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Wadhams Jane (2022) Toxic Elements in Older Floridian Phosphogypsum Waste Products of the Phosphate Industry
Wadhams J

Wadhams Jane Alexandra (2023) In situ Imaging of Ra-226 Carriers in Phosphogypsum Waste from the Phosphate Industry
Wadhams JA, Yang S, Albrecht-Schoenzart T & Humayun M

Wadhwa Meenakshi (2023) Mineralogical Diversity of Jezero Crater, Mars from Orbit and Rover Observations and Implications for Mars Sample Return
Horgan BHN, Bell J, Garczynski B, Johnson JR, Mandon L, Million C, St. Clair M, Vaughan A, Udry A, Herd CDK, Fagents S, Randazzo N, Ravanis E, Simon JI & Wadhwa M

Wadhwa Meenakshi (2016) Instrumental Biases for SIMS Magnesium Isotope Analyses
Kita NT, Ushikubo T, Tenner TJ, Romaniello SJ & Wadhwa M
(2016) The Isotopic Character of Early Solar System Events
Brennecka G, Borg L & Wadhwa M

Wadhwa Meenakshi (2014) The Solar System's Violent Beginning Recorded in Refractory Inclusions
Wadhwa M
(2014) Titanium Isotopic Composition of CAIs from the Axtell and Leoville Carbonaceous Chondrites
Williams C, Romaniello S & Wadhwa M
(2014) Pb-Pb Chronometry of Lunar Impact Melt Breccias
Bouvier A, Wadhwa M, Korotev R & Hartmann W
(2013) Evidence for Supernova Injection into the Solar Nebula and the Decoupling of R-Process Nucleosynthesis
Brennecka G, Borg L & Wadhwa M
(2013) The 238U/235U of the Earth and the Solar System
Goldmann A, Brennecka G, Noordmann J, Weyer S & Wadhwa M
(2011) The Formation of the Angritic Crust
Bouvier A, Brennecka G, Sanborn M & Wadhwa M
(2011) 238U/235U Ratios of Angrites: Adjusting Absolute Ages of Anchors
Brennecka GA & Wadhwa M
(2010) Refining the U-Pb Chronology of the Early Solar System
Bouvier A, Brennecka G & Wadhwa M
(2009) U Isotope Variations in CAIs: Implications for the Age of the Solar System
Weyer S, Brennecka G, Zipfel J, Wadhwa M & Anbar A
(2008) REE Distributions in Shergottites RBT 04261 and 04262
Sanborn M, Wadhwa M, Usui T & McSween H
(2008) Boron Isotopes in the Nakhlites: Implications for Crustal Fluids on Mars
Spivak-Birndorf L, Wadhwa M & Williams L
(2008) Iron-60 in the Cosmic Blender
Dauphas N, Cook D, Sacarabany A, Frohlich C, Davis A, Wadhwa M, Pourmand A, Rauscher T & Gallino R
(2008) Pb-Pb Isotope Systematics in an Allende Chondrule
Bouvier A, Wadhwa M & Janney P
(2007) The Absence of Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Basalt Differentiation
Teng F-Z, Wadhwa M, Helz R & Richter F
(2005) From Dust to Planets: Time Scales of Accretion and Differentiation in the Early Solar System
Wadhwa M
(2003) High Precision Mg Isotopic Analyses of Achondrites: Is the 2 6Al – 2 6 M G Chronometer Concordant with Other High Resolution Chronometers?
Wadhwa M, Foley N & Janney P
(2002) Chemical Alteration of Hot and Cold Desert Meteorites
Crozaz G, Floss C & Wadhwa M
(2002) Archean Cratons on Mars?: Evidence from Trace Elements, Isotopes and Oxidation States of SNC Magmas
Wadhwa M & Grove T

Wadhwa Meenakshi (2015) Theme 23: Planetary Chemistry
Wadhwa M
(2015) A Renewed Search for Extant 126Sn: Te Isotopics of Allende CAIs Obtained by HG-ICPMS
Brennecka G, Borg L, Romaniello S, Souders AK & Wadhwa M

