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Uchiyama I. (2013) A Molecular View of the Reductive Dehalogenase-Homologous Gene in Subseafloor Sediments
Kawai M, Futagami T, Toyoda A, Takaki Y, Uchiyama I, Fujiyama A, Itoh T, Inagaki F & Takami H

Uchiyama R. (2022) Raman Analysis of Hawaiian Octocoral Mg-Calcite Lattice Disorder along a Natural Depth Gradient
Conner K, Sharma SK, Uchiyama R, Tanaka K, Sugihara N, Shirai K & Kahng S
(2021) Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Octocoral Skeletal Mg Dynamics along a Natural Depth Gradient, Kona Coast, Hawai'i
Conner K, Sharma S, Uchiyama R, Tanaka K, Shirai K & Kahng S

Uchiyama Y. (2011) Evaluation of In-House Metallic Standard for Siderophile Elements Using fs-La-ICPMS
Yokoyama TD, Imai T, Uchiyama Y, Suzuki T, Yokoyama T, Takeyama M, Takahashi E & Hirata T
(2009) Distribution of Hf and W between Metal and Olivine Phase in Pallasites
Yokoyama T, Uchiyama Y & Hirata T
(2006) Hafnium-tungsten Chronometry of Iron Meteorites
Uchiyama Y, Yanada C, Irisawa K & Hirata T

Uchôa Filho E. (2015) Geochemistry of Metamafic Rocks of the Paulistana Complex, Riacho do Pontal Fold Belt, NE-Brazil
Amaral W, Uchôa Filho E, Santos F, Sousa D & Pepétuo M

Ucurum A. (2017) Origin of Solutions Formed Barite and Sulphide Bearing Barite Deposits and Pb-Zn Mineralization in the Taurus Belt, Southern Turkey: Sulphur and Lead Isotope Data
Cengiz O & Ucurum A

Udachin V. (2014) Environmental Geochemistry and Bioavailability of Heavy Metal(oid)s in Vicinity of Karabash Cu Smelter, Russia
Tatsy Y, Udachin V, Gashkina N & Aminov P

Udagedara D.T. (2016) Dissolution Effect of Minerals on Rapid Rock Weathering: An Experimental Study
Udagedara DT, Oguchi CT & Gunatilake AAJK
(2016) Geochemistry of Water Around Non-Volcanic Thermal Springs in High Grade Metamorphic Terrain, Sri Lanka
Jayawardana DT, Udagedara T & Pitawala A

Udatny M. (2011) Lead, Zinc and Antimony Leaching from Glass-Works Fly Ash in Simple Organic Acids
Udatny M, Mihaljevic M & Strnad L

Uday K. (2020) Hg Physicochemical Processes at Atmospheric Interfaces, in the Age of Climate Change
Parisa A, Jim G, Mainak G, Uday K & Byran L

Udaya Shankara Harikripa Narayana

Udaya Shankara Hn (2014) Particulate Metal Geochemistry of Nethravati Estuary, Southwest Coast of India
Gurumurthy G, Udaya Shankara H, Balakrishna K, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S & Braun J-J

Udayashankar H.N. (2014) Use of Sr Isotopes as a Tool to Decipher the Soil Weathering Processes in a Tropical River Catchment, Southwestern India
Balakrishna K, Gurumurthy GP, Tripti M, Riotte J, Audry S, Braun JJ & Udayashankar HN

Udayshankara H.N.

Uddin Amira (2019) Characterization of Mg2+ Dehydration in Aqueous Electrolyte Solution: Implications for CO2 Mineralization Technologies
Mapaye M, Uddin A, Chass G & Di Tommaso D

Uddin Ashraf (2010) Mineralogical and Geochemical Profiling of Arsenic-Contaminated Aquifers in Central Bangladesh
Uddin A, Shamsudduha M, Saunders J, Lee M-K, Ahmed K & Chowdhury T

Uddin Bhuiyan M. (2021) Geochemical Controls on Arsenic Mobilization in a Potential Permeable Natural Reactive Barrier (PNRB)
Varner TS, Kulkarni HV, Nguyen W, Cardenas MB, Kwak K, Knappett P, Uddin Bhuiyan M, Ahmed KM, Ahkter S & Datta S

Udiković Kolić N. (2021) Rare Earth Elements in Wastewater – New Members in the Anomalous Suite
Fiket Ž & Udiković Kolić N

Udin D. (2002) Age Spectra of Biotite as Indicator of Deformation Rate: Evidence from Microchemical, Structural, Step-Heating and Laser 40Ar/39Ar Analyses
Udin D, Travin A, Vladimirov V, Prostyakov K & Barabash N
(2002) Laser and Stepwise-Heating 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Kimberlite-Like Rocks from Sayan Foothills and Peripheral Part of the Siberian Platform
Travin A, Aschepkov I, Udin D & Prostyakov K

Udina N. (2013) Balance of Carbon in the System of Geochemically Linked Mire Landscapes
Inisheva L, Udina N & Sergeeva M

Udisti R. (2011) Stable Isotopes of Snow Precipitation at Concordia Station (East Antarctica)
Dreossi G, Stenni B, Braida M, Scarchilli C, Valt M, Cagnati A, Frezzotti M, Bonazza M, Genoni L, Frosini D, Karlicek D & Udisti R

Udo K. (2011) Characteristics of Arsenic Distribution in the Holocene Sediment Deposits of South-Western Bangladesh
Tauhid-Ur-Rahman MD, Mano A, Udo K, Ishibashi Y & Han YH
(2010) Targeting a Safe Aquifer in the Arsenic Contaminated Alluvial Deposits
Rahman MT, Mano A, Udo K & Ishibashi Y

Udoh E.C. (2021) Distribution Characteristics of Terrestrial and Marine Lipid Biomarkers and their Implication for the Provenance and Paleoceanographic Application in the Northern South China Sea
Udoh EC, Li L, Chen M, Chen L, JunJian W, Jia G & He J

Udovic T. (2008) Librational Dynamics of Nano-Confined Water: Neutron Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulations for Hydrocalumite
Kalinichev A, Faraone A, Udovic T, Kolesnikov A, de Souza N, Reinholdt M & Kirkpartick RJ

Udry Arya (2022) Highly Siderophile Element Abundances in Nakhlite and Chassignite Meteorite Sulfides
Paquet M, Day JMD & Udry A

Udry Arya (2013) Exploring Fractionation Models for Some Martian Primary Magmas
Udry A, McSween H & Balta B
(2011) Newly Discovered MIL 090030, MIL 090032, and MIL 090136 Nakhlites: Paired with MIL 03346?
Udry A & McSween HY

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