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Wu Longhua (2019) Cryptic Sulfur Cycling in Paddy Soils Leads to Formation of Novel Arsenic Species Important for Rice Research
Planer-Friedrich B, Wang J, Kerl C, Hu P, Martin M, Mu T, Brüggenwirth L, Wu G, Said Pullicino D, Romani M & Wu L

Wu Luya (2019) Trace Element and Re-Os Isotope Signatures of the Early Cambrian Black Shales in the Tarim Basin, NW China: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Settings
Wu L, Liu K & Yang P
(2017) Depositional Environments of the Permian Lucaogou Formation, Juggar Basin, NW China and Implications for Tight Oil Exploration
Liu C, Liu K, Wang X, Zhu R & Wu L

Wu Megan Kennedy (2023) Characterization of Silicate Minerals in Alfalfa, Maaz Unit of Jezero Crater Floor, Mars
Yanchilina A, Morris RV, Schmidt M, Corpolongo A, Jakubek R, Van Hoesen D, Murphy A, Sharma S, Smith RJ, Steele A, Hollis J, Uckert K, Bleefeld B, Wu MK, Burton A, Lee CH, Lopez-Reyes G, Pedersen DAK, Bhartia R, Minitti ME & Sobron P

Wu Meng-Xiao (2019) Sedimentation Rates of the Middle Miocene Clarkia Lake Deposit, Nothern Idaho, USA
Hofig D, Zhang Y, Leng Q, Wu M & Yang H
(2019) Variations of Stomatal Frequency in Taxodium and Metasequoia Populations at the Mid-Miocene Clarkia Lake Deposits: Implications for Atmospheric CO2 Reconstruction
Wu M-X, Leng Q, Yang H, Hofig DF & Zhang Y-G

Wu Mengxiao (2020) Miocene Clarkia Lake Deposit: Archive of Annual Climate Variability at 16 Ma
Hofig D, Zhang YG, Leng Q, Liang J, Wu M & Yang H

Wu Mengxiaojun (2020) Microbial Transformation of Sb-Bearing Rocks
Loni PC, Wu M, Wang W, Wang H, Ma L, Liu C, Song Y & Tuovinen OH

Wu Miao (2017) Enhanced Electron Transfer by Electron Mediators via Stimulating Shewanella Biofilm Formation
Wu Y, Wu M, Liu T & Li F

Wu Michael (2015) Estimating Atmospheric Lead Concentrations and Isotopic Composition Using Two Lichen Genera over the Past 120 Years in Australia
Wu L, Taylor M, Handley H & Wu M

Wu Min (2018) The Ground State of FeO2 Under Lower-Mantle Conditions
Desmarais J, Zhang M, Tse J, Wu M & Chen J
(2017) Viscosity of Carbonate Melts at High Pressures and Temperatures
Wu M, Du X, Tse J & Pan Y

Wu Minchao (2013) Effects of Climate Change and Changes in Atmospheric CO2 Levels on Sources of Terrestrial Aerosol Precursors
Arneth A, Knorr W & Wu M

Wu Ming (2019) Impact of Variable Wave Conditions on Nitrogen Flux to Coastal Waters via Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Robinson C & Wu M
(2010) Organic Geochemistry of Triassic Mudstones in the Central Junggar Basin, Northwest China
Wu M, Cao J, Sun P & Xie L

Wu Mingqian (2023) Zircon Texture and Chemistry Reveal Multi-Stage Metasomatic Zr Mineralization in the World-Class Baerzhe REE-Nb-Zr-Be Deposit
Wu M, Qiu K-F & Samson I
(2020) Concentration of REE-Nb-Zr-Be in the Baerzhe Deposit, NE China: Insights from Textural and Chemical Features of Amphibole and Rare Metal Minerals
Wu M, Samson I & Zhang D
(2019) Zircon of the No. 782 Deposit from the Great Xing’an Range in NE China: Implications for Nb-Ree-Zr Mineralization
Zhang D & Wu M
(2019) Metasomatic Snowball Quartz of the Baerzhe REE-Nb-Zr-Be Deposit in NE China
Wu M, Samson I & Zhang D
(2016) A Role for Hydrothermal Fluids in Ta-Li Mineralization in the Marginal Pegmatite of the Yichun Deposit, SE China
Wu M, Samson I & Zhang D

