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Wada I. (2021) Stable Isotope, Noble Gas, and Forward Modelling Insights into the Fate of Volatiles Subducted along the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand
Epstein GS, Bebout GE, Christenson B, Sumino H, Wada I, Werner CA & Hilton DR
(2020) C-N-He-Ar Cycling at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand
Epstein G, Bebout G, Christenson B, Sumino H, Wada I, Werner C & Hilton D
(2018) Mafic High-Pressure Rocks are Preferentially Exhumed from Warm Subduction Settings
van Keken P, Wada I, Abers G, Hacker B & Wang K
(2016) Exploring Links between Mantle Wedge Flow and Observables: Examples from NE Japan
Wada I & Lee C
(2014) Slab Dehydration beneath the Southern Cascade Arc Inferred from B and H Isotopes
Walowski K, Wallace P, Hauri E, Clynne M & Wada I
(2013) Magma Formation in Hot-Slab Subduction Zones: Insights from Volatile Contents of Melt Inclusions from the Southern Cascade Arc
Walowski K, Wallace P, Clynne M, Wada I & Rasmussen D

Wada K. (2016) Geochemical Diversity of Basalts and Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Active Rifts, Izu-Bonin Arc, Japan
Hirai Y, Okamura S, Sakamoto I, Shinjo R, Wada K & Yoshida T
(2016) Structure, Texture and Water Concentration Profiles of Obsidian Lavas -Insight for Magma Ascent and Structure Formation Processes-
Sano K, Sato E, Goto Y & Wada K
(2016) Occurrence of Spherulite Concentration Zone and Internal Structure of the Shirataki Obsidian Lava, Northern Hokkaido, Japan
Wada K & Sano K
(2016) Mixing Processes of Basaltic Magmas Recorded in Zoning Profiles of Minerals of Akanfuji from Me-Akan Volcano, Eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Sato E & Wada K

Wada T. (2023) Fe-Mg Phase Equilibria Under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Conditions: Experimental Investigation and Calphad Modeling
Desseaux M, Andrieux J, Gardiola B, Le Floch S, Deffrennes G, Wada T, Kato H, Parisiadis P, Morard G & Dezellus O

Waddell L. (2009) Subantarctic Pacific Stable Isotope Evidence for a CO2 Sink in the Abyssal Southern Ocean during the Late Pliocene
Waddell L, Hendy I, Moore T & Lyle M

Wade A. (2022) Spatio-Temporal Variability of Nitrogen and Major Ions in a Nitrogen-Enriched, Calcareous fen and Contiguous Waters
Agredazywczuk P, Robinson S & Wade A

Wade B (2006) Optimising the spatial resolution, fractionation and temporal precision of monazite U-Pb La-ICP-MS geochronology.
Payne J, Wade B, Hand M, Barovich K & Clark C

Wade Ben (2019) Removal of Hg Interferences for Common Pb Correction When Dating Minerals by LA-ICP-MS/MS
Gilbert S, Wade B, Glorie S & Bockmann M

Wade Benjamin (2023) In situ Lu–Hf Geochronology of Garnet by LA–ICP–MS/MS and Applications to Metamorphic Rocks
Tamblyn R, Simpson A, Gilbert S, Hand M, Glorie S & Wade B
(2021) In situ Lu-Hf and Pu Fission Track Dating of Pallasite Meteorites
Burke T, Glorie S, Hand M, Simpson A, Gilbert S & Wade B
(2020) A Comparative Study of Zircon Trace Elements in A-Type Granites: Indicators for Magma Fertility in Cu and Au Metallogenic Provinces
Wade C, Payne J, Barovich K, Gilbert S, Wade B & Reid A
(2017) Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite: A Reliable U-Pb Mineral Geochronometer
Courtney-Davies L, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Verdugo-Ihl M, Tapster S, Condon D, Kennedy A, Ehrig K, Wade B & Gilbert S
(2016) U-Pb Geochronology of Fe-Oxides: LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP Analysis
Courtney-Davies L, Kennedy A, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Ehrig K, Wade B, Condon D & Tapster S
(2016) Trace Element Signatures in Garnet from the Zhibula Copper Skarn, Gangdese Belt, Southern Tibet
Xu J, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Zheng Y, Sun X & Wade B
(2013) U-Bearing Hematite: A Tool for Dating Iron Oxide Copper Gold Systems?
Ciobanu C, Wade B, Cook N, Giles D, Schmidt-Mumm A & Cleverley J
(2009) Re-Os Isotope Constraints on the Timing and Origin of the Giles Complex, South Australia
Schaefer B & Wade B

Wade Bridget (2017) Eocene and Miocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Palaeoecology: Do Trace Elements and Stable Isotopes Tell the Same Story?
Bhatia R, Wade B, Hilding-Kronsforst S, Spratt J, Mattey D & Thornalley D
(2015) Can Trace element/Ca Data be Used to Infer Eocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Palaeoecology?
Bhatia R, Wade B, Müller W, Evans D & Thornalley D
(2013) Response of the Biological Pump to Elevated Ocean Temperatures during the Eocene
John E, Pearson P, Wade B, Coxall H, Foster G, Wilson J & Ridgwell A

