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Ueki S. (2008) Helium Isotope Ratios in Northeastern Japan and their Comparison with the Seismological Data
Horiguchi K, Takahata N, Sano Y, Ueki S, Okada T, Nakajima J & Hasegawa A

Uematsu M. (2018) Investigation of Isotope Fractionation of Fe in Anthropogenic Aerosols to Determine its Contribution to the Surface Ocean
Kurisu M, Sakata K, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y
(2016) Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Marine Aerosol and their Deposition over the Pacific Ocean
Uematsu M, Narita Y & Sun SY
(2016) Numerical Analysis of Nitrogen Deposition from Atmosphere on East Asian Oceans
Itahashi S, Hayami H, Uno I & Uematsu M
(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Atmospheric Nitrate and Sulfate in the Pacific Ocean Boundary Layer
Kamezaki K, Hattori S, Furutani H, Miki Y, Iwamoto Y, Ishino S, Uematsu M & Yoshida N
(2014) Solubility of Iron in Aerosol of Volcanic Origin with Iron Speciation Analysis
Miyahara A, Furutani H, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y
(2013) Air-Sea Fluxes of Dimethyl Sulfide and Acetone in the Subtropical and Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Tanimoto H, Omori Y, Inomata S, Iwata T, Kameyama S, Furuya K, Tsuda A & Uematsu M
(2011) Sensitive, High-Resolution Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds Dissolved in Seawater Using Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry
Tanimoto H, Kameyama S, Inomata S, Tsunogai U, Ooki A, Yokouchi Y, Takeda S, Obata H, Tsuda A & Uematsu M
(2010) Distribution of Atmospheric Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus over the Western North Pacific and their Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles
Jung J, Furutani H & Uematsu M
(2010) Chemical Association of Iron in Individual Atmospheric Particles during Asian Outflow Season
Furutani H, Jung J, Miura K, Takami A, Kato S, Kajii Y & Uematsu M
(2003) Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Trace Components over the Northwestern North Pacific during a Kosa Event
Sasakawa M, Ooki A, Ui T & Uematsu M
(2003) Atmospheric Transport of Natural and Anthropogenic Substances from East Asia over the NW Pacific
Uematsu M, Hattori H & Minakawa M
(2003) Outflow of Anthropogenic Substances from the Asian Continent to the East China Sea Through Atmosphere
Nakamura T, Matsumoto K & Uematsu M

Uematsu S.

Uemura A. (2001) Diffuse CO2 Flux from Iwojima Volcano of the Izu-Ogasawara Arc, Japan
Notsu K, Sugiyama K, Hosoe M, Uemura A, Shimoike Y, Tsunomori F & Hernandez PA

Uemura R. (2020) Speleothem as Archive of Past Volcanism: Impact of Kikai Volcano Eruption (7.3 ka) on a Remote Oceanic Island
Tanaka K, Miki T, Takahata N, Uemura R, Asami R, Yu T-L, Shen C-C, Shirai K, Murakami-Sugihara N, Toyama K & Sano Y
(2017) A 60-Years Record of Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in High-Accumulation Dome Ice Core Collected at South East Greenland
Hattori S, Tsuruta A, Iizuka Y, Uemura R, Matoba S & Yoshida N
(2016) Temperature and Accumulation Rate Reconstruction from the Ice Core in South-East Dome, Greenland
Furukawa R, Matoba S, Uemura R & Iizuka Y
(2016) Stalagmite-Based Climate Variability Reconstruction of the Subtropical Northwest Pacific Region from Gyokusen Cave in Okinawa-Jima, the Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Asami R, Uemura R, Miyata H, Jin-Ping C, Wu C-C & Shen C-C
(2016) Precise Measurements of Helium Isotopes and Noble Gas Abundance in Cave Dripping Water in Three Selected Caves in East Asia
Chen A, Shen C-C, Tan M, Li T-Y, Uemura R & Asami R
(2016) Coupled Oxygen Isotope Records of Inclusion Water and Carbonate from a Stalagmite in Hoshino Cave, Okinawa
Uemura R, Mishima S, Ohmine K, Asami R, Jin-Ping C & Shen C-C
(2011) Stable Isotope Approach for Feeding Structure of Mudskipper Periophthalmus Argentilineatus at Different Habitats in Okinawa Islands, Japan
Kawamura R, Fujimura H, Uemura R, Higuchi T, Casareto BE & Suzuki Y
(2009) A Calculational Procedure for Determining 17O/16O Ratio in Water by an Equilibration Method
Uemura R, Abe O & Motoyama H

