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Wagnon P. (2011) Irregular Retreat of Tropical Glaciers during the Holocene
Jomelli V, Khodri M, Favier V, Brunstein D, Ledru MP, Wagnon P, Blard PH, Sicart JE, Braucher R, Grancher D, Bourles D, Barconnot P & Vuille M

Wagreich M. (2011) From Anoxia to Oxic Conditions in the Aftermath of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Late Cretaceous)
Wagreich M

Wagstaff J. (2005) Observation of Contact Electrification between Silicate melt/Pt and mineral/Pt Phase Interfaces
Wagstaff J, McKay G & Lofgren G

Wagt B. (2004) Species Dependent Fractionation of Silicon Isotopes by Present-Day Demosponges
Vroon P, Beets C, Soenarjo D, Soest R, Troelstra S, Schwieters J, Van belle J & Wagt B

Wagterveld R.M. (2023) Exploring the Potential of Water Quality Sensors-Based Predictions of Hydrocarbon Levels in Groundwater: Virtual Experiments with Reactive Transport Modelling
Wu CLR, Wagterveld RM & van Breukelen BM

Wahbi M. (2009) The Tritium as an Indicator for Landfill Leachate Pollution (Case of Mediouna Landfill, Morocco)
Fekri A, Wahbi M, Benbouziane A, Hammoumi O & Marah H

Wahington K. (2017) Geomorphic Controls on Dissolved Li Isotope Compositions of Small Rivers in Eastern Taiwan
Wahington K, West AJ, Paris G, Adkins J, Chung C-H, Wang R-M & You C-F

Wahl A. (2021) Plastic Debris Distribution and Behaviour in Soil: New Key Insights from a Household Wastes-Contaminated Soil
Wahl A, Davranche M & Gigault J

Wahl J. (2009) Rare Earth Element Abundances of Human Bone Assemblages Originated from a Merovingian Necropolis
Fiedler S, Breuer J, Pusch CM, Wahl J & Graw M

Wahl S. (2016) Ab Initio Simulations of Light Elements in the Earth’s Core
Militzer B, Tagawa S, Hirose K & Wahl S

Wahnfried I. (2023) Coupled Biogeochemical Hydrologicprocesses Controlling Arsenic and Metal Redox Cycling in Varzea Floodpains, Brazil
Martinez M, Castro da Rosa Quintana G, Amora Nogueira L, Machado da Silva F, Bittencourt Peixoto R, Vennemann T, Wahnfried I, Marotta Ribeiro H & Peña J
(2018) Geogenic Arsenic and Manganese in Anoxic Riverbank Groundwater along the Amazon River
de Meyer C, Kipfer R, Wahnfried I, Roeser P, Rodriguez J & Berg M

Waichel B.L. (2021) The Mafic Intrusive Magmatism from the Paraná LIP Constrained by New U-Pb Baddeleyite ID-TIMS Ages
Rocha BC, Gaynor SP, Janasi VDA, Davies JHFL, Florisbal LM, Waichel BL & Schaltegger U

Waichler S (2005) Building Conceptual Process Models of Field Scale Uranium Reactive Transport for the Hanford 300 Area
Yabusaki S, Fang Y & Waichler S

Waichler Scott (2020) Quantifying Drivers of Methane Hydrobiogeochemistry in a Tidal River Floodplain
Hou Z, Ward N, Yabusaki S, Waichler S, Norwood M, Myers-Pigg A & Indivero J