Wade C. (2020) Copper Isotope Fractionation in Volatile-Fluxed Enclaves: Modern Analogues for the Genesis of Ancient Ore Deposits
McGee L, Lowczak C, Farkas J, Payne J, Wade C & Reid A
(2020) A Comparative Study of Zircon Trace Elements in A-Type Granites: Indicators for Magma Fertility in Cu and Au Metallogenic Provinces
Wade C, Payne J, Barovich K, Gilbert S, Wade B & Reid A
(2017) Reversal of the Expected Isotopic Character of the Crust and Mantle: Isotopic Mapping of Magma Sources for a Mesoproterozoic SLIP
Payne J, Wade C, Barovich K & Reid A

Wade E. (2010) SF6 Tracers and the Subsurface Attenuation of Nutrients
Chanton J, Harden H, Hicks R, Katz B & Wade E

Wade Jon (2019) Atom Probe Tomography of Lunar Space Weathering Products Returned by Apollo 16
Gopon P, Douglas J, Wade J & Moody M
(2019) Evidence for Carbon Rich Cores in Asteroids and Terrestrial Planets
Wade J & Wood B
(2019) The Composition of the Lunar Core Through Zinc and Copper Isotopes
Xia Y, Kiseeva K, Wade J & Huang F

Wade Jon (2021) Crystallization of a Model Silicate Moon
Baker E, Wade J & Wood BJ

Wade Jon (2023) In and Out – Venusian Atmospheric Chlorine Abundance Provides Evidence of Extensive In-Gassing
Thomas RW, Wade J, Dyck B & Wood BJ
(2023) An Alternative Model of Low Pressure Terrestrial Core Formation
Wood BJ & Wade J

Wade Jon (2014) Making the Moon from the Earth – An Internally Consistent Isotopic and Chemical Model
Wade J & Wood B
(2014) Accretion, Volatile-Addition and Earth’s Connections to the Moon-Forming Impact
Wood B, Wade J & Kiseeva E
(2013) Volcanism on Mars Controlled by Early Oxidation of the Upper Mantle
Tuff J, Wade J & Wood B
(2013) Composition and Interior Structure of the HED Parent Body
Ashcroft H, Wood B & Wade J
(2013) The Effect of Light Elements on Metal/Silicate Partitioning
Mirolo F, Kiseeva K, Wade J & Wood B
(2012) Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Mo and W: Evidence for Late S Accretion
Wood B & Wade J
(2011) Isotopic Evidence for Internal Oxidation of the Earth’s Mantle during Accretion
Williams H, Wood B, Wade J, Frost D & Tuff J
(2011) Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Mo and W at High Pressures and Temperatures: Applications to Core Formation on Earth and Mars
Wade J & Wood BJ
(2009) Enstatite Chondrite and Related Earth Models
Wade J, Wood B, Elliott T & Walter M
(2007) Revisiting the Elemental Composition of Enstatite Chondrites
Wade J, Hammond SJ, Rogers NW & Grady MM
(2007) Fe-Fes-Silicate Partitioning of Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements: Implications for Core Formation
Wood B, Corgne A & Wade J
(2006) Water in clinopyroxene phenocrysts: faithful recorders of magmatic water contents
Plank T, Wade J, Hauri E, Roggensack K & Kelley K
(2005) Element Redistribution during Weathering of Volcanic Rocks in Sedentary Landscapes
Patino L, Velbel M, Price J & Wade J
(2004) Metal/Silicate Element Partitioning – Its not the Pressure that Matters but the Heat of the Moment!
Wade J & Wood B
(2004) Insights into Arc Fluid Budgets from Mariana Melt Inclusions
Shaw A, Hauri E, Hilton D, Fischer T, Stern R, Wade J & Plank T
(2002) Heating the Core
Wade J & Wood BJ
(2001) Trace Element Mobility during Corestone Formation
Patino LC, Velbel MA, Price J & Wade JA
(2000) Earth's Missing Niobium: in the Core?
Wade J & Wood B

Wade Jon (2015) Making the Moon from the Earth – An Internally Consistent Isotopic and Chemical Model
Wade J & Wood B
(2015) The Effect of Melt Composition on the Activity Coefficients and Partitioning of Silver
Smythe D, Wood B, Norris A & Wade J

Wade Jon (2018) Magma Oceans, Lakes or Ponds?
Wade J & Wood B
(2018) The Composition of the Lunar Core Through Zinc and Copper Isotopes
Xia Y, Kiseeva K, Huang F & Wade J

Wade Jonathan (2017) Atom Probe Tomography of Carlin Type Gold Mineralization
Gopon P, Auger M, Robb L, Moody M & Wade J

