zellmer GF, Sakamoto N, Kilgour G, Palmer AS, Yurimoto H, Nemeth K, Mead S, Ubide T, Iizuka Y & Moebis A

Ubide Teresa (2019) Timescales of Degassing in Rhyolitic Magmas Tracked by Li in Plagioclase
Neukampf J, Ellis B, Laurent O, Steinmann L, Dohmen R, Ubide T, Oeser M, Magna T, Weyer S & Bachmann O
(2019) Major and Trace Element Maps of Zoned Clinopyroxenes at Stromboli: New Clues on Complex Magma Dynamics during 2003-2017 Eruptions
Di Stefano F, Scarlato P, Mollo S, Petrone CM, Ubide T, Nazzari M & Andronico D

Ubide Teresa (2017) Microanalysis of Cl, Br and I in Apatite, Scapolite and Silicate Glasses by LA-ICP-MS
Caulfield J, Tomlinson E, Marks M, Chew D, McKenna C & Ubide T

Ubide Teresa (2015) High-Resolution U-Pb LA-Q-ICPMS Age Mapping of Zircon
Chew D, Petrus J, Kamber B, Ubide T & McKenna C
(2015) Deconvolution and Visualisation of High Spatial Resolution Biomineral Geochemistry
Mouchi V, Crowley Q & Ubide T
(2015) Impact Triggered Mantle Melting? New Data from the Sudbury Basin
Guyett P, Kenny G, O'Sullivan E, Ubide T, Ames D & Kamber B
(2015) Antecryst Trace Element Mapping: Solving Magma History Puzzles
Ubide T, McKenna C, Chew D & Kamber B

Ubide Teresa (2021) Repeat Injections of Replenishing Primitive Magma Recorded in Gabbros of the Atlantis Bank Oceanic Core Complex
Ubide T, Murphy DT & Kamber BS
(2021) Magma Dynamics during Gondwana Breakup and South Atlantic Ocean Opening: High-Resolution Geochemistry of Tholeiitic Mafic Dykes from the Brazilian Southeast Margin
Zuccolan Carvas K, Marques LS, Ubide T & de Paula Vasconcelos PM
(2021) Felsic Melts Differentiating to More Mafic Compositions Through Crystal Uptake: A Case of Felsic Parental Arc Magmas for Mafic Lava Flows at Taranaki Volcano, New Zealand
D'Mello NG, Zellmer G, Ubide T, Caulfield J, Brahm R, Procter J, Kereszturi G & Stewart R
(2021) Tracking Thermal Pathways of Magma Ascent and Eruption Using Trace Element Partitioning in Sector Zoned Clinopyroxene
MacDonald A, Ubide T, Masotta M, Mollo S, Pontesilli A, Magee R & Zhao J-X
(2021) Groundmass Isotope Signatures Reveal Decadal Source Evolution and Mixing at Mount Etna
Magee R, Ubide T, Caulfield J & Zhao J-X
(2021) Magma Storage Dynamics in Off-Rift Volcanic Systems in Western Iceland: Insights from the Snæfellsnes Volcanic Zone (SNVZ)
Kahl M, Bali E, Guðfinnsson GH, Neave DA, Ubide T, van der Meer QHA & Matthews S
(2021) Paricutin Volcano (Michoacán, Mexico): Petrogenesis and Magma Dynamics of a Nine-Year Historical Monogenetic Eruption
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Albert H, Ubide T, Costa F, Colás V, Salinas S & Kuentz D

Ubide Garralda T. (2020) Crystal Stratigraphy of Taranaki Lavas, New Zealand
D'Mello N, Ubide Garralda T, Zellmer GF, Procter J, Kereszturi G & Caulfield J

Ubrig N. (2012) Trace-Element Control on Near IR Transmittance of Pyrite
Ortelli M, Kouzmanov K & Ubrig N

Ucciani G. (2019) MultiGAS Survey from Low-T° Fumaroles in a Tropical Environment. Effects from Internal and External Forcing: Example from La Soufriere de Guadeloupe (FWI)
Moune S, Robert V, Moretti R, Burtin A, Ucciani G, Jessop D, Didier T, Bonifacie M, Komorowski J-C, Tamburello G & Lemarchand A