Ueno Hiroki (2007) Radiocarbon Analysis in Tree Rings of Yaku-Cedar by AMS for Investigating Secular Variation of Atmospheric 14C/12C Ratios
Ueno H, Muramatsu Y & Matsuzaki H

Ueno Hirotomo (2018) Invisible Gold in Pyrite and Pyrrhotite from Epithermal, BIF-Hosted and Sedimentary Gold Deposits
Morishita Y, Hammond NQ & Ueno H

Ueno Yoshinori (2016) Variety of Discharge Styles of Geothermal Water Generated by Plumbing Systems: An Experiment
Namiki A & Ueno Y

Ueno Yuichiro (2015) Position-Specific 13C Isotope Composition of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons
Gilbert A, Suda K, Yamada K, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2015) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Geochemistry of the Paleoarchean Onverwacht Suite, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
Mishima K, Ueno Y, deWit M & Furnes H
(2015) Dynamical Photochemical Solver Coupled to Chemical Disequilibrium Applied to Archean Atmospheres
Danielache S, Ueno Y, Simoncini E & Grassi T
(2015) Supply of Organic Compounds from Early Atmosphere into Hydrosphere
Ueno Y & Ito S
(2015) Isotopic Study of Hydrocarbons from on-Land Serpentinite-Hosted Hot Spring in Hakuba Happo, Japan
Suda K, Gilbert A & Ueno Y
(2015) Splashed Hadean Seawater Hypothesis
Genda H, Ueno Y, Foriel J, Usui T, Ueta S, Bao H & Sun T
(2015) Microbial Activity Below Archean Seafloor Constrained by Quadruple Sulfur Isotopes of Pyrite within ca. 3.5 Ga Basalts from North Pole Area, Western Australia
Aoyama S & Ueno Y
(2014) Origin of Hydrocarbons in Continental Serpentinite-Hosted Hakuba Happo Hot Spring
Suda K, Ueno Y, Gilbert A, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2013) Microbial Activity Below the Iheya North Deep Sea Vent Constrained by Quadruple Sulfur Isotope
Aoyama S, Nishizawa M, Takai K & Ueno Y
(2013) SO2 Photoexcitation Links Polar Sulfate and Climate-Impacting Volcanism
Hattori S, Schmidt J, Johnson M, Danielache S, Yamada A, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2013) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Earth’s Early Ocean Estimated from Archean MORB in Barberton Greenstone Belt
Tomiyasu F, Ueno Y & DeWit M
(2013) Abiotic Methane Formation Not from H2 but from H2O in the Serpentinite-Hosted Hakuba Happo Hot Spring
Suda K, Ueno Y & Maruyama S
(2013) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Geochemistry of Dharwar Supergroup, Southern India: Late Archean Record of Changing Atmosphere
Mishima K, Yamazaki R, Kumar MS, Hokada T & Ueno Y
(2013) Pressure-Dependent Change of Ultraviolet Absorption Cross Section of SO2 Isotopologues and S-Mif
Endo Y, Danielache S, Ueno Y, Hattori S, Johnson M & Kjærgaard H
(2013) Cause of the Maximum S-Mif Scatter in the Late Archean: Atmospheric Organic Sulfur and Episodic Volcanism
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Saito M, Endo Y & Johnson M
(2012) Ediacaran Carbon Isotope Anomaly Records Shallow Marine Event, not Entire Ocean
Tahata M, Ueno Y, Sawaki Y, Kikumoto R, Nishizawa M, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2012) Experimental Study of S-Mif by SO2 Photolysis Under CO Atmosphere
Endo Y, Danielache S & Ueno Y
(2012) Litho-, Chrono- and S-Mif-Chemo-Stratigraphy of Late Archean Dharwar Supergroup, South India
Mishima K, Yamazaki R, Kumar MS, Hokada T & Ueno Y
(2012) Photodissociation Origin of Archean S-Mif and Dynamical Sulfur Cycling Under Highly Reducing Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Endo Y, Johnson M & Yoshida N
(2011) Ultraviolet Spectra of 32/33/34/36SO2; Implications for the Archaean Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Hattori S, Johnson M & Yoshida N
(2010) Novel Sulfur Disproportionation of a Deep-Sea Vent Thermophile
Hasegawa H, Yamamoto M, Nunoura T, Kawagucci S, Ueno Y & Takai K
