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Xu Zexuan (2022) Beyond Kd: Next Generation Performance Assessment Framework Through Machine Learning
Wainwright HM, Chang ES-H, Ermakova D, Lu H, Beverly L, Xu Z, Zavarin M & Zheng L

Xu Zhanjie (2021) Light Absorption and Flouorescence Characteristics and Chemical Composition of Brown Carbon in PM2.5 in Tianjin, North China
Dong Z, Pavuluri CM, Li P, Xu Z, Deng J, Zhao X, Fu P & Liu C
(2021) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Diacids, Oxoacids, α-Dicarbonyls and Fatty Acids in PM2.5 at Tianjin, North China: Implications for Origins and Secondary Formation Pathways
Li P, Pavuluri CM, Dong Z, Xu Z, Fu P & Liu C
(2020) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Total Carbon, Diacids, Oxoacids, a-Dicarbonyls and Fatty Acids in PM2.5 at Tianjin, North China
Li P, Pavuluri CM, Dong Z, Wang Y, Xu Z, Fu P & Liu C-Q

Xu Zhao-Wen (2014) Origin of the Beilou Cu-Bearing Intrusive Rocks, North China Craton: Elemental and Sr–Nd–Pb–Hf Isotopic Constraints
Xu Z-W, Wang H, Lu X-C, Lu J-J, Zuo C-H & Zhao Z-X

Xu Zhaohui (2013) Paleoclimate Reconstruct of Late Triassic Xujiahe Formation Sichuan Basin in Southwest China
Xu Z, Wang Z & Hu S

Xu Zhaokai (2022) Geochemical Records of Continental Weathering/Erosion from the Eastern Arabian Sea and their Responses to the Indian Summer Monsoon Since 1.2 Ma
Chen H, Xu Z, Li T & Clift PD
(2021) Significance of Continental Surface Erosion and Weathering in Modulating the Greenhouse Gas CO2 Level during the Quaternary Glacial Periods: An Integration of Sedimentary Records in Tropical Marginal Seas
Xu Z, Wan S, Lim D, Colin C & Clift PD
(2016) Sedimentary Records of Mercury in the Okinawa Trough during the Late Pleistocene
Kim J, Lim D, Xu Z & Jung HS

Xu Zhaowen (2010) Physicochemical Condition of Mineralization of the Xiaomiaoshan Gold Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Xu Z, Yang J, Yang X, Zhang J & Mao H
(2009) Fluid Properties in Porphyry-Style to Skarn-Hosted Copper Mineralization at Dongguashan, SE China
Yang X, Xu Z, Seo JH, Lu X & Guillong M

Xu Zhe (2020) Gold Contents of Precambrian Metamorphic Crustal Basement in Jiaodong, China and the Contribution to Giant Gold Deposits
Xu Z, Wang Z, Cheng H, He T, Zong K, Hu Z & Guo J

Xu Zhen (2022) Early Triassic Hothouse Climate Sustained by Vegetation Collapse
Xu Z, Yu J, Merdith A, Yin H, Hilton J, Dunhill A, Wignall PB, Wang Y, Shen J, Zhang Y, Poulton SW & Mills BJW

Xu Zheng (2022) Sulfur Concentration in Silicate Melts at Sulfide Saturation: Insights from Machine Learning
Zhang Z, Xu Z, Li Y, Chowdhury P & Sen S
(2022) Generation of Andesite Through Partial Melting of Basaltic Metasomatites in the Mantle Wedge: Insight from Quantitative Study of Andean Andesites
Chen L, Zheng Y-F, Xu Z & Zhao Z-F
(2017) Quantifying Crustal Components in the Mantle Sources of Cenozoic Continental Basalts from Eastern China
Xu Z & Zheng Y-F
(2016) Lead Isotope Constraints on the Nature of Crustal Components in the Mantle Source of Cenozoic Continental Basalts from Eastern China
Xu Z, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F
(2014) Water Content and Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Phenocrysts from Cenozoic Continental Basalt in North China: Implications to the Hydrous Properties of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Xu Z, Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Gong B
(2013) The Nature of Crustal Components in Mantle Sources for Cenozoic Continent Basalts in Southeastern North China Craton
Xu Z, Zheng Y-F & Zhao Z-F

