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Xu Yanbing (2019) Odinarchaeote-Tengchong Illuminates the Origination of Eukaryotic Endosomal System
Wu D, Fan L, Xiao J, Xu Y, Zhu R & Zhang C
(2019) Mitochondria Branch within Alphaproteobacteria
Fan L, Wu D, Xiao J, Xu Y, Zhang C, Martin WF & Zhu R

Xu Yang (2022) Carbonate Weathering Drives Magnesium Isotopes in Large Rivers: Insights from the Yangtze River
Xu Y, Jin Z, Gou L-F, Galy A, Jin C, Chen C, Li C & Deng L
(2017) Source and Preservation of Archaeal Intact Polar Lipids in the South China Sea Subsurface Sediments
Wu W, Xu Y, Hou S, Wang H, Zhao Z, Liu H, Liu W & Zhang C

Xu Yangjunjie (2019) Saharan Dust Inputs to Western North Atlantic Ocean with Three Years Time Series
Xu Y, Dessert C, Losno R, Monna F, Robert V, Chane-Teng J & Boyer M
(2017) Compositional Analysis of Saharan Dust Input to Guadeloupe (FWI)
Xu Y, Losno R, Dessert C, Monna F, Robert V & Chane-Teng J

Xu Yanhong (2018) Petrography-Geochemistry, Provenance and Palaeoclimatology for Eocene Liushagang Formation of Wushi Depression, Beibuwan Basin, the South China Sea
Xu Y, Yang X & Mei L

Xu Yao (2022) Relict Refractory Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Central North China Craton: Evidence from Geochemistry of Peridotite Xenoliths from Xiyang-Pingding
Xu Y
(2016) High-Resolution Records of Atmospheric 14C Based on Hulu Cave Speleothems
Cheng H, Edwards RL, Southon J, Xu Y & Li H

Xu Yao-Yang (2018) Measurement of Silicon in Waters and Soils Using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films
Li G, Guan D-X, Luo J, Xu Y-Y & Zhu Y-G

Xu Yi Gang (2015) Distribution of B and Variation of δ11B in Basaltic Weathering Profile from Hainan Island, South China
Ma J, Wei G, Liu Y & Xu Y
(2015) Recycling of Paleo-Pacific Oceanic Crust and Genesis of Intraplate Bsasalts in Eastern Asian Continen
Xu Y
(2014) Variations of Mo Isotope during Intensive Weathering of Basalt
Wei G, Ma J, Liu Y, Wang Z, Li J, Ren Z & Xu Y
(2011) Chronology of Detrital Zircons from Jurassic Sandstones in Western Shandong Province, China: Constraints on the Nature of the Tan–Lu Fault Zone
Yang D, Xu W, Xu Y & Pei F
(2010) Os Isotope Evidence for Diachronous Formation of Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Trans-North China Orogen, North China Craton
Liu J, Rudnick R, Walker R, Gao S, Wu F, Xu W & Xu Y
(2010) Evidence from Pyroxenite Xenoliths for Subducted Lower Oceanic Crust in Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Xu Y, Song S & Zheng Y-F
(2010) Thermo-Tectonic Destruction of the North China Craton: An Overview
Xu Y
(2009) Origin of Basaltic Underplating
Zhu D & Xu YG
(2009) The Retrograde History of Eastern Dabieshan Revealed by 40Ar/39Ar Laser Incremental Heating, Ablation and Stepwise Crushing
Wijbrans JR, Qiu H-N, Brouwer FM, Yun J-B & Xu Y-G
(2009) Geochemistry and Geodynamics of Cenozoic Magmatism in NE China
Xu Y & Qin X
(2008) Petrogenesis and Tectonic Implications of Neoproterozoic Granitoids from Northern Kangdian Rift, South China
Huang X, Xu Y, Li X & Li W