(2010) Helium and Carbon Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids on the Southern East Pacific Rise at 11-32 ˚S
Hamasaki H, Ishibashi J-I, Ueno Y, Lupton J & Ohmoto H
(2010) Decoding Carbon Cycle and Climatic Change by C, O and N Isotopes of the Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks in South China
Tahata M, Ueno Y, Kikumoto R, Sawaki Y, Ishikawa T, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2010) Stable Isotopic Fingerprints of Greenhouse Gasses Before the Rise of Oxygen
Ueno Y
(2009) Middle Archean CO2 Flux into Oceanic Crust from Ocean
Shibuya T, Tahata M, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2009) Carbon Isotope Analyses of Kerogen from Tumbiana Formation, Fortescue Group Shown Possibility of the Environmental Redox Changes
Yoshiya K, Sakurai R, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y, Tsuyoshi K, Yoshida N, Wada H & Maruyama S
(2009) Molecular Fossils Extracted from an Ediacaran/Cambrian Boundary Section in the Three Gorge Area, South China
Yamada K, Ueno Y, Yamada K, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2009) Iron Isotopic Distribution at Grain Scale Sugggests the Redox Fluctuation of the Archaean Shallow Ocean
Nishizawa M, Yamamoto H, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T
(2009) Highly Saline Palaeoproterozoic Seawater Inferred from Fluid Inclusions in 2.4 Ga Ongeluk Formation
Saitou T, Shibuya T, Komiya T, Kitajima K, Yamamoto S, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y & Maruyama S
(2009) Quadruple Sulfur Isotope Analysis of Sulfur Cycle in a Stratified Lake
Nakagawa M, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2009) Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS) in the Archean Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Johnson M & Yoshida N
(2008) Biological Fractionations of Quadruple Sulfur Isotopes in a Stratified Lake
Ueno Y, Nakagawa M & Yoshida N
(2008) C Isotopes and Multi-Elements Distribution within Individual Proteozoic Microfossils
Nishizawa M, Takahata N, Sano Y, Ueno Y & Maruyama S
(2008) Quadruple Sulfur Isotope Analysis of ~2.9 Ga Pongola Supergroup
Tsuruoka S, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2006) Quadruple sulfur isotope constraints on the origin of the early Archean barite and pyrite
Ueno Y, Rumble D & Ono S
(2004) N, C and Ar Isotopes of Fluid Inclusions from 3.5 Ga Hydrothermal System: Constraints on Early Mantle and Atmosphere
Nishizawa M, Ueno Y & Sano Y
(2003) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Early Archean Hydrothermal Deposits from Western Australia
Ueno Y, Rumble D, Ono S, Hu G & Maruyama S
(2003) Origin of 13C-Depleted Kerogen in ca. 3.5 Ga Hydrothermal Silica Dikes from Western Australia
Ueno Y, Yoshioka H, Isozaki Y & Maruyama S
(2003) Raman and IR Microspectroscopy of Graphitic Spheroids from 3.0 Ga Black Chert, Cleaverville, Australia
Igisu M, Nakashima S, Ueno Y & Maruyama S
(2003) N and Ar Isotopes of Fluid Inclusion in Early Archean Agate from North Pole Area, Pilbara Craton, West Australia
Nishizawa M, Ueno Y & Sano Y
(2003) Carbon Isotope Record of Kerogen from ~2.7 Ga Tumbiana Formation, Western Australia
Sakurai R, Wada H, Ueno Y & Maruyama S
(2003) Geology of the Acasta Gneiss Complex: New Evidence of the Oldest Rocks in the World
Uehara Y, Iizuka T, Katayama I, Ueno Y & Komiya T
(2003) Lead, Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Geochemistry of Apatite-Bearing Metasediments from ~3.8 Ga Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Sano Y, Nishizawa M, Takahata N, Terada K, Komiya T & Ueno Y
(2001) Metamorphic Effect on Carbon Isotopic Composition of Graphite from ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments, Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Ueno Y, Maruyama S, Yurimoto H, Yoshioka H & Komiya T

