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Xia Jia (2020) The Abundance and Distribution of Organic Carbon in the Seafloor Sediments of the Near Offshore Region Surrounding Leizhou Peninsula, North Gulf of South China Sea
Xia J & Han Y
(2020) The Quantitative Determination of Organic Sorption Capacity in the Paleozoic Shales from South China
Wang S, Xia J & Song Z

Xia Jicheng (2019) Methylmercury Distribution and Formation in Polluted Agricultural Soils
Gfeller L, Amouroux D, Caplette J, Lei D, Liao J, Tessier E, Xia J, Zhang H, Feng X & Mestrot A

Xia Jiuxing (2020) Redox Controlled Stable Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Planetary Differentiation
Shen J, Qin L, Xia J, Carlson RW, Huang S, Helz RT & Mock TD
(2016) Cosmogenic Effects on Chromium Isotopes in the Iron Meteorites
Liu J, Qin L, Xia J, Leya I & Carlson R
(2015) Chromium Stable Isotope Composition of Meteorites and its Cosmochemical and Geochemical Significance
Qin L, Xia J, Carlson RW & Zhang Q
(2014) Cr Isotope Anomalies, their Origins and Implications
Qin L, Xia J, Alexander C, Nittler L, Carlson R & Wang J

Xia Lichao (2018) Usefulness and Limitations of Stable Oxygen Isotopes in Application to Selenium Oxyanion Biogeochemistry
Larese-Casanova P, Schellenger A, Paydary P, Xia L, Jaisi D & Onnis-Hayden A

Xia LinQi (2013) Tectonic Implications for Mid-Late-Neoproterozoic Rift-Related Volcanic Rocks in China
Xu X-Y, Xia L-Q, Xia Z-C, Li X-M & Ma Z-P
(2007) The Paleozoic SSZ-Type Ophiolite and Subduction Rollback in the Eastern Junggar, Nothwestern China
Ma Z, Xia L, Xu X & Li X

Xia Liuwen (2020) Unsynchronized Evolution of Salinity and pH of a Permian Alkaline Lake Influenced by Hydrothermal Fluids
Xia L, Cao J, Stüeken E, Zhi D, Wang T & Li W
(2018) Hydrocarbon Generation Characteristics of Alkaline Lacustrine Source Rocks: The Lower Permian in the Northewestern Junggar Basin, NW China
Wang T, Cao J, Wang X, Xiang B, Ma W & Xia L

Xia Lu

Xia M. (2010) The Petrogenesis of Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Huangshan Region, Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang, China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T & Xia Z
(2010) Permian Basalts and Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Northeastern of Tarim Plate (NW China): Insights into a Large Igneous Province
Xia Z, Jiang C, Xia M & Lu R
(2008) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Hulu Ni–Cu-Bearing Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions, Eastern Xinjiang, Northwest China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T, Xia Z & Lu R

Xia Q (2005) Re-Os Isotopic Systematics of the Neo-Tethys Dongqiao Ophiolite Complex, Northern Tibet: First Data
Zhi X, Xia Q, Jin Z & Wang Y
(2005) Synchronized Study on Micro-Scale U-Pb Ages and Oxygen Isotopes for Metamorphic Zircons from Dabie-Sulu Orogen, Eastern Central China
Chen D, Deloule E, Xia Q, Li B & Ni T
(2004) Re-Os Isotopes in Mantle-Derived Pyroxenite Xenoliths from Hannuoba North China
Zhi X, Meng Q, Xia Q, Zheng L & Xu Y
(2003) Re-Os Isotope Geochemistry of Mantle Peridotite and Pyroxenite Xenoliths from North China Craton
Xia Q, Zhi X, Meng Q, Zheng L & Peng Z
(2003) Micro-Scale Zircon Oxygen Isotopic Compositions and U-Pb SIMS Dating from Dabie-Sulu Orogen, China
Chen D, Deloule E, Li B, Cheng H & Xia Q