Waight Tod (2023) Making and Shaping of South Greenland: Assessing Crustal Growth and Evolution of the Ketilidian Orogen Through the Lens of U-Pb-O-Hf Isotopes in Zircon
Vestergaard R, Waight T & Petersson A
(2023) Isotopic Composition of Zircon during High-Grade Metamorphism: An Example from South Greenland
Waight T, Vestergaard R & Petersson A
(2023) Geochemistry of the Arc-Adjacent Loicas Trough Plumbing System, Argentina
Traun MK, Waterton P, Waight T & Søager N
(2023) Refining Crust Formation Ages Using Hf Isotopes from Detrital Zircon – A Case Study from Sweden
Petersson A, Waight T, Whitehouse M & Kemp A
(2023) Mantle CO2 Fluxes and Carbonate Fixation in Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems in Iceland
Kleine BI, Smit MJ, Toro DI, di Stefano AM, Pope E, Waight T, Thomassot E, Jeon H, Whitehouse M, Padilla Rivas EK, Wiese F, Fridriksson T, Ármansson H, Gunnarsdóttir SH, Mesfin KG, Sigurðardóttir ÁK, Fiebig J, Ricci A, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Halldorsson SA, Kjartansdóttir R, Ono S, Sveinbjörnsdóttir ÁE, Ólafsdóttir R & Stefánsson A
(2022) The Origin and Evolution of the Ketilidian Orogen in South Greenland; Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and O-Hf Constraints on Magmatic Sources within a Paleoproterozoic Arc
Vestergaard R, Waight T, Petersson A, Jeon H, Whitehouse MJ & Kristoffersen M
(2022) Origin of Silicic Volcanism in the North Patagonian Rear Arc
Traun MK, Søager N, Waterton P, Waight T, Münker C, Andreasen R, Iannelli S, Litvak V & Folguera A
(2018) Light Stable Isotope (H-Li-O) Investigation of Hydrous Minerals in the Gardiner Complex; Insights into the Roles of Fractionation, Outgassing and Contamination
van der Meer Q, Pope E, Nielsen T, Sharp Z, Coble M, Waight T & Weatherley S
(2017) Origin of the Kakanui Mineral Breccia Nephelinite and its Megacryst and Xenolith Suites
van der Meer Q, Harris C, Le Roux P, Hansen Serre S, Scott J & Waight T

Waight Tod E (2019) Hf and Pb Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of a Well-Studied Suite of Icelandic Picrites
Nicklas RW, Brandon AD & Waight TE

Waight Tod E. (2013) Constraints on the Creation of a HIMU-Like Isotopic Reservoir beneath New Zealand
van der Meer QHA, Waight TE & Scott JM
(2013) Mixing and Progressive Melting of Deep and Shallow Mantle Sources in the NE Atlantic and Arctic
Tronnes RG, Debaille V, Erambert M, Stuart FM & Waight T
(2011) Melt Compositions and Processes in the Kimberlite Province of Southern West Greenland
Pilbeam L, Nielsen T & Waight T
(2007) Os-He Isotope Systematics of Iceland Picrites: Evidence for a Deep Origin of the Iceland Plume
Brandon A, Graham D, Waight T & Gautason B
(2007) Isotopic Constraints on Picritic Magmatism, Iceland
Waight T, Brandon A, Graham D & Gautason B
(2007) Processes and Sources during Late Variscan Dioritic-Tonalitic Magmatism (Gesiniec Intrusion, Bohemian Massif)
Pietranik A & Waight T
(2006) Insights Into Magma Evolution in Capraia Volcano (Italy) From Plagioclase Chemical and Isotopic Zonation.
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Waight TE, Poli G & Conticelli S
(2004) Pb Isotope Heterogeneity of the Mantle beneath Iceland
Peate D, Baker J, Breddam K, Waight T, Skovgaard A, Stecher O, Prestvik T & Jonasson K
(2004) Gouldsboro Granite: Silicic Replenishment of Granite Magma Chambers
Waight T & Wiebe B
(2004) NE Atlantic Mantle Geochemistry: New Insights from Volcanic Flank Zones in Iceland and Jan Mayen
Tronnes R, Johansen T, Karlsson H, Williams A, Imsland P, Grönvold K & Waight T
(2002) Pb Isotope Analysis Using Tl and a 207Pb-204Pb Spike on a Double Focusing MC-ICPMS
Baker J & Waight T
(2002) Chemical and Isotopic Investigations of Low-Ti Depleted Continental Flood Basalts in East Greenland
Waight T & Baker J
(2002) Unusually Depleted Hf Isotopic Signatures in Late Archean Carbonatite: A Result of Carbonate Metasomatism
Lassen B, Hattori K, Percival J & Waight T
(2000) Nd Isotope and Sm/Nd Ratio Measurements by Multi-Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Baker J, Krogstad E, David P, Waight T & Willigers B
(2000) Rb Isotopic Analyses by MC-ICPMS Using Zr as a Fractionation Monitor: Initial Results and Potential Applications to Improved Rb-Sr Geochronology
Waight T, Baker J & Krogstad E