Xu Yi Ming

Xu Yi-Gang (2020) Slab Dehydration and Magmatism in the Kurile Arc as a Function of Depth: A Multi-Isotopic Perspective
Li H-Y, Ryan J, Xie C, Li X, Zhao R-P & Xu Y-G
(2020) Post-Collisional Orogenic Magmatism Involves Melting of Blueschist Stored in Shallow Lithosphere
Wang Y, Foley S, Prelević D & Xu Y
(2020) The Age of Cratonic Roots: Archean Dunites vs. Proterozoic Harzburgites in the Central Siberian Craton
Ionov D, Liu Z, Li J, Xu Y, Golovin A & Korsakov A
(2020) Eoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Crustal Evolution in the North China Craton
Ma Q, Xu Y-G, Huang X-L & Zheng J-P
(2019) Petrogenesis of Picrites from the Emeishan Large Igneous Province
Ren Z-Y, Wu Y-D, Handler M, Zhang L & Xu Y-G
(2019) The Mantle Mega-Wedge beneath East Asia Formed ~145 Million Years ago
Ma Q, Xu Y-G, Chung S-L, Yang J-H & Griffin WL
(2018) Boron Isotopes in Boninites Record Evolving Input from a Cooling Slab during Subduction Initiation
Li H-Y, Ryan J, Li X & Xu Y-G
(2018) Geochemistry of a Reconstructed 1110 Ma LIP (Kalahari, Dronning Maud Land, Congo, Indian & Amazonian Cratons)
Choudhary R B, Xu YG, Ernst R, De Kock M, MEERT, J, Evans D, Ruiz A & Lima G
(2018) Tracing Fluids from the Stagnant Pacific Slab in the Mantle Transition Zone beneath the Eastern North China Craton Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Li H-Y, Li X, Ryan J, Li J & Xu Y-G
(2018) The Origin of the Pliocene Wangqing River Alkali Picrite, NE China
Sun M, Xu Y, Ren Z, Xia X, He P, He H, Jourdan F & Milan L
(2017) Permian Large Igneous Provinces and their Paleo-Environmental Impacts
Xu Y-G, He B, Ma J-L, Chen J, Li J & Wei G
(2017) Ti-Rich Garnet Core in Spinel in a Kimberlite: Evidence for Metasomatic Origin
Choudhary BR, Xu YG, Ernst R & Pandit D
(2017) Generation of Intraplate Basalts in an Hetrogeneous Big Mantle Wedge
Xu Y-G, Li H-Y & Hong L-B
(2016) Geochronologic and Geophysical Constraints on the Origin of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province
Xu Y, Zhong Y, Chen Y, He B & Mundil R
(2016) Direct Temporal Coincidence between the Siberian Traps and Permo-Triassic Boundary Mass Extinction
He B, Zhong Y & Xu Y
(2016) Permian Ophiolites from the Wandashan Orogen, NE China: Constraint to Paleo-Pacific Subduction
Sun M & Xu Y

Xu Yigang (2022) Decoding the P–T–t–d Evolution of the Pur-Banera Belt, Aravalli Craton, India: Insights from Phase Equilibria Modelling and Zircon-Monazite Geochronology of Metapelites
D'Souza J, Naraga P & Xu Y
(2022) Magellan Seamount Trail Generated by Superposition of Arago and Rarotonga Hotspot Volcanism: Insights from Co-occurrence of HIMU and EM1 Components in a Single Pako Guyot
Wei X, Zhang Y, Shi X-F, Castillo PR, Xu Y, Yan Q & Liu J
(2013) Destruction of the North China Craton Induced by Ridge Subductions
Ling M, Sun W, Teng F, Li Y, Ding X, Yang X, Fan W & Xu Y

Xu Ying (2016) Biomarkers Released from the Asphaltenes by Hydropyrolysis in the Crude Oils
Wang G, Xu Y, Yang Y, Zhang Z, Liao Y & Zheng Y

Xu Yingkui (2017) Indigenous Ghost Apatite in Lunar Melt Inclusions
Zhu D, Xu Y, Bao H, Liu Y, Liu J & Li X

Xu Yixian (2020) Reevaluating the Age and Tectonic Implication of the Karamay Ophiolitic Mélange, Northwest China
Wang Q, Su B, Xu Y, Guo X & Xu N
(2017) The Distribution and Formation Mechanism of Lower-Crust Channel Flows in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Yang W, Xu Y & Yan P
(2017) Tracing an Intraoceanic Paleozoic Subduction Zone in Western Junggar of China by Geophysical Imaging
Xu Y, Liu Y, Wu S, Yang B, Zhang S, Huang R, Yang Y, Wang Q & Zhu L

Xu Yong (2020) Recycled Cratonic Mantle Floating in the Upper Mantle Since the Mesozoic Tapped by Intraplate Alkaline Basalts
Cai R, Liu J, Li D & Xu Y
(2020) Multistage Evolution of Oceanic Upper Mantle: Evidence from Lesveos Ophiolitic Peridotites, Greece
Xu Y, Liu J, Dong G & Li D
(2019) Sulfides in Ophiolitic Dunite Channels Cause Os-Isotope Decoupling between Oceanic Crust and Mantle
Xiong Q, Zheng J-P, Xu Y, Liu J-G, Griffin WL & O'Reilly SY
(2019) Origin and Evolution of Yarlung Zangbo Ophiolites: Evidence from HSE Abundances and Re-Os Isotopes of Ophiolitic Peridotites
Xu Y, Liu J, Xiong Q, Su B & Zhu D-C

Xu Yongjiang (2021) Decoupled Water and Iron Enrichments in the Cratonic Mantle
Doucet L, Xu Y, Klaessens D, Hui H, Ionov D & Mattielli ND
(2016) The Effects of High-Pressure Metasomatic Fluids on Blueschist-Facies Overprints of Eclogites from the Subduction Channel
Xiao Y, Niu Y, Lin J & Xu Y
(2014) The Finding of a Titanite-Rich Zone in Omphacite Epidosite and its Geochemical Implication for Subduction-Zone Metamorphism
Xiao Y, Niu Y, Zhang H, Wang K-L, Iizuka Y, Lin J & Xu Y