Xia Qinglin (2009) Application Fractal and Multifractal Methods to Mapping Prospectivity for Metamorphosed Sedimentary Iron Deposits Using Stream Sediment Geochemical Data in Eastern Hebei Province, China
Zuo R & Xia Q
(2009) The Characteristics of Trace Elements in Emeishan Basalt and its Contribution to Mineralzation
Xia Q & Zuo R

Xia Qingyin (2020) Mechanisms of Enhanced Antibacterial Activity by Reduced Chitosan-Intercalated Nontronite
Xia Q, Wang X, Zeng Q, Zhu Z & Dong H

Xia Qiong-Xia (2020) Garnet Effect on Zircon Lu-Hf Isotope Systems during Crustal Anatexis
Xia Q-X, Chen Y-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F
(2018) The Origins of Garnets in Anatectic Rocks fromTethyan Himalaya: Constraints from Major-Trace Element Zonations and Phase Equilibrium Calculations
Xia Q-X, Gao P & Zheng Y-F
(2017) Growth of Metamorphic and Peritectic Garnets in UHP Metagranite during Continental Subduction and Exhumation in the Dabie Orogen
Xia Q-X, Zhou L-G & Gao X-Y
(2016) An Experimental Study on Dehydration Melting of UHP Metagranite at High Pressure
Xia Q-X, Van Orman J, Han J, Zheng Y-F, Li W-C, Yu M & Luo X
(2014) Zonation and Multiphase Growth of Garnet in UHP Metamorphic Rocks of Continental Subduction Zone
Xia Q-X, Zhou L-G & Zheng Y-F
(2011) Multistage Growth of Garnet in UHP Metagranite in the Dabie Orogen
Xia Q-X, Zheng Y-F & Lu X-N
(2010) Melt/Mantle Mixing Processes Form Podiform Chromite Deposits: Implications from Re-Os Systematics of the Dongqiao Neo-Tethyan Ophiolite, Northern Tibet
Shi R, Griffin W, O'Reilly S, Zhi X, Xia Q, Huang Q, Zhang X & Liu D
(2010) Distinguishing Metamorphic Growth from Recrystallization of Zircon in Eclogite-Facies Metamorphic Rocks
Xia Q-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F
(2010) Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for the “Hot” Exhumation of UHP Metamorphic Rocks in Continental Subduction Zones
Lu X-N, Xia Q-X, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F
(2008) Geochemical and Petrological Evidence for Dehydration Melting in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks during Exhumation
Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia Q-X