Wadier P. (2023) Mississippian Geodynamic Evolution of the Variscan Chain in the Morvan Region (NE of the French Massif Central): Insights on the Origine of the Post-Subduction Vaugnerites
Pierrot H, Pallares C, Barbarand J, Poujol M, Revillon S & Wadier P

Wadnerkar P.D. (2019) Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Nutrient Fluxes in a Natural Mangrove Versus an Artificial Canal Estate
Wadnerkar PD, Batsaikhan T, Correa RE, Conrad SR, Davis K, Holloway C, White S, Sanders CJ & Santos IR

Wadood B.

Wadrzyk M. (2020) Soot Emitted from Domestic Stoves during Solid Fuel Combustion
Michalik M, Drzewicki W, Janus R, Wadrzyk M, Wilczynska-Michalik W & Ziola N
(2020) Microplastic Abundance in the Atmosphere of Krakow (Southern Poland)
Jarosz K, Janus R, Wądrzyk M, Wilczyńska-Michalik W & Michalik M

Wadsworth Fabian (2020) Growth and Resorption of Bubbles in Magma
Llewellin E, Coumans J, Wadsworth F, Humphreys M, Dobson K, Allabar A, Brooker R, Gardner J & Connolley T

Wadsworth Fabian B (2023) Plagioclase Crystal Shape Variability in Volcanic Rocks and its Petrological Significance
Mangler MF, Humphreys MCS & Wadsworth FB
(2021) Undercooled and Underused: 3D Crystal Morphology as a Petrologic Indicator
Mangler MF, Humphreys MCS, Iveson AA & Wadsworth FB

Wadsworth Fabian B. (2019) Experimentally Validated Bubble Growth Model for Interpretation of Magma Ascent Dynamics
Coumans JP, Llewellin EW, Wadsworth FB, Humphreys MCS, Mathias SA & Gardner JE

Waduge V. (2017) Using Stable Isotope and Lipid Biomarkers to Understand the History of Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka
Funkey C, Tolosa I & Waduge V