Ueno Yuichiro (2016) Large Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Maintenance Metabolism of Desulfoviburio Desulufuricans
Matsu'ura F, Makita H, Saitoh M, Takai K & Ueno Y
(2016) Authigenic Carbonate Precipitation at the End-Guadalupian (Middle Permian) in China: Implications for the Carbon Cycle in Ancient Anoxic Oceans
Saitoh M, Ueno Y, Isozaki Y, Shibuya T, Yao J, Ji Z, Shozugawa K, Matsuo M & Yoshida N
(2016) Hydrogen Isotope Analyses of Forearc Volcanic Glasses from IODP Exp. 352 Using IMS 1280-HR
Ushikubo T, Shimizu K & Ueno Y
(2016) The Secular Change of S-Mif in the Late Archean, the Dharwar Supergroup, Southern India
Mishima K, Satish-Kumar M, Hokada T, Toyoshima T & Ueno Y
(2016) Hydrogen Isotopic Analysis of Seafloor Basalts and Evolution of Earth's Seawater
Murai T, Ueno Y & Foriel J
(2016) Atmospheric CO2 Levels during the Paleoproterozoic Makganyene Glaciation
Shibuya T, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Kitajima K, Yamamoto S, Saito T, Matsui Y, Kawagucci S, Takai K, Yoshida N, Maruyama S & Russell M
(2016) Experimental Study on Atmospheric Synthesis of Organic Compounds: A Role of Ferruginous Ocean
Kawade W, Ueno Y, Kitadai N & Hongo Y
(2016) Intramolecular Carbon Isotope Signature of Thermogenic and Abiotic Hydrocarbons
Gilbert A, Suda K, Yamada K, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2016) Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Sulfur Cycle Below S. Chamorro Serpentinite Seamount
Aoyama S, Ueno Y, Nishizawa M, Miyazaki J & Takai K
(2016) Molecular and Intramolecular 13C Isotopic Study of Hydrocarbons in Serpentinite-Hosted Spring, Japan
Suda K, Gilbert A, Yoshida N & Ueno Y
(2016) Experimental Study on SO2 Photochemistry Under Reducing Atmosphere and S-Mif
Endo Y, Ueno Y, Aoyama S & Danielache SO
(2016) Transfer of S-Mif Signals from Reducing Late Archean Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Endo Y, Mishima K & Tian F

Ueno Yuichiro (2017) Large 13C-Depletion by Solar UV CO2 Photolysis and its Implication to Late Archean Ecosystem
Ueno Y
(2017) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Archean Sea Water and Isotopic Evolution
Murai T, Ueno Y, Foriel J & Genda H
(2017) Paleoarchean Microbial Activity Revealed by Multiple Sulfur-Isotope Measurement of Nanomolar Quantities of H2S in Fluid Inclusions
Crockford PW, Wing BA & Ueno Y
(2017) Experimental Study on Synthesis of Ammonia and Organic Nitrogen Species by Photochemistry on Terrestrial Planets
Zang X, Kawade W & Ueno Y
(2017) Inflence of Redox Environment on UV Organic Synthesis
Kawade W, Ueno Y & Zang X
(2017) Position-Specific 13C Isotope Analysis of Propane from Southwest Ontario
Gilbert A, Sherwood Lollar B, Giunta T, Yamada K, Yoshida N & Ueno Y