Xia Qun-Ke (2022) Heterogeneous Distribution of Water in Wet Mantle Plume beneath Changbaishan, NE China: Constraints from Machine Learning
Qi Y, Chen H, Wu S, Du Z-H & Xia Q-K
(2022) Accumulation of Hydrous Oceanic Slabs in the LLSVPs Contributing to the Formation of Large Igneous Provinces
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Gu X-Y & Xia Q-K
(2022) Unsupervised Machine Learning Reveals Control of Melting and Metasomatism on Water Contents of the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Zhu C-Y, Chen H, Li A-Z, Hao Y-T & Xia Q-K
(2022) Estimating Ferric Iron Content in Clinopyroxene Using Machine Learning Models
Huang W, Lyu Y, Du M, He C, Gao S, Xu R, Xia Q-K & Zhang Z
(2022) Explainable Machine Learning in Uncovering H Diffusion Mechanism in Clinopyroxene
Li A-Z, Wu S-S, Chen H, Du Z-H & Xia Q-K
(2021) Machine Learning Models for Identification of Primary Water Concentrations in Mantle Pyroxene
Chen H, Su C, Tang Y-Q, ZhangZhou J, Wu S-S & Xia Q-K
(2020) High Water Contents in the Jurassic Lithospheric Mantle of the North China Craton: Implications for the Destruction of the Craton
Wang L & Xia Q-K
(2020) Water Content in the Kerguelen Mantle Plume
Gu X, Wang P, Xia Q & Moine B
(2020) Effects of Ammonium on Hydroxyl and Lattice Stability of Phengite at High Temperature and High Pressure
Liu W, Yang Y & Xia Q
(2020) Inter-Reaction and Site-Specific Diffusion of Hydrogen Defects in Natural Orthopyroxene at High Temperatures
Yang Y & Xia Q
(2020) The Effect of Fe on Stability of Hydrogen Defects in Rutile
Sun J, Yang Y & Xia Q
(2020) Water Content Variations in Basalts from Geochemically Heterogeneous Crozet Hotspot
Gu X-Y, Xia Q-K, Wang P-Y & Moine B
(2020) The Vertical Variation of the Redox State of the Hainan Lithospheric Mantle: Constraint from Peridotite Xenoliths
Yu J, Hao Y-T, Li P & Xia Q-K
(2020) Compositional Variation of Large Igneous Provinces Moderated by Water in Mantle Plumes
Sun H, Liu J, Xia Q & Hanski E
(2020) Melting of Reycled Crust Responsible for the Gutenberg Discontiuity
Liu J, Hirano N, Machida S, Xia Q & Tao C
(2019) Intimate Link between the Deep Earth's Nitrogen and Hydrogen Cycles
Yang Y, Busigny V, Liu W & Xia Q-K
(2019) Extremely Low Structural Hydroxyl Contents in Upper Mantle Xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Patkó L, Liptai N, Kovács IJ, Aradi LE, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Mihály J, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Wesztergom V & Szabó C
(2019) Ammonium Promotes Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization in Phengite Under High Pressures
Liu W, Yang Y & Xia Q
(2019) Genesis of the Iron-Rich Alkaline Large Igneous Province
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T & Xia Q
(2019) Geochemical Evolution of the Tarim Mantle Plume and the Eruption of Large Igneous Province
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T & Xia Q
(2019) Water Content in the Early Cretaceous Gabbros from East China: Implications for the Destruction of the North China Craton
Wang Z, Xia Q & Liu J
(2019) Low Water Content in the Mantle Source of the Hainan Plume as a Factor Inhibiting the Formation of a Large Igneous Province
Gu X-Y & Xia Q-K
(2019) The Link between the Low Contents of S and Cl in Early Cretaceous Basalts and Flourishing of Jehol Biotas
Xu Q, Chen H, Xia Q, Deloule E, Gu X & Wang L
(2018) Mantle Transition Zone Source of Cenozoic Water-Rich Intraplate Magmatism in Eastern China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Liu S-C & Wang Q-Y
(2018) Mantle Hydration and the Role of Water in the Generation of Large Igneous Provinces
Xia Q, Liu J, Kuritani T, Hanski E & Yu H
(2018) Low Basalt-Source Water Contents Inhibiting the Formation of Large Igneous Province in the Leiqiong Area (South China)
Gu X, Xia Q & Wang P
(2018) Variations in the H2O Content and H2O/Ce Ratio of Mantle Pyroxenites: Implications for Enriched Components in the Mantle
Hao Y-T, Li P, Coltorti M & Xia Q-K
(2018) Origin of a Transition Zone-Derived Mantle Plume at Changbai Volcano
Kuritani T, Xia Q, Liu J, Zhao D & Nakagawa M
(2018) Water Content of Abyssal Peridotites: Implications for Melt Transports beneath Mid-Oceanic Ridges
Li P, Xia Q-K, Bonatti E & Brunelli D
(2017) The High Water Content of the OIB-Like Basanite in the Volcanic Front of Northern Izu-Boin Arc System
Liu J, Kuritani T, Yu H & Xia Q
(2017) Do We Really Know When Water Profiles are Produced in Xenoliths? Example of Xenoliths from Tianchang Volcano (East China)
Liu J, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Hao Y-T
(2016) Temporal and Spatial Variation of Source Components for Intraplate Basalts from North China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Deloule E
(2016) Regional Heterogeneity in the Water Content of the Cenozoic Lithospheric Mantle of Eastern China
Hao Y-T, Xia Q-K, Jia Z-B, Zhao Q-C, Li P, Feng M & Liu S-C
(2016) High Water Content in Primitive Continental Flood Basalts
Xia Q-K, Bi Y, Li P, Tian W & Chen H
(2016) Temporal Variation of H2O Content in the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Eastern North China Craton: Implications for the Destruction of Cratons
Li P, Xia Q-K, Deloule E & Gu X-Y

