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Ugochukwu Ukwamedua T. (2022) Development of Physical-Biological Filters for Groundwater Remediation of Tetrachloroethene and Naphthalene
Ugochukwu Ukwamedua T, Leitner S, Soja G, Keiblinger KM, Sobanski F, Fernández Balado C, Stumpp C & Watzinger A

Uguna C. (2009) Degradation of Oil via Combination Reactions Under Water Pressure in Geological Basins
Uguna C, Meredith W, Snape C, Al Masroori H, Carr A, Scotchman I & Davis R

Ugur M. (2004) Petrogenesis of Tahir (Beypazari) Granitoids: Ankara- Turkey
Ugur M & Kadioglu Y

Ugwu I. (2019) Sorption and Desorption of Nickel and Cobalt on/From Goethite: Implication for Mobility and Metal Remediation in Ni Laterite Terrain
Ugwu I & Sherman D

Ugwuanyi I.R. (2021) Subsurface Fluid Geochemistry Shape Microbial Community Structure and Function at Solfatara-Pisciarelli Hydrothermal Systems, Italy
Ugwuanyi IR, Glamoclija M, Steele A, Fogel M, Bowden R, De Natale G, Troise C, Somma R, Piochi M & Mormone A

Uhde J. (2021) EIKE, a Collaborative Project for Development and Testing of Scaling and Corrosion Inhibitors for Geothermal Sites in Germany
Kuhn D, Heberling F, Hoffmann R, Jähnichen S, Otto T, Seibt A & Uhde J

Uher P. (2020) Remobilization of HFSE and Formation of Rhabdophane and Corkite-Hinsdalite Under Supergene, Highly Acidic Conditions, Velence Hills, Hungary
Ondrejka M, Bačík P, Sobocký T, Mikuš T, Škoda R, Luptáková J & Uher P
(2018) Fluid-Assisted Destabilization of Accessory Minerals in the Granitic Rocks of Veporic Basement (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
Ondrejka M, Putiš M, Uher P, Bačík P & Sobocký T
(2010) Reactions of Accessory Minerals during Sub-Solidus Alteration of Granitic Rocks by As-Rich Fluids
Förster H-J, Ondrejka M & Uher P
(2009) REE-Y-Sc-Nb Mineralization in the Strzegom-Sobótka Granitic Massif, Fore Sudetic Block, Poland: Composition and Evolution
Zych-Habel B, Uher P & Michalik M
(2008) Accessory (REE+Y)XO4 Phases: Substitutions of As, S, Nb, Zr, Th, Ca and Sr in Endogenous Systems
Ondrejka M & Uher P
(2007) Nb-Ta Oxide Minerals in Granites and Pegmatites: Tracers of Magmatic to Post-Magmatic Evolution
Uher P & Chudík P

Uhl J. (2017) Unexpected High Reactivity of Deep Biota Under Anthropogenic CO2 Injection into Basalt
Menez B, Trias R, Le Campion P, Zivanovic Y, Lecourt L, Lecoeuvre A, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Uhl J & Gerard E
(2015) Linking the Sulfur and Carbon Cycle by Ultrahigh-Resolution Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter
Dvorski S, Uhl J, Müller H, Größbacher M, Hertkorn N, Griebler C & Schmitt-Kopplin P

Uhlbäck J. (2015) The Geochemical Atlas of Sweden – A New National Geochemical Baseline Dataset
Andersson M, Ladenberger A, Carlsson M, Sadeghi M, Uhlbäck J & Morris G
(2013) REE Contents in Soils and Sediments from the GEMAS and FOREGS Data-Bases: Comparison between Different Geological Contexts in Italy and Sweden
Sadeghi M, Petrosino P, Andersson M, Albanese S, Ladenberger A, Morris GA, Uhlbäck J, Lima A & De Vivo B
(2013) Geochemistry of Urban Soils in Karlstad, Central Sweden – Preliminary Results
Uhlbäck J, Ladenberger A, Andersson M & Sadeghi M
(2013) Elemental Patterns in Agricultural and Grazing Land Soils in Norway, Finland and Sweden – What Have We Learned from Continental Scale Mapping?
Ladenberger A, Uhlbäck J, Andersson M, Reimann C, Tarvainen T, Sadeghi M, Morris G & Eklund M

Uhle M. (2005) Fractionation of Carbon Isotopes in Biosynthesis of Piezophilic Bacteria
Fang J, Chan O, Uhle M, Bartlett D & Kato C

Uhlein A. (2022) The Potential Influence of Mountain Belts on Ediacaran-Cambrian Ecosystems of Western Gondwana
Caxito F, Sperling EA, MacDonald F, Uhlein G, Cawood PA, Xiao S, Cui H, Pedrosa Soares A, Novo T, De Grave J, Roncato J, Uhlein A, Lana C, Santos L, Rangel C, Ross S, Halverson G, Tedeschi M, Alkmim F, Okubo J, Warren LV, Scholz R & Queiroga G
(2012) An Early Ediacaran Cap Carbonate Sequence in East Central Brazil
Caxito F, Halverson G, Stevenson R & Uhlein A