Uchida A. (2016) Radioactive Disequilibrium and ESR Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Deposits of the Okinawa Trough
Fujiwara T, Toyoda S, Uchida A, Ishibashi J-I, Totsuka S, Shimada K & Nakai S
(2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of Hydrothermal Ores Collected from the Hatoma Knoll in the Southern Okinawa Trough
Totsuka S, Ishibashi J-I, Fujiwara T, Uchida A, Toyoda S & Nozaki T
(2016) ESR Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Deposits, a New Dating Technique
Toyoda S, Fujiwara T, Uchida A & Ishibashi J-I
(2014) ESR, 226Ra-210Pb and 228Ra-228Th Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Sulfide Deposits in the Okinawa Trough
Fujiwara T, Toyoda S, Uchida A, Ishibashi J-I, Nakai S & Takamasa A

Uchida E. (2018) Seasonal Change of Water Property in Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia
Kawahata H, Suzuki A & Uchida E

Uchida H (2006) Crystal-chemical investigation of kalsilite from San Venanzo, Italy, using single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy
Uchida H, Downs R & Yang H
(2003) Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Studies on Spinels from the San Carlos Volcanic Field, Arizona
Uchida H & Downs R

Uchida Hiroshi (2016) Spacial Distribution of Dissolved Methane in the Western Arctic Ocean
Kudo K, Toyoda S, Yamada K, Yoshida N, Sasano D, Kosugi N, Ishii M, Yoshikawa H, Murata A, Uchida H & Nishino S

Uchida M. (2016) CO2 Emission from Permafrost Soils of Alaska Under the Freezing/ Thawing Condition
Kondo M, Uchida M, Yonemura S, Iwahana G, Kim Y, Fugitake N, Enomoto H, Tanabe K & Yoshikawa K
(2013) Sedimentary Organic Matter Variations in the Chukchi Borderland over the Last 155 kyr
Uchida M & Rella S
(2013) Abrupt Variations of Indian and East Asian Summer Monsoons during the Last Deglacial Stadial and Interstadial
Hong B, Hong Y, Uchida M, Shibata Y & Zhu Y
(2004) Hydrodynamic Sorting of Washington Margin Sediments Using SPLITT Fractionation
Coppola L, Gustafsson Ö, Andersson P, Uchida M & Eglinton T
(2003) Fluctuation of Alkenone Temperature in the Okhotsk Sea over the Last 20 ka
Harada N, Ahagon N, Uchida M, Sakamoto T & Ikehara M
(2003) Source Apportioning of Sedimentary PAHs in an Urban Reservoir by Combined Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Analysis and Petroleum-Biomarker Analysis
Kanke H, Uchida M, Okuda T, Takada H, Yoneda M & Shibata Y
(2003) Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Sedimentary Chronology for a High Resolution IMAGES Core (MD012412) in the Sea of Okhotsk
Uchida M, Shibata Y, Ikehara M, Harada N, Sakamaoto T & Aoki K
(2003) Millennium Scale Paleoceanographic Changes in High Sedimentation IMAGES Core MD01-2412 in the Southwestern Part of the Sea of Okhotsk
Sakamoto T, Ikehara M, Uchida M, Aoki K, Harada N & Kanamatsu T
(2002) Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Ages of Biomarkers in the Western North Pacific Marginal Sea Sediments
Uchida M, Shibata Y, Harada N, Ahagon N & Yoneda M

Uchida S. (2018) Plutonium Isotopes in Seawater off Fukushima within Two Months after the Accident
Zheng J, Men W, Wang H, Kumamoto Y, Yamada M & Uchida S
(2016) Analytical Methodology and Potential Applications of a New Geochemical Tracer of 135Cs/137Cs Isotope Ratio
Zheng J, Cao L, Bu W, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Study on Soil to Crop Transfer Factor of Plutonium by Literature Review and Field Investigation
Wang Z, Zheng J, Cao L, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Effective Half-Lives of 137Cs in Some Terrestrial Plants Observed after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Radiocesium Accumulation and Plutonium Source Identification in Sediments from Lake Inba after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Cao L, Ishii N, Zheng J, Tagami K, Uchida S, Kagami M & Pan S
(2016) Cesium-137 Concentrations in Freshwater Fishes Collected in Lake Inba
Ishii N, Kagami M, Furota T, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Consideration of the Marine Kd and the Exchangeable Fraction: The Case of 90Sr and 137Cs
Uchida S & Tagami K
(2008) Distributions of Rare Earth Elements in Japanese Estuaries
Takata H, Aono T, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2008) Concentrations and Behaviors of I and Br in Soil-Plant Systems
Uchida S & Tagami K
(2008) Use of LC-IRMS for the Direct Determination of Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios in River Waters
Tagami K & Uchida S
(2003) Concentration Levels of Rhenium in Japanese River Waters
Tagami K & Uchida S