Ueno Yuichiro (2018) Total Pressure Effect on Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes: Laboratory Experiment of SO2 Photochemistry
Endo Y, Danieleche S & Ueno Y
(2018) Position-Specific Isotope Composition of Natural Gas Hydrocarbons: Recent Insights and Future Prospects
Gilbert A, Julien M, Yoshida N & Ueno Y
(2018) A Recycling of Subducted Crust in Archean Mantle Inferred from S-Mif of Belingwe Komatiite
Kubota Y, Ueno Y, Shimizu K, Matsuura F & Ishikawa A
(2018) Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Archean Mantle Estimated from a 3.2 Ga Gabbro
Yagi H, Murai T, Ueno Y, Itoh S & Shibuya T
(2018) Rise of Ocean Sulfate Caused by Oxidative Weathering in the Ediacaran
Matsu'ura F, Sawaki Y, Saitoh M, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Ueno Y
(2018) Carbon Monoxide as a Key to Understand Early Mars and Earth
Ueno Y
(2018) Photochemical Synthesis of Ammonia and Amino Acids from Nitrous Oxide
Zang X, Kawade W & Ueno Y
(2018) Evidence from Archean Granitoids for Microbial Sulfate Reduction Before 4.0 Ga
Aoyama S, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Iizuka T, Kamei A & Satish-Kumar M

Ueno Yuichiro (2019) Quadruple Sulfur Isotope Records of Quartz-Rich Sandstones of the 3.22 Ga Moodies Group (Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa)
Saitoh M, Marin-Carbonne J, Olivier N, Moyen J-F, Ueno Y & Thomazo C
(2019) A New Method for Measuring 34S-18O Clumping of Sulfate
Ueno Y, Katsuta T, Ishimaru T & Yoshida N
(2019) Photochemical Synthesis of Ammonia and Glycine
Zang X & Ueno Y

Ueno Yuichiro (2020) Abundance of 13C-13C Bonding in Biotic and Abiotic Ethane Measured by a New C2F6 Method
Taguchi K, Yamamoto T, Nakagawa M, Gilbert A & Ueno Y
(2020) Iron Limitation Enhance Organic Matter Sulfurization within the Limestones of the Ediacaran Dengying Formation
MATSU’URA F, Nakada R, Ueno Y, Sawaki Y, Saitoh M, Kajitani I & Usui T
(2020) In situ Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Pyroxenes in Precambrian Gabbro
Yagi H, Itoh S, Ishikawa A, Shibuya T & Ueno Y
(2020) Equilibrium and Kinetic Fractionation on S-O Clumping of Sulfate
Ueno Y, Nakagawa M, Katsuta T, Aoki R & Yoshida N
(2020) The Great Oxidation Event Preceded a Paleoproterozoic ‘snowball Earth’
Warke M, Di Rocco T, Zerkle A, Lepland A, Prave A, Martin A, Ueno Y & Claire M
(2020) Iron-Rich Hot Springs in Japan, a Microbiogeochemical Guided Tour
Li-Hau F, Nakagawa M, Ward L, Ueno Y & McGlynn S
(2020) A Development of SO2F2 Method to Measure Sulfate Isotopologues
Katsuta T, Ueno Y, Nakagawa M, Aoki R & Yoshida N

Ueno Yuichiro (2021) Low 13C-13C Clumping on Abiotic Hydrocarbons
Taguchi K, Gilbert A & Ueno Y
(2021) Application of Fluorination Method to Isotopologue Biogeochemistry
Ueno Y, Katsuta T, Taguchi K, Nakagawa M, Yoshida N & Gilbert A
(2021) Δ34S18O Systematics of Modern Sulfate
Katsuta T, Ueno Y, Nakagawa M, Aoki R & Yoshida N
(2021) Speciation and Quantification of Sulfur Distributed in the Ediacaran Limestones: Implications for Diagenetic Mobilization of Sulfur Species
Matsu'ura F, Nakada R, Sawaki Y, Ueno Y, Saitoh M, Kajitani I & Usui T
(2021) Highly Siderophile Elements Behavior in the Paleoarchean Camel Creek Komatiites from East Pilbara Terrane, Western Australia
Nakano S, Ishikawa A, Ueno Y & Yokoyama T
(2021) Missing Negative Δ33S Reservoir in Mantle Inferred from 2.7 Ga Komatiite
Kubota Y, Matsu'ura F, Shimizu K, Ishikawa A & Ueno Y