Uhlein Gabriel (2023) A Shift in Redox Conditions Near the Ediacaran/Cambrian Transition and its Possible Influence in Early Animal Evolution, Corumbá Group of Western Brazil
Caxito F, Sperling EA, Fazio G, Adorno R, Denezine M, do Carmo DA, Giorgioni M & Uhlein G
(2022) The Potential Influence of Mountain Belts on Ediacaran-Cambrian Ecosystems of Western Gondwana
Caxito F, Sperling EA, MacDonald F, Uhlein G, Cawood PA, Xiao S, Cui H, Pedrosa Soares A, Novo T, De Grave J, Roncato J, Uhlein A, Lana C, Santos L, Rangel C, Ross S, Halverson G, Tedeschi M, Alkmim F, Okubo J, Warren LV, Scholz R & Queiroga G
(2021) Neoproterozoic Carbon Isotope Positive Anomalies: Primary or Secondary? Global or Regional?
Cui H, Kaufman AJ, Warren LV, Uhlein G, Okubo J & Liu X-M
(2018) Insights into the Genesis of post-Marinoan Barite Using Ba Isotopes
Crockford P, Wing B, Paytan A, Halverson G, Torres M, Hayles J, Caxito F, Uhlein G & Horner T

Uhlein Gabriel Jubé (2017) Pathways of Barite and Phosphate Formation Following Neoproterozoic Glaciations (Sete Lagoas Formation, Brazil)
Okubo J, Muscente AD, Luvizotto GL, Uhlein GJ & Warren LV

Uhlemann S. (2017) Environmental Science Outreach for Undergraduate Students in Cambodia: A Case Study
Richards LA, Downie HF, Sovann C, Welfle A, Uhlemann S & Polya DA

Uhlig D. (2022) Testing Mg Stable Isotopes as a Potential Geochemical Tool in Agronomy
Uhlig D, Wu B, Berns AE & Amelung W
(2021) The Interaction of Organic and Geogenic Nutrient Cycles
Uhlig D & von Blanckenburg F
(2019) Mg Isotope Fractionation in Organisms: Why Fractionation Factors Depend on Mg Uptake
von Blanckenburg F, Pokharel R, Uhlig D, Schuessler JA, Gerrits R & Gorbushina A
(2017) The Dependance of Plant Nutrient Cycles on Rock Weathering
von Blanckenburg F, Schuessler J & Uhlig D
(2016) Deep Subsoil Tree Phosphorus Sources in Forest Ecosystems
Uhlig D & von Blanckenburg F
(2014) Quantifying the Weathering Fluxes of Mg from its Isotopes in the Critical Zone at Sierra Nevada, California
Uhlig D, Schuessler J, Bouchez J, von Blanckenburg F & Dixon J
(2011) Lithium and Its Isotopes in Central European Rivers
Wiechert U, Ullmann C, Uhlig D, Pfahl T, Ricking M & Becker H

Uhlig I. (2001) Reconstruction and Redox-Reactions at Pyrite, Marcasite and Loellingite Surfaces in Response to Fracture
Nesbitt HW, Uhlig I & Szargan R

Uhlík P. (2017) Dehydration of Perlite Glass from Slovakia
Varga P, Uhlík P, Lexa J, Bizovská V, Šurka J, Marková L & Pálokvá H

Ui T. (2003) Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Trace Components over the Northwestern North Pacific during a Kosa Event
Sasakawa M, Ooki A, Ui T & Uematsu M

Ui Group, W+T, Eawag (2009) Dissolved Atmospheric Noble Gases: Just Contamination? Yes, but with Potential...
Kipfer R, Brennwald MS & Ui Group, W+T, Eawag 

Uiljenhoet R. (2019) Role of Vegetation on Rare Earth Elements Mobilization in the Regolith Below Forest Ecosystems
Montemagno A, Hissler C, Martin LA, Bense V, Pfister L & Uiljenhoet R

Ujaczki É. (2018) Evaulating the Potential of Bioleaching of Gallium from Bauxite Residue by Oxalic Acid
Ujaczki É, Courtney R, Curtin T, Cusack P & O`Donoghue L

Ujiie K. (2020) Oceanic Alkaline Volcanism Recorded in Basaltic Blocks of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Accretionary Complex in Amami–Oshima Island, Ryukyu Arc
Motohashi G, Ujiie K & Sano T

UJiie-Mikoshiba M. (2007) A Combined Terrestrial and Marine Geochemical Mapping Project in Japan
Ohta A, Imai N, Terashima S, Tachibana Y, Okai T, UJiie-Mikoshiba M & Kubota R

Ujike O (2003) Origin of Archean Adakites and NEBA from the Upper Keewatin Assemblage, the Lake of the Woods Greenstone Belt, Western Wabigoon Subprovince, Superior Province
Ujike O & Goodwin A

Ujike Osamu (2014) Quaternary Magma Genesis of Kyushu Arc, SW Japan; Infered from along Arc Geochemical Variations
Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Itoh J, Ujike O, Miyoshi M & Takemura K

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