Xia Qunke K (2015) Water Diffusion by Asthenospheric Domain Entrained in the Lithospheric Mantle of Lianshan (Subei Basin, Eastern China)
Hao Y, Bonadiman C, Coltorti M & Xia Q-K
(2015) Magma Water Content of the Cenozoic Basalts in the North China Craton
Liu J, Chen H, Xia Q-K & Ingrin J
(2015) Enriched Components in the Source of Cenozoic Intraplate Alkali Basalts in Southeast China
Liu S, Xia Q & Deloule E
(2015) The Role of Amphiboles in the Formation of Malanjkhand Porphyry Cu-Deposit
Asthana D, Kumar H, Kumar S & Xia Q-K
(2011) Li Content and Isotopic Distributions in Granulite of Kerguelen Plateau
Deloule E, Ingrin J, Xia Q & Gregoire M
(2011) Water Content of Lithospheres Deduced from Xenoliths: The Example of Kerguelen Islands and South African Craton
Ingrin J, Liu J, Xia QK, Deloule E & Grégoire M
(2009) Water Contents in Pyroxenes of Intraplate Lithospheric Mantle
Bonadiman C, YanTao H, Coltorti M, Dallai L, Faccini B, Huang H & Xia Q
(2007) Tracing Water Exchange between Mantle and Continental Crust with the δD Values of NAMs in Granulite
Yang X, Deloule E & Xia Q-K

Xia Shaohong (2017) Seismic Experiments Investigating Plate Dynamics of the Challenger Deep Region of the Mariana Trench
Lin J, Sun J, Zeng X, Xu M, Yang H, Xia S, Zhou Z & Science Party of R/V Shiyan3 

Xia Shuwei (2022) Environmental Conditions Control on Molecular Configurations of Isoprenoid Glycerol Dibiphytanyl Glycerol Tetraethers: Insight from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Zhao S, Zhou L, Sun X, Xia S, Gao Z, Wang N & Bao R

Xia Tian (2022) Exposure Dating with 41Ca Analysis at the 10-16 Isotopic Abundance Level
Xia T
(2021) Atom Trap Trace Analysis of Ca-41 Samples at 1e-15 Abundance Level
Xia T-Y, Sun W-W, Ebser S, Jiang W, Xia T & Lu Z-T

Xia Tong-Yan (2021) Atom Trap Trace Analysis of Ca-41 Samples at 1e-15 Abundance Level
Xia T-Y, Sun W-W, Ebser S, Jiang W, Xia T & Lu Z-T

Xia W. (2016) Response of Vegetation Dynamics to Groundwater in Qaidam Basin, China
Jin X & Xia W

Xia X (2006) SHRIMP U¨CPb zircon geochronology of the Huai¡¯an Complex: constraints on late Archean to Paleoproterozoic custal accretion and collision of the Trans-North China Orogen
Zhao G, Wilde SA, Sun M, Xia X, Zhang J & He Y
(2006) U-Pb zircon dating on the granitic conglomerates of the Hutuo Group: affinities to the Wutai Granitoids and significance on the tectonic evolution of the Trans-North China Orogen
Zhang J, Zhao G, Li S, Sun M, Liu S, Xia X & He Y
(2005) LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of the Yushulazi Formation in the North China Craton
Luo Y, Sun M, Zhao G, Li S & Xia X
(2005) Basement Nature of the Ordos Terrane, Western Block of the North China Craton: Detrital Zircon Age and Hf Isotope Study on Khondalites from Wulashan Complex
Xia X, Sun M, Zhao G & Luo Y