Waelbroeck C. (2023) Circulation in the Modern and Glacial Pacific: Oxygen Isotope and Model Constraints
Millet B, Gray WR, De Lavergne C, Wagner AJ, Waelbroeck C, Michel E, Rae JWB, Sikes EL & Roche D
(2021) The Contribution of the Foraminiferal Mg/Ca Ratio, Clumped and Conventional Stable Isotope Paleothermometers Combination for Palaeoceanographic Studies
Peral MY, Bassinot F, Daëron M, Blamart D, Bonnin J, Jorissen F, Kissel C, Michel E, Waelbroeck C, Rebaubier H & Gray WR
(2021) Differences in Water Mass Geometry in the Atlantic Ocean during the Holocene and the Last Interglacial Period
Gottschalk J, Pöppelmeier F, Blaser P, Gutjahr M, Hines SKV, Skinner LC, Waelbroeck C & Lippold J
(2017) Past Dynamics of Atlantic Ocean Overturning: A Multi-Proxy View on Three Key Intervals
Gottschalk J, Skinner LC, Waelbroeck C, Hodell DA, Nehrbass-Ahles C & Jaccard SL
(2017) New Constrains on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Changes during the Past 40 ky from Combined 231Pa/230Th, Benthic δ13C and 14C Benthic-Planktonic Ventilation Ages
Missiaen L, Waelbroeck C, Pichat S, Dapoigny A, Thil F, Foliot L, Wacker L, Hajdas I, Böhm E, Vasquez-Riveiros N & Moreira Martinez S
(2017) Determining Changes in North-Atlantic Carbon Cycling Across Abrupt Climate Events
Greenop R, Burke A, Rae J, Nita D, Reimer P, Chalk T, Crocker A, Rees-Owen R, Barker S & Waelbroeck C
(2017) Geochemical Tracing of Varying Northern vs. Southern Water-Masses Contributions in the sub Antarctic Atlantic Ocean (MD07-3076) Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Beny F, Bout V, Davies G, Gottschalk J, Skinner L, Bory A, Waelbroeck C, Mazaud A, Michel E, Delattre M & Abraham R
(2015) Comparison between Seawater and Archive Nd Isotope Compositions Using Multi-Scatter Plots: A New Global Data Compilation
Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gourlan A, Jeandel C, Lacan F, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Roy-Barman M & Waelbroeck C
(2015) Quantification of Deep-Ocean Carbon Sequestration during Millennial-Scale Variations in Atmospheric CO2
Gottschalk J, Skinner LC & Waelbroeck C
(2013) A New Database for Nd Isotopes in Marine Environments
Lacan F, Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gherardi J, Gourlan A, Grousset F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Jeandel C, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Matthieu M & Waelbroeck C
(2013) New Sedimentary Pa/Th Records from the Northern Brazilian Margin over MIS3
Burckel P, Waelbroeck C, Gherardi J & Pichat S
(2011) How are Oceanic δ18O Changes Imprinted in Ice Core Records ?
Jouzel J, Hoffmann G, Landais A, Stenni B, Masson-delmotte V & Waelbroeck C
(2009) Opposite Export of North Atlantic Deep and Intermediate Waters during the Last Glacial Inception
Guihou A, Pichat S, Nave S, Govin A, Michel E, Waelbroeck C & Labeyrie L
(2009) Comparison of Terminations I and II in EPICA Dome C Ice Core
Masson-Delmotte V, Stenni B, Rothlisberger R, Waelbroeck C & Jouzel J
(2007) Search for an 60Fe Supernova-Produced Isotopic Signal in Marine Sediments
Fitoussi C, Raisbeck GM, Knie K, Korschinek G, Faestermann T, Goriely S, Lunney D, Rugel G, Poutivtsev M & Waelbroeck C
(2000) Ocean Sediment Isotopic Records of the Last Deglaciation Contain Key Information on the Interactions between Climate and Thermohaline Circulation at the Global Scale
Labeyrie L, Cortijo E, Waelbroeck C, Paterne M, Kallel N & Duplessy JC

Waeles M. (2020) Fate of Dissolved Organic Matter in Deep Sea Hydrothermal Fluids
Dulaquais G, Fourrier P, Laës A, Sarradin P-M, Sarthou G, Waeles M & Riso R
(2020) Physico-Chemical Speciation of Iron along the Land Sea Continuum of the Iroise Sea
Laes A, Dulaquais G, Hemery A, Davy R, Waeles M, Devesa J, Riso R & Lalonde S
(2019) Links between Iron and Humic Substances Biogeochemistry in the Ocean
Dulaquais G, Crampond K, Waeles M, Gerringa LJA, Middag R, Rijkenberg M, Boye M & Riso R
(2017) Organic Speciation of Copper in the Mediterranean Sea in Relationship with Natural Organic Matter
Dulaquais G, Waeles M & Riso R
(2017) ELVIDOR- Vibrating Gold Micro-Wire Electrode: In situ High Resolution Measurements of Copper in Marine Environments
Cathalot C, Heller MI, Dulaquais G, Waeles M, Coail J-Y, Kerboul A, Deplace G, Le Vourch D, Cotty C, Kärnfelt C, Riso R, Sarradin P-M & Laes-Huon A
(2017) On the Nature of Dissolved Copper Ligands in the Early Mixing Zone of Hydrothermal Vents
Cotte L, Omanovic D, Waeles M, Laes A, Cathalot C, Pernet-Coudrier B, Sarradin P-M & Riso R

Waelkens C.M. (2023) Constraining Magma Storage and Dynamics from Complexly Zoned Crystal Cargoes: Snake River Plain Volcanic Province, USA
Waelkens CM, Holtz F, Almeev R & Shervais JW