Ueno Yuichiro (2022) The Compositional Dichotomy of ca. 3.3 Ga Komatiites from the West Pilbara
Kubota Y, Nakano S, Ishikawa A & Ueno Y
(2022) Large Contribution of Oxygen to Organic Matter Degradation during the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion
Matsu'ura F, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Ushikubo T, Shimizu K & Ueno Y
(2022) Potential Mechanisms to Synthesize Amino Acids from Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Through Large Molecular Weight Precursor
Zang X & Ueno Y

Uenver-Thiele Laura (2015) Phase Relations of MgFe2O4 and the Stability of the New Fe3+ -Oxide Mg2Fe2O5 at Conditions of the Deep Upper Mantle and Transition Zone
Uenver-Thiele L, Woodland A, Boffa-Ballaran T & Frost D
(2015) Synthesis of Fe5O6 and the High-Pressure Stability of Fe2+-Fe3+-oxides Related to Fe4O5
Woodland A, Uenver-Thiele L & Boffa Ballaran T
(2013) The Relation between Metasomatism and Redox State of the Upper Mantle Below the Massif Central, France
Uenver-Thiele L, Woodland A, Downes H & Altherr R

Uenver-Thiele Laura (2016) Stability of Fe5O6 and Other Fe2+-Fe3+-oxides at Transition Zone Conditions
Woodland A, Uenver-Thiele L & Boffa Ballaran T
(2016) Complexities in the Phase Relations of MgFe2O4 at High Pressure and Temperature: Evidence for New Oxides Such as Mg5Fe2O8
Uenver-Thiele L, Woodland A, Boffa-Ballaran T, Miyajima N & Frost D

Uenver-Thiele Laura (2019) Fe-Ti Metasomatism Recorded in Peridotites from Montmaton, French Massif Central
Woodland A, Uenver-Thiele L & Schreiter C

Uesawa S. (2016) History of the Kikai Caldera that Devastated the Prehistoric Jomon Culture in Southern Japan as Revealed by Zircon U-Pb Dating
Ito H & Uesawa S

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Ueshima M, Kalin M & Fortin D

Ueshima T. (2003) High Resolution Records of Organic Carbon and its Isotopes in Core MD01-2421 off Central Japan, NW Pacific, during the Last 145, 000 Years
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(2003) Precession-Controlled Changes in Alkenone Sea Surface Temperature in Core MD01-2421 off Central Japan, NW Pacific, during the Last 145, 000 Years
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(2017) 3D Modeling from CT Images: Synthetic Basalt Model
Pupier E, Charles C, Duquennoy J, Nakamura M, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi K & Uesugi M
(2017) Development of XRD Combined CT for the Observation of Mm-Sized Meteorites
Uesugi M, Takeuchi A & Uesugi K
(2017) Predicting Macroscale Properties of Rocks from Nanoscale Data
Sørensen HO, Bruns S, Dalby KN, Müter D, Uesugi K & Stipp SLS
(2017) Heating Experiment for Chondrule Formation with 4D Observation
Uesugi M, Uesugi K & Hoshino M
(2017) A Very Porous Lithology of the Acfer 094 Meteorite
Tsuchiyama A, Nakato A, Matsuno J, Miyake A, Matsumto MK-UAJ, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Nakano T, Vaccaro E & Russell S
(2016) Laboratory Simulation of Shear Deformation and Outgassing of Silicic Magmas
Okumura S, Nakamura M & Uesugi K
(2016) Fragmentation of Vesicular Magma with Non-Uniform Distribution of Bubbles
Kameda M, Ichihara M, Maruyama S, Aoki Y, Okumura S & Uesugi K
(2016) Chondrule Flattening of MET01072 CM Chondrite: Possible Evidence for Long-Duration Slow Impact
Nakamura T, Matsuoka M, Yamashita S, Sato Y, Nakato A, Uesugi M, Miyahara M & Uesugi K
(2016) SR-Based Analytical Micro-Nanotomography and its Appication to Extraterrestrial Materials
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(2016) 3D Shapes of Olivine Negative Crystals in Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Estimation of Equilibrium Form
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(2013) Low Core-Mantle Boundary Temperature Inferred from the Solidus of Pyrolite
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