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Xue Chunji (2022) Deformed Zone Hosted Gold Deposits in the Chinese-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Tian Shan
Xue C, Zhao X, Vakhtiar N & Pak N
(2019) Cryogenic 2D Raman Mapping of NaCl and CaCl2 Hydrates in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Chu H, Chi G & Xue C
(2017) Microbial-Textures and in situ Sulfur Isotopic Analysis of Spheroidal and Zonal Sulfides in the Giant Jinding Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China
Xue C, Chi G & Fayek M
(2017) Copper and Molybdenum Seperation in the Dabate Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit, Xinjiang, NW China
Liu C, Xue C, Zhao X & Li Y
(2017) Origin of Ni-Rich Olivines and It’s Implications for the Genesis of the Huangshannan Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposit, Northwestern China
Zhao Y, Xue C & Zhao X
(2017) Post-Collisional Porphyry-Related Mineralization Systems in the Hongshan Deposit, Southern Yidun Arc, SW China
Zu B, Xue C, Chi G & Zhao X
(2017) Zircon and Molybdenite Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Kalmakyr Porphyry Cu–Au Deposit, Uzbekistan: Implications for Mineralization Processes
Zhao X, Xue C & Nurtaev B
(2009) Studying Gold Solubilities Using Fused Silica Capillaries
Chi G, Chou I-M, Wang F, Shang L, Xue C & Liu X

Xue Gabe (2013) A New Model for Emerald Mineralisation and Boiling as a Mechanism for Emerald Zoning and Colouration
Marshall D, Loughrey L, Hewton M & Xue G

Xue Gabriel (2012) Bottom Water Redox Conditions and Sea Level Changes during Zn-Pb and Phosphate Mineralization, Howards Pass District, Yukon Territory
Slack J, Falck H, Kelley K & Xue G

Xue Haitao (2020) Wettability Alteration and Oil-Water-Rock Interaction at Hydrated Kaolinite Clay Mineral Surfaces
Zhao R, Lu S & Xue H

Xue HanBin (2002) Complexation of Trace Metals, and Origin and Effects of Strong Ligands in Swiss Lake and River Waters
Xue H & Sigg L

Xue Huaqin (2018) Levels and Sources of PAHs in Air-Borne PM2.5 of Hefei City, China
Hu R, Liu G, Zhang H, Xue H & Wang X
(2017) Elemental Composition, Morphology and Sources of Atmospheric Fine Particulates (PM2.5) in Tongling City, China
Liu G, Xue H, Zhang H & Hu R

Xue J (2006) Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction study of products formed on (100) crystal face of pyrite
Cai Y, Pan Y & Xue J

Xue Jifeng (2021) Galvanic Influence on Pyrite and Chalcopyrite Oxidation Rates Under Floatation pH Condition
Ishida S, Xue J, Fuchida S, Aoki Y, Kaseyama T, Kishimoto Y & Tokoro C
(2020) Influence of Calcium Ion and pH on Oxidation Rates and Secondary Mineral Formation on Pyrite Surface
Xue J, Ishida S, Kato T, Fuchida S, Kuroiwa S, Aoki Y, Kikutani H & Tokoro C

Xue Jiyue (2009) Comparative XPS Study between Experimentally and Naturally Weathered Pyrites
Cai Y, Pan Y, Xue J, Su G & Li X

Xue N.

Xue Q. (2018) Investigation of Shale Gas Adsorption Mechanism
Chen G, Lu S, Liu K & Xue Q

Xue R. (2015) Evanescent Weathering Surface Evidenced by 234U/238U Activity Ratios?
Xue R, West J, Li L, You C-F & Li G

Xue Shuo (2020) Experimental Determination of the Sulfide/Silicate Melt Partition Coefficients of Siderophile and Chalcophile Elements
Li Y, Zhang M & Xue S
(2016) The Ages of the Giant Bayan Obo Rare Earth Elements Deposit in China
Ling M-X, Fu B, Zhou H-S, Xue S, Liu Y-L & Sun W

Xue Song (2022) MORB Fe Isotope Variation as a Consequence of Mantle Source Heterogeneity and Crustal Level Magma Differentiation
Niu Y, Chen S, Sun P, Chen Y, Guo P, Duan M, Gong H, Wang X, Xue S & Xiao Y

Xue T. (2004) Nobel Gas Isotopes and Fluid Inclusion Studies of PGE-Polymetallic
Sun X, Wang M, Xue T & Ma M

Xue X (2003) The Dissolution Mechanism of Water in Alkaline Earth Silicate and Aluminosilicate Melts: One View from 1H MAS NMR
Xue X & Kanzaki M
(2003) The Effect of Sulfate Sulfur on the Structure of Na2O-SiO2 Glasses: A 29Si MAS NMR, Raman and FT-Ir Study
Tsujimura T, Xue X, Walter M, Yamashita S & Kanzaki M
(2001) Oxygen Triclusters, Non-Bridging Oxygens, and the Properties of Silicate Melts: The View from O-17 NMR
Stebbins JF, Oglesby JV, Kroeker S & Xue X

Xue Xianyu (2017) Hydrogen Incorporation Mechanism in Synthetic Katoite-Grossular and Natural Grossular: 1H Static and MAS NMR and First-Principles Calculation
Xue X, Kanzaki M & Geiger C
(2016) Hydrogen Incorporation Mechanisms in Forsterite: 1H NMR Measurement and First-Principles Calculation
Xue X, Kanzaki M, Turner D & Loroch D
(2014) CO2 Speciation in Ca- and Na- Aluminosilicate Glasses as a Function of Melt Polymerization: A Multi-Nuclear NMR Study
Xue X, Kanzaki M, Floury P & Tobase T
(2013) Crystal Structures of Two Oxygen-Deficient Calcium Aluminum Silicate Perovskites from NMR and Powder X-Ray Diffraction
Kanzaki M, Xue X, Wu Y & Nie S
(2013) Carbonate Speciation in Depolymerized Silicate Melts (Glasses): New Evidence from ab Initio Calculations and 13C MAS and Static NMR Measurements
Xue X & Kanzaki M
(2010) Water Speciation in Hydrous (Alumino)silicate Melts/Glasses and Quasi-Chemical Modeling
Xue X, Kanzaki M & Malfait W
(2002) The Dissolution Mechanisms of Forsterite and Enstatite: Constraints from 29Si and 1H MAS NMR
Xue X, Kanzaki M & Fraser D
(2002) NMR Evidence for a New Water Dissolution Mechanism in Alkaline Earth Silicate Melts
Kanzaki M & Xue X

Xue Xiaobin (2021) Environmental and Anthropogenic Influences on the Occurrence of Iodine Enrichment in Groundwater at the North China Plain
Li J, Xie X, Xue X & Su C
(2018) Fate of Iodine during the Microbial Transformation of Natural