Xu Yu-Hui (2016) Fungal Interaction with and Accumulation of Vanadium
Xu Y-H, Huang J-H & Brandl H
(2013) Vanadium Dynamics in Soils Impacted by Vanadiferous Titanomagnetite Ore Mining
Xu Y-H, Brandl H & Huang J-H

Xu Yuanqi (2021) Hydrostatic Pressure Exerts Different Effects on Community Structure and Metabolic Capacities of Marine Particle-Attached and Free-Living Microorganisms in Decomposition of the Sinking Particles
Xu Y, Li J, Wang J & Fang J
(2017) PLFA-Stable Isotope Probing: Tracing Carbon Flow from POC and DOC to Microbes
Liu Y, Xu Y, Liu Y, Zeng M, Zhang L & Fang J

Xu Yuayuan (2018) Solubility Controls Carbonate Chemistry with Local Modifications in North American Ocean Margins
Cai W-J, Xu Y, Feely R, Alin S, Sutton A & Barbero L

Xu Yufan (2022) On the Possibility of CMB Thermoelectric Dynamics
Xu Y, Horn S & Aurnou J

Xu Yungpin (2017) Reconstructing the Labrador Current during the Past 1, 400 Years Using Dynamic Sediment and Organic Geochemical Proxies
Rashid H, Xiao W, Xu Y, Li G & Piper D
(2017) Assessment of Terrestrial Organic Matter Inputs in the New Britain Trench: A Biomarker Based Study
Xu Y, Xiao W, Wei D & Ge H

Xu Yunping (2022) Seasonal Change of Organic Carbon Mixing, Degradation and Deposition in Yangtze River Dominated Margin Related to Intrinsic and External Factors
Xu Y & Han L
(2021) Diet Change of Amphipods in the Hadal Trench Revealed by Fatty Acid Biomarker and Stable Isotope Ratio
Shi L, Zhang X, Xiao W & Xu Y
(2021) Probing the Sedimentary DOM in the Deepest Sector of Earth’s Surface
Hu T, Luo M, Wünsch UJ, Xu Y, Fang J & Chen D
(2021) Distributions and Controls of Sediment Organic Carbon in Hadal Trenches
Xiao W, Xu Y, Fang J & Glud RN
(2018) Different 14C Age of Terrestrial and Marine Organic Carbon in Sediments of New Britain Trench: Insight into Carbon Source and Transport in Hadal Trenches
Xiao W, Eglinton TI, Haghipour N, Montluçon D, Jia Z & Xu Y
(2017) Chemical Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter Released from Alpine Permafrost Soils in Northeast Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP)
Wang Y, Spencer R, Zito P, Kellerman A, Podgorski D, Xiao W, Wei D & Xu Y
(2016) Chemical Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in an Alpine Stream from Thawing and Collapsing Permafrost to Qinghai Lake
Wang Y, Xu Y & Liu F
(2016) Insight into Organic Carbon Provenance and Preservation in Coastal Sediments Based on a Multiple Organic Geochemical Approach
Xiao W, Xu Y & Wang Y

Xu Z (2006) A multiple-year experiment on viscosity of hydrous rhyolitic melt
Xu Z & Zhang Y
(2006) Widespread occurrences of apatites with high density sulfide mineral solid exsolutions in the Sulu eclogites
Zeng L, Chen J, Liang F & Xu Z
(2006) Rb/Sr and Sm/Nd isotope analyses of CCSD eclogites (Sulu, China): a test for the closure temperature concept
Schneider J, Jahn B-M, Okamoto K, Tong L, Iizuka Y & Xu Z
(2004) Discussion on Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Magma in Shizishan Orefield, Tongling Area, Anhui Province, Eastern China
Xu Z, Lu X, Ling H, Huang S, Hua M & Gu L
(2003) Characteristics and Evolution of Ore-Forming Fluid in Dongguashan Copper Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Xu Z, Lu X, Huang S, Ni P, Hua M & Lu J
(2003) UHP Mineral Inclusions Hidden in Zircons from Amphibolites in Sulu Terrane, Eastern China
Liu F, Zhang Z, Katayama I, Xu Z & Maruyama S
(2000) Determination of Trace Elements in Geological Samples by the Combination of Flow Injection-Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Xu Z & Lin S

Xu Z. (2017) Sedimentary Mercury in East Asian Marginal Seas: A Comprehensive Study in the Yellow and East China Seas
Lim DI, Kim J, Jung HS & Xu Z

Xu Z. Q. (2001) Discovery of Coesite in the North Qaidam Caledonian Ultrahigh-High Pressure (UHP-Hp) Metamorphic Belt on the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Yang JS, Song SG, Xu ZQ, Liu FL, Maruyama S, Liou JG, Zhang JX, Wu CL, Li HB & Shi RD

Xu Z.-F. (2007) Important Roles of Sulfur Cycling in Karstic Catchment Erosion, Southwest China
Liu C-Q, Jiang Y-K, Lang Y-C, Li S-L, Peng J-H & Xu Z-F

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