Waight Tod E. (2015) Fractionation of Agpaitic Magmas from Compositional Zoning in Kakortokite-Hosted Eudialyte, Ilímaussaq Complex, Greenland
Borst A, Waight T & Friis H
(2015) Titanite from Nalunaq Gold Mine, Greenland – Potential New Reference Material for in situ Single Grain Titanite U-Pb Geochronology
Thomsen TB, Bell R-M, Waight TE & Kolb J
(2015) Cretaceous Lamprophyres in New Zealand: Melting of Continental Lithospheric Mantle during Continental Break-Up
van der Meer QHA, Waight TE, Scott JM & Münker C

Waight Tod Earle (2021) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Subduction Recycling in the Southern Andes Arc
Traun MK, Pope EC, van der Meer Q, Nielsen SG, Søager N & Waight TE

Waillace L. (2013) Near-Field Measurements of Volcanogenic Sulfur: Emissions, Oxidation, and Neutralization
Kroll J, Cross E, Pai S, L'Heureux Z, Hunter J, Croteau P, Jayne J, Waillace L, Murphy J & Heald C

Wainer Karine (2013) Speleothem Reconstruction of Sea Level at Bermuda over the Last Climatic Cycles
Wainer KAI, Henderson GM, Mason AJ, Thomas AL, Rowe M, Williams B, van Hengstum PJ & Chandler R
(2008) Absolute Speleo-Thermometry, Using Clumped Isotope Measurements to Correct for Kinetic Isotope Fractionations Induced by CO2 Degassing
Daëron M, Guo W, Eiler J, Genty D, Wainer K, Affek H, Vonhof H & Blamart D
(2008) 13C-18O Bonds in Dissolved Inorganic Carbon: Implications for Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Guo W, Daeron M, Niles P, Genty D, Kim S-T, Vonhof H, Affek H, Blamart D, Wainer K & Eiler J

Wainer Karine (2015) Timing and Amplitude of the MIS5a and MIS5c Highstands in the Western North Atlantic-Caribbean
Wainer K, Rowe M, Mason A, Thomas A, Williams B, Dustherus A, Tamisiea M & Henderson G

Wainman C. (2019) IODP Site U1513 Volcanic Sequence, Naturaliste Plateau: Implications on East Gondwana Breakup
Tejada ML, Lee EY, Brumsack H-J, Kimura J-I, Harry D, Richter C, Li Y-X, Wainman C, Riquier L, Jiang T, White L, Hobbs R, Wolfgring E, Martinez M & Scientists E3

Wainwright Ashlea (2021) Ancient Mantle Heterogeneities Recorded in Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks
Debaille V, Wainwright A, Hoffmann JE, Viehmann S & Bau M
(2021) Monazite, Accessory (to The) Regional Manager: Simultaneous Multi-Isotopic and Elemental Analysis of Monazite as Pathfinder for VHMS Mineralization
Barrote V, Nebel O & Wainwright A
(2019) Neodymium Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Chondrites, the End of the Story?
Debaille V, Armytage R, Wainwright A, Pourkhorsandi H & Hublet G

Wainwright Ashlea N (2023) Controls on Stable Sr and Mg Isotope Variations in Speleothems
Wainwright AN, Pollard T, Woodhead JD & Drysdale R
(2016) Constraints from the West African Craton on Archean Mantle Dynamics
Wainwright AN, Debaille V & Berger J

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