Xu Zhengjiu (2013) Constraining OH Diffusivity in Silicate Melts
Ni H, Xu Z & Zhang Y
(2007) Pressure Dependence of Viscosity of Hydrous Rhyolitic Melts
Hui H, Xu Z & Zhang Y
(2002) Cooling Rates and Temperature in Eruption Columns Inferred from the Hydrous Species Geospeedometer
Zhang Y & Xu Z

Xu Zhengqi (2016) The Relations of Organic Matter and Uranium Mineralization in Black Rock Series Uranium Deposit
Xu Z & Wang P
(2015) Research on the Source of Ore-Forming Fluid of Sanqisan Uranium Deposit, Guangxi, China
Xu Z, Chen X, Zhang G, Li P & Song H
(2013) The Neoproterozoic Magmatic Evolution in Northern Guangxi, China
Song H & Xu Z
(2013) Evidence for the Hydrothermal Fluid Origin of Sanqisan Uranium Deposit in China
Xu Z & Song H
(2012) The Leaching of Heavy Metals from Steel Slag in Panzhihua Region
Teng Y, Yang J, Xu Z & Zhao H
(2012) Geochemical Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Water-Sediment Media in Panzhihua V-Ti-Magnetite Zone, China
Xu Z, Ni S, Teng Y & Zhang C
(2011) Mineralization Features and Metallogeny of Polymetallic Deposit in Black Shale Series in Southwest China
Zhang C, Xu Z & Ni J
(2011) Geochemical Characteristic Contrast of Heavy Metals between Sulphide Mines and Oxide Mines
Xu Z, Ni S, Teng Y & Zhang C
(2011) Phytoavailability and Bioaccumulation of Vanadium in the Soil in Panzhihua Region, SW China
Teng Y, Yang J & Xu Z
(2010) Application of γ Energy Spectrum in the Study of Paleoenvironment
Xu Z, Ni S, Teng Y & Zhang C

Xu Zhewen (2019) Landslide Weathering in Threshold Landscape: An Important Mechanism for 'Uplift Driven Climate Change' Hypothesis
Li L, Xu Z & Li G

Xu Zhifang (2016) Water Geochemistry of the Yalong River Region of Eastern Tibetan Plateau
Zhang X & Xu Z
(2015) Chemical and Strontium Isotopic Characteristics of the Rivers Around the Badain Jaran Desert, North China
Liu W, Xu Z, Jiang H, Zhao T, Shi C, Liang C & Hu J
(2015) Chemical Composition of Rainwater and the Acid Neutralizing Effect at Beijing and Chizhou City, China
Xu Z, Wu Y, Liu W, Liang C, Ji J, Zhao T & Zhang X
(2013) Li Isotope Geochemical Study on Weathering of Granite in Longnan, Jiangxi Province, South China
Liu W, Liu C, Zhao Z, Zhao T, Xu Z, Liu T & Huang L
(2007) Geochemistry of Dissolved Rare Earth Elements in the Xijiang River, China
Xu Z, Han G & Tang Y
(2007) Weathering Processes in Karst River, Southwest China: Implication from Riverine Sulphur and Strontium Isotope
Han G, Xu Z & Tang Y
(2002) Geochemistry of Dissolved and Suspended Loads of the Xijiang River, China: Weathering Processes and Erosion Rates
Xu Z, Liu C-Q & Zhang H
(2002) Geochemistry of Proterozoic Basic-Ultrabasic Volcanics from the West of Yangtze Plate: Implications for the Crust-Mantle Evolution
Zhang H, Xu Z & Liu C-Q

Xu Zhijie (2010) Reactive Transport Modeling of Ureolytic Calcite Precipitation Using a Parallel, Fully Coupled Approach
Huang H, Guo L, Gaston D, Xu Z, Redden G, Fox D & Fujita Y

Xu Zhijun (2014) High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Structure of Collagen Fibrils and Its Role in Vertebrate Skeletal Biomineralization
Xu Z, Yang Y, Zhao W, Wang Z, Landis W, Cui Q & Sahai N
(2014) Molecular Dynamics Structural Analysis of Calcium Phosphate Clusters Nucleated in Collagen Fibril Hole Zones
Xu Z, Zhao W, Wang Z, Cui Q & Sahai N
(2013) Ca2+ and Phosphate Ion Transport to and Calcium Phosphate Cluster Nucleation within Collagen Fibrils In Bone Biomineralization
Xu Z, Zhao W, Yang Y, Cui Q & Sahai N