Waelle M. (2014) U/Pb Dating of CA and non-CA Treated Zircons Obtained by LA-ICP-MS and TIMS Techniques: Impact for their Geological Interpretation
von Quadt A, Gallhofer D, Guillong M, Peytcheva I & Waelle M
(2013) CA-U-Pb Zircon Dating Obtained by the LA-ICP-MS System: Impact for their Interpretations
von Quadt A, Gallhofer D, Waelle M, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I
(2012) Fluid Evolution along a Cross Section Through the Central Alps, Switzerland
Martinek K, Wagner T, Waelle M & Heinrich C

Waellstedt T. (2012) Metal Fractionation in the Water Column of a Former U Open Pit Mine
Edberg F, Waellstedt T, Borg H & Holmstroem S

Waerenborgh João (2015) Metal(loid)s and Radioactive Metallic Elements in the Clay-Sized Fraction of Soils Used for Agriculture in Brava Island (Cape Verde)
Marques R, Prudencio MI, Dias MI, Rocha F, Waerenborgh J & Madeira J

Waerenborgh João Carlos (2023) Distribution and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements in a Passive Treatment System Installed in a Legacy Polymetallic Sulfide Mine
Obregón C, Prudêncio MI, Waerenborgh JC, Vieira BJC, Marques R, Diamantino C & Carvalho E
(2021) Rare Earth Element Phyto-Availability in Abandoned Mining Areas
Patterson KH, Dia A, Marques R, Waerenborgh JC, Vieira BJC, Prudencio MI, Diamantino C, Carvalho E, Bouhnik-Le-Coz M, Davranche M & Pédrot M
(2021) Ree Geochemistry and Evaluation of Effectiveness of the Passive Remediation System at Lousal Mine, Portugal
Obregón C, Prudêncio MI, Marques R, Waerenborgh JC, Vieira BJC, Diamantino C & Carvalho E
(2014) Geochemical Fingerprints in Topsoils of Brava Island, Cape Verde
Marques R, Prudencio MI, Waerenborgh JC, Rocha F, Ferreira da Silva E, Dias MI, Madeira J & Quevedo-Reys M
(2013) Buried Lava Paleosol in NW Fogo Island (Cape Verde) – Chemical and Mineralogical Evolution
Marques R, Prudencio I, Waerenborgh J, Coutinho J, Rocha F, Silva E & Dias I
(2012) Enhanced Metal Release from Acid Mine Drainage Sediments due to the Interaction with Municipal Waste Water
Goncalves M, Waerenborgh J, Maia F, Pinto C, Prazeres C & Serio S
(2011) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Volcanic Ash Red Paleosol from Fogo Island (Cape Verde)
Marques R, Prudêncio MI, Waerenborgh JC, Rocha F, Dias MI & Ferreira da Silva E
(2001) Geochemical Discrimination Indexes for Granitic Rocks: Application to Monument Stones
Nasraoui M, Prudêncio MI & Waerenborgh JC

Wafa B. (2016) Early Neoproterozoic Magmatic Event in the Continental Nucleus of South China and its Significance
Ling W-L, Wu H, Zhang Y-H, Wafa B & Bai X
(2016) Recognition of Early Neoproterozoic Alkaline Magmatic Event along the NW Yangtze Margin, South China
Wu H, Ling W-L, Ding X-Y, Wafa B & Zhang Y-H

Wafforn S. (2015) Duration of Ore Formation: Grasberg Porphyry Copper Deposit, Papua, Indonesia
Wafforn S, Cloos M & Stockli D

Wafik A. (2018) Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of the Archean Fine Granitoid: Example of the Bakoudou Gold Deposit in Gabon
Nzaou Mabika N, Wafik A, Boushaba A, Saquaque A & Garrhabi M

Wagai R. (2012) Delivery and Release of Organic Carbon Associated with Iron Oxyhydroxides in the Mississippi River-Delta
Mayer L, Schick L, Estapa M, Wagai R & Stevenson M
(2001) Organic Matter-Mineral Surface Relationships in Soils and Sediments as Assessed by Gas Sorption Measurements
Mayer LM & Wagai R

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