Wu Mong Sin (2018) Plant Wax Evidence for Monsoon Precipitation and the Expansion of C4 Ecosystems in the Late Miocene
Feakins S, Vidal E, Cho P, Wu MS, Ponton C & Galy V
(2013) Hydrologic Variability in Coastal Southwest USA
Feakins S, Kirby M, Wu MS & Heusser L

Wu N (2004) Geochemistry of Pore Waters as Indicators for the Potential Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the South China Sea
Yang J, Jiang S, Yang T, Xue Z, Ling H, Chen D, Wu N & Liu J

Wu N.y. (2009) Geochemical Characteristics of Cold Seep Carbonates as Records of Gas Venting in Shenhu Area, Northern South China Sea
Ge L, Jiang SY, Yang T, Yang JH, Swennen R, Chen DH, Liu J & Wu NY

Wu Nanping (2021) Triple Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Ocean Water from Mariana Trench
Lin Y, Wu N, Ta K, Landais A & Peng X
(2020) Archean Surface-Derived Contamination in the Plume Source of the Paleoproterozoic Bushveld Large Igneous Province
Bybee G, Hayes B, Magalhães N, Zirakparvar A, Farquhar J, Wu N, Penniston-Dorland S, Feineman M & Leach T
(2018) Clumped Isotope Compositions of Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks
Wu N, Came R, Brand U & Affek H
(2012) Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Carbonate Associated Sulfate in Carboniferous Brachipods: Oceanic Sulfur Cycling and its Implications
Wu N, Farquhar J & Strauss H
(2009) Evaluating the S-Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phanerozoic Pyrite Burial
Wu N, Farquhar J, Strauss H, Kim S-T & Canfield D

Wu Nengyou (2022) Rising Bottom-Water Temperatures Induced Methane Release during the Middle Holocene in the Okinawa Trough, East China Sea
Guan H, Hu Y, Li S & Wu N
(2017) Simulation of the Inactive Methane Seepage and Multilayers of Carbonate in Haiyang 4 Area in the Northern South Chinas Sea
Liu L, Haeckel M & Wu N
(2016) Investigation of Carbon Cycle in the Historical Methane Seepage in Dongsha Area, Northern South China Sea
Liu L, Wu X, Zhang F, Fu S & Wu N
(2015) Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of Foramnifera Respensed to Climate Changes in Dongsha Area, the Northern South China Sea
Wu D, Zhang B & Wu N
(2014) Aneriabical Oxidation of Methane (AOM) Induced Authigenic Minerals Formation in Shenhu Area, South China Sea
Zhang M & Wu N
(2013) The Research of Sulfur Early Diagenesis Cycle Drived by AOM and Methane-Seep Environment in the Cold Seep Area, Northern South China Sea
Wu D & Wu N
(2010) The Dynamic Effects of Sedimentation Rate on the Gas Hydrate System
Zhang Y, Wu N, He L & Wang J

Wu P (2006) Model of Fuzzy Comprehensive Adjudgement (FCA) of Geochemical Data and the Prognosis of Concealed Ores in the Huize Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan, China
Zou H, Han R, Fang W, Liu M, Hu Y, Xue C & Wu P

Wu Pan (2019) Study on the Impacts of Antimony-Bearing Mine Wastes on Surrounding Environments in Antimony Mining Areas
Li L, Wu P, Zhang S & Tu H
(2018) Mobility and Geochemical Behavior of Antimony in Mining-Impacted Water Environments, Guizhou, China
Li L, Wu P, Tu H & Zhang S

Wu Peng (2020) Geochemical Constraints on Subduction Style in the Neoarchean: Magmatic Records from the Northern Yangtze Craton, China
Zhang S-B, Zheng Y-F, Wu P, He Q & Rong W
(2019) A New Geochemical Proxy for Supercontinent Reconstruction: Low δ18O Magma
Zhang S-B, He Q, Wu P & Zheng Y-F
(2018) The Origin of Early Neoproterozoic Volcanic Rocks and Plagiogranites in the Northern Margin of the South China Block: Constraints on the Position of South China in Supercontinent Rodinia
Wu P, Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F
(2011) Fluid Inclusion Study of Haojiahe Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan Province, China
Wu H-Z, Han R-S & Wu P
(2011) Geochemical Characters and LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb Dating of the Lenglonglin Volcanic Rocks in North Qilian Tectonic Belt
Yu J-Y, Li X-M, Wang G-Q & Wu P
(2011) Pb, C, H, O and S Isotope Geochemistry of the Maoping Carbonate-Hosted Pb-Zn(-Ag-Ge) Deposit in Northeast Yunnan Province, China
Yang G, Zhang Y, Han R & Wu P
(2011) Geochemical Anomaly Pattern in the Haojiahe Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P, Han R-S & Li J
(2011) Trace Elements and REE Geochemistry of Copper-Bearing Sandstone in the Middle Submember of the Liuju Member of the Upper Cretaceous Matoushan Formation, Yunnan, China
Li J, Han R & Wu P
(2010) Trace Elements and REE Geochemistry of Liuju Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P, Han R & Li J
(2008) 3D Geochemical Anomalous Model in the Liuju Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P & Han R-S

Wu Pingxiao (2019) The Influence of the Vermiculite Template on the Morphology of Manganese Dioxide with Enhanced Immobilization for Thallium
Chen M & Wu P
(2019) Insights into Simultaneous Efficient Removal of Tetracycline and Cd by Calcined MgMn-Layered Double Hydroxide: Performance, Mechanism and Interaction
Wu P & Chen M
(2016) APTES Grafted Montmorillonite Used as an Efficient Adsorbent for Removal of CO2+
Gong B & Wu P
(2016) Fe2+-glutamate Intercalated Montmorillonite Used as Photo-Heterogeneous Photo Fenton Catalyst at Neutral pH
Huang Z & Wu P
(2016) Biodegradation of Phenol Using Sphingomonas sp. GY2B Immobilized in PVA – Sodium Alginate – Kaolin
Ruan B & Wu P
(2016) Influence of Clay Minerals on chromium(VI) Reduction by Resting Cells of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Wu P & Kang C
(2015) Use of Microscopic and Spectroscopic Techniques and Kinetic Models to Understand the Role of Clay Minerals in the Microbial Reduction of Chromium(VI) by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Wu P & Kang C

Wu Po-Chao (2020) Source Apportionment of PM10 in the Urban-Rural Fringe Area of Central Taiwan Using Chemical Properties and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Ratios
Wu P-C, Huang K-F, Hsu C-F, Chen M-N & Liang M-C
(2018) Tracing Sources of Industrial Waste and Anthropogenic Pollution Using Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes
Wu P-C, Huang K-F & Lee D-C

Wu Po-Chau (2015) Concentration Dependent Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation during Ammonium Uptake by Phytoplankton in a Highly Eutrophic Estuary and its Application to Determine the Phytoplankton Contribution to Particulate Organic Matter
Liu K-K, Wu P-C & Kao S-J

Wu Qi (2020) Mid–Neoproterozoic Intra–continental Rifting in Northeast Yangtze Block: Evidence of the high–T Water/Fluid–rock Interaction
Cai Q, Niu M, Wu Q & Yuan X
(2020) Middle Triassic Crust-Mantle Interaction and Crustal Reworking in North Wulan Terrane: Response to Subduction of the Paleo-Tethys Ocean
Yuan X, Niu M, Wu Q, Cai Q, Li C & Li X
(2020) Few-Layered Black Phosphorus to an Aquatic Unicellular Organism
Wu Q & Qu G

Wu Qihang (2018) Occurrence and Correlations of Many Trace Metals in Sludge from over 40 Sewage Treatment Plants in China
Kuo DTF, Wu Q, Deng M, Hu X, Liu Z & Zhang H

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