Xu Zhiqin (2020) Timing of Slip Across the South Tibetan Detachment System and Yadong-Gulu Graben, Eastern Himalaya
Dong H, Larson K, Kellett D, Xu Z, Li G, Cao H & Yi Z
(2017) Kalaymyo Peridotite Massif in the Indo-Myanmar Ranges (Western Myanmar): Its Mineralogy, Petrology and Tectonic Implications
Niu X, Liu F, Yang J, Dilek Y, Xu Z & Sein K
(2010) Helium Isotope Composition and its Geological Significance of the Eclogites in the Lasha Terrane, Tibet
Li Z, Yang J, Xu Z, Li T, Xu X & Ren Y
(2007) Geochemistry, Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr Isotopic Compositions of Eclogite in the Lasha Terrane, Tibet, and their Geological Significance
Li Z, Yang J, Xu Z, Li T, Xu X & Ren Y

Xu Zhixian (2018) Response of Soil Microbial Communities to Elevated Antimony and Arsenic Contamination Indicates the Relationship between the Innate Microbiota and Contaminant Fractions
Sun W, Häggblom M, Li B & Xu Z

Xu Zhiyu (2018) Effect of Carbonate Micro-Texture Types on Cambrian Reef-Flat Reservoir in Tarim Basin, Northwest of China
Shao H, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Feng Z, Li Q, Jia Q & Xu Z

Xu Zhongyuan (2014) Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of Late Pleistocene Volcanics of the Central Greater Xing’an Mountains, NE China
Li S, Xu Z & Zhang C

Xuan J. (2019) Enhancement of Mesopelagic Sinking Particle Fluxes due to Upwelling, Aerosol Deposition, and Monsoonal Influences in the Northwestern South China Sea
Zhang J, Li H, Xuan J, Wu Z, Yang Z, Wiesner MG & Chen J

Xuanluan T. (2016) Source of Arsenic in the Red River, Northern Vietnum, Estimated by Lead Isotopes
Masuda H, Inoue R, Nakano T, Shin K-C, Yonezawa G & Xuanluan T

Xue B. (2013) Biomarker Evidence for the Neoproterozoic Marine Redox Condition in South China
Wang C, Xiong X, Gai H, Liu Y, Li B, Zhou X & Xue B

Xue C (2006) Physical Chemistry Study on the Ore-forming Process of the Hetaoping Pb-Zn-polymetallic Deposit, Baoshan County, Yunnan Province, China
Xue C, Han R, Hu Y, Zou H & Zhu Y
(2006) Enrichment features and significances of Ag and dispersed elements in the ores in the Huize Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb-(Ag-Ge) District, Yunnan, China
Han R, Xue C, Hu Y & Huang Z
(2006) The relationship between mineralization of some metals and accumulation of oil & gas in eastern GUIZHOU, CHINA
Hu Y, Han R & Xue C
(2006) Model of Fuzzy Comprehensive Adjudgement (FCA) of Geochemical Data and the Prognosis of Concealed Ores in the Huize Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan, China
Zou H, Han R, Fang W, Liu M, Hu Y, Xue C & Wu P

Xue Chuandong (2020) P-T Conditions of the Bengge Syenites in the Zhongdian Porphyry Cu Belt, Eastern Tibet: Implications for Metallogenesis
Jiang L, Li W, Wang B & Xue C
(2018) New Insight into Reaction Iso–grades, Petrography, Mineral Chemistry of Metapelites and gem Bearing Marbles in Karakoram Metamorphic Complex (Aliabad – Karimabad), Central Hunza, NE Pakistan
Baig SS, Xue C, Yang T & Jan MQ
(2018) Constraints from Fluid Inclusions and S-H-O Isotope Systematics: Songliang Vein-Type Pb-Zn Deposit in Northeastern Yunnan, China
Wang J, Xue C & Huang Y

Xue Chun.Ji. (2013) Linkage between Gold Mineralization and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Youjiang Basin, South China: Petrographic Evidence
Gu XX, Zhang YM, Wu CY, Li BH, Dong SY & Xue CJ

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