Uchida Yoshiharu (2007) Determination of PVTX Data and the Phase Change of Crustal Fluids
Uchida Y & Otsuki K
(2006) New experimental technique for P-V-T measurements of crustal fluids around critical point
Uchida Y & Otsuki K

Uchida Yoshitaka (2023) Role of Cryptogamic Covers in Metal-Nitrogen Biogeochemical Coupling at the Edge of the Critical Zone
Darnajoux R, Koonin S, Dani S, Haynes S, Magain N, Uchida Y, Lutzoni F & Zhang X

Uchikawa J. (2023) Constraining Sulfur Incorporation in Calcite Using Controlled Growth Experiments
Karancz S, Uchikawa J, de Nooijer LJ, Conner K, Richard Z & Reichart G-J
(2023) Solution Chemical Compositions Modulate Elemental Uptake in Calcite: Potential Implications for Paleo-Proxy Calibrations
Uchikawa J, Penman D, Harper DT, Farmer JR, Zachos JC, Planavsky NJ & Richard Z
(2022) Lithium Isotope and Elemental Partitioning in Inorganic Calcite and Aragonite
Hite C, Uchikawa J, Misra S, Tanwar N & Zeebe R
(2019) Trajectory and Timescale of Δ47 Equilibration in the HCO3-/CO32- Pool Under Normal and Enzymatically Catalyzed Conditions
Uchikawa J, Chen S, Eiler J, Adkins J & Zeebe R
(2019) Controls on Li Partitioning and Isotopic Fractionation in Inorganic Calcite
Branson O, Uchikawa J, Bohlin M & Misra S
(2018) Oxyanion Control on Boron Incorporation into Inorganic Calcite
Uchikawa J, Harper D, Zachos J & Zeebe R
(2017) Paired B/Ca and δ11B Measurements on Inorganic Calcite: Constraints on Boron Incorporation and Implications for Boron Proxies
Farmer J, Uchikawa J, Branson O, Penman D, Hoenisch B, Zeebe R & Zachos J
(2016) Exploring the Chemical Controls on Boron Incorporation in Synthetic Calcite
Uchikawa J, Penman D, Harper D, Zachos J & Zeebe R

Uchimiya M. (2003) Movements and Redox Status of Iron: Influence of Naturally-Occurring Organic Compounds
Uchimiya M & Stone A
(2002) Extracellular Redox Biochemicals: Design Constraints
Stone A & Uchimiya M
(2001) Reduction of Natural and Synthetic Organic Compounds by FeII
Stone AT, Strathmann TJ & Uchimiya M

Uchino K. (2015) Depth Distribution of Solar Wind He Implanted into NASA Genesis Targets
Yurimoto H, Bajo K, Olinger CT, Jurewicz AJG, Burnett DS, Sakaguchi I, Suzuki TT, Itose S, Ishihara M, Uchino K & Wieler R

Uchino Kiichiro (2017) Coronal Mass Ejecta in Depth Profiling on NASA’s Genesis Mission
Tonotani A, Bajo K-I, Olinger C, Reisenfeld D, Jurewicz A, Itose S, Sakaguchi I, Ishihara M, Uchino K, Burnett D & Yurimoto H
(2016) Evaluation for Multi-Turn Time of Flight Mass Spectrum of Laser Ionization Mass Nanoscope
Tonotani A, Bajo K, Itose S, Ishihara M, Uchino K & Yurimoto H
(2016) Micro-Distribution of Solar Wind Helium Implanted to Itokawa Particle
Bajo K, Sakaguchi I, Suzuki T, Itose S, Matsuya M, Ishihara M, Uchino K & Yurimoto H
(2014) Towards in situ 3-D Analysis of Noble Gases from Surface of Itokawa Particles and Genesis Targets
Yurimoto H, Bajo K-I, Itose S, Ishihara M & Uchino K
(2013) Development of a Novel TOF-Snms to Analyze Sub-Micron Noble Gas Distribution
Bajo K-I, Itose S, Matsuya M, Ishihara M, Uchino K, Kudo M, Sakaguchi I & Yurimoto H

Uchio Y. (2009) Ediacaran Oceanic Environmental Change Inferred from Pb, Sr Isotopes and REE Geochemistry of the Baratal Limestone, Gorny Altai Mountains, Southern Siberia
Nohda S, Wang B-S, You C-F, Uchio Y, Isozaki Y & Maruyama S
(2003) Litho- and Chemostratigraphy of the Vendo-Cambrian Mid- Oceanic Paleo-Atoll Carbonates in the Gorny Altai Mountains, Siberia
Uchio Y, Isozaki Y, Kawahata H & Maruyama S

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