Xia Xiao-Ping (2022) Global-Scale Emergence of Continental Crust during Mesoarchean – Early Neoarchean
Wang W, Cawood PA, Spencer C, Pandit MK, Zhao J-H, Xia X-P, Zheng J & Lu G
(2020) Is Paleoproterozoic Atmospheric Oxygenation Linked to the Emergence of Continents Above Sea-Level? Evidence from Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopic Signatures in Archean to Proterozoic Sediment-Derived Granitoids
Liebmann J, Spencer CJ, Bucholz CE, Kirkland CL, Martin L, Xia X-P & Kitchen N
(2019) Emergence of Continents Above Sea-Level Influences Composition of Sediment Melts
Liebmann J, Spencer C, Kirkland C, Bucholz C, He X, Tang L, Santosh M, Xia X, Martin L & Evans N
(2019) Pulsed Degassing of Magma Recorded by Water Concentration in Zircon
Xia X-P, Zhang W, Yang Q, Cui Z-X & Cai K
(2019) Oxygen Isotope Homogeneity Assessment for Apatite U-Th-Pb Geochronology Reference Materials
Yang Q, Xia X-P, Zhang L & Zhang W
(2019) Geochemistry of Miocene-Pliocene Epithermal Gold-Hosting Volcanic Rocks in Northeastern Borneo (Sabah and North Kalimantan)
Lee B, Lai C, Mandiri IT, Xia X, Zhang L & Meffre S
(2018) Late Permian Bimodal Volcanic Rocks in the Northern Qiangtang, Central Tibet: Evidence for the Interaction between Emeishan Plume and Paleo-Tethyan Subduction System
Wang J, Wang Q, Zhang C, Dan W, Qi Y, Zhang X-Z & Xia X-P
(2018) The Origin of the Pliocene Wangqing River Alkali Picrite, NE China
Sun M, Xu Y, Ren Z, Xia X, He P, He H, Jourdan F & Milan L
(2018) An Abrupt Increase of Oxygen Isotopes at ca. 3230 Ma in Archean TTGs from the Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrane, South Africa
Wang X, Wang D, Kröner A, Xia X & Li J
(2017) Linking NW India to South China in Rodinia by Low δ18 O Rhyolites of the Neoproterozoic Malani Igneous Suite
Wang W, Cawood P, Zhou M-F, Manoj P, Xia X-P & Zhao J-H
(2017) Relict Zircon Tracking the Source Nature of Peraluminous Granite
Gao P, Chen Y-X, Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia X-P
(2017) When did the Paleo-Tethys Ailaoshan Ocean Closed: New Constraints from Detrital Zircon U–Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotope
Xia X, Xu J & Huang C

Xia Xiaofeng (2012) Determination of Trace Mercury in Geological Samples by Photo Induced Chemical Vapour Generation with Isotope Dilution ICP MS
Gao Y, Xia X & Yue F

Xia Xiaoping (2008) Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Systematics and the Sediment Source-To-Sink Pattern of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River
Yang S, Jiang S, Xia X & Sun M
(2008) SHRIMP and LA ICP MS Zircon Analyses on the Xiong’er Volcanic Rocks along the Southern Margin of the North China Craton
He Y, Zhao G, Sun M & Xia X
(2007) Affinity of the Trans-North China Orogen: Constraints from Detrital Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Compositions from the Fuping Complex, North China Craton
Xia X, Sun M, Zhao G & Wu F
(2007) Baijuhuajian A-Type Granites in the Western Zhejiang Province, SE China: Geochemical and Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Compositions and Tectonic Implications
Wong JP-M, Sun M, Xing G, Zhao G, Xia X, Wong K, Li L, Li X, Wu F & Yuan C

Xia Xin-Rua (2013) Use of Passive Sampling to Measure Organic Chemicals and Metabolites in Water and Soil: Application to Human Health Risk Assessment in Developing Countries
Shea D, Hong T, Xia X-R, Kong X, O'Neal K & Lazaro P

Xia Xinghui (2022) The Importance of Hydrology in Routing Terrestrial Carbon to the Atmosphere via Global Streams and Rivers
Liu S, Kuhn C, Amatulli G, Aho K, Butman D, Allen G, Lin P, Pan M, Yamazaki D, Brinkerhoff C, Gleason C, Xia X & Raymond P
(2020) Dietary Uptake Pattern Affects Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds in Fish
Xia X, Wang H & Muir DCG

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