Wade L.A. (2023) Provenance and Diagenesis of Martian Sedimentary Rocks in the Jezero Crater Delta Front from Microscale Observations by the Mars 2020 PIXL Instrument
Hurowitz J, Tice MM, Allwood A, Cable M, Bosak T, Broz A, Caravaca G, Clark BC, Dehouck E, Fairen AG, Gomez F, Grotzinger JP, Gupta S, Johnson JR, Kah LC, Kalucha H, Labrie J, Li AY, Mandon L, Núñez J, Pedersen DAK, Poulet F, Randazzo N, Scheller EL, Schmidt M, Shuster DL, Siebach K, Siljeström S, Simon JI, Tosca NJ, Treiman A, VanBommel SJ, Wade LA, Williford KH & Yanchilina A

Wade M. (2013) In situ Immobilization of Pb Using a Natural Mn Oxide By-Product Amended to Contaminated Soil
Johnson K, McCann C, Tourney J, Davenport R, Robertson S, Finlay N, Grey N, Wade M & Hudson-Edwards K

Wade P. (2023) Validating Geochemical Models for Enhanced Rock Weathering: An Assessment of Model Inputs and Comparability of Model Results to Experimental Data
Lewis A, Healey M, Bierowiec T, Edeh I, Kelland M, Murphy M, Pape R, Skov K, Turner W, Wade P, Wardman J & Liu X

Wade R. (2020) Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Through Hyper-Alkalination of the Liquid- Condensed Phase
Constantz B, Bewernitz M, Schneider J, Camire C, Kang S-H, Bourcier W, Ginder-Vogel M & Wade R

Wade T. (2017) Compositional Dynamics of Organic Carbon in Surface Sediments from the Lower Pearl River to the Coastal South China Sea
Li X, Zhang C, Zhang Z, Wade T & Knap A

Wadham Jemma (2019) Variations in Composition and Bioavailability of Dissolved Organic Matter in Glacially-Fed River Catchments in Chilean Patagonia
Marshall M, Kellerman A, Wadham J, Pryer H, Hawkings J, Robinson L & Spencer R
(2019) The Influence of Glacier Cover on Trace Metal Input and Cycling in Patagonian Fjords
Hawkings J, Sherrell R, Conway T, Wadham J, Hendry K, Pryer H, Daneri G, Torres R, Bertrand S, Kellerman A, Marshall M, Beaton A, Ng HC, Roccanova V, Bu R, Summers B, Benning L & Spencer R
(2019) Glacial Cover Affects Nutrient Fluxes from Rivers in Chilean Patagonia
Pryer H, Wadham J, Hawkings J, Robinson L, Hendry K, Marshall M, Yates C & Hatton J
(2018) An Interrogation into Subglacial Processes to Investigate the Variation of Silicon Isotope Composition of Glacial Meltwaters
Hatton J, Hendry K, Hawkings J, Wadham J, Kohler T & Stibal M
(2018) Silicon Isotopes in Patagonian Rivers: Investigating How Variable Glacial Cover Affects the Biogeochemical Cycling of Silicon
Pryer H, Wadham J, Hendry K, Robinson L, Hawkings J, Ward J & Hatton J
(2017) Subglacial Weathering Controls Silicon Isotope Composition of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwaters
Hatton J, Hawkings J, Hendry K, Wadham J, Kohler T, Stibal M, Beaton A, Bagshaw E & Lamarche-Gagnon G
(2017) New Adventures in Marine Silicon Isotope Studies
Hendry K, Cassarino L, Hatton J, Ward J, Hawkings J, Ng HC, Wadham J, Coath C & Robinson L

Wadham Jemma L. (2021) Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Riverine Uranium Isotope
Li L, Robinson LF, Pryer HV, Wadham JL, Hendry KR, Ward J & Li G
(2019) Biogeochemical Weathering and Riverine Nutrient Export during Glacier Retreat
Wadham JL, Hawkings J, Pryer H, Robinson LF, Hendry K, Daneri G, Lamarche-Gagnon G, Holt A, Ward R, Stibal M & Kohler T
(2015) Glaciers as a Missing Source of Silicon to the World's Oceans
Hawkings J, Wadham J, Tranter M, Benning LG, Tedstone A, Nienow P & Hendry K
(2015) Exploring the Controls on Glacial-Interglacial Oceanic (234U/238U) Variation
Beasley M, Robinson L, Chen T, Richards D, Nita D, Smith C, Andersen M, Wadham J & Telling J
(2013) Combining Radiogenic and Stable Ca Isotopes to Explore Sub-Glacial Weathering Reactions
Hindshaw R, Bourdon B, Rickli J & Wadham J
(2008) The Marine Pb Isotope Response to Ice Sheet Growth and Decay
Crocket KC, Foster GL, Richards DA, Vance D, Tranter M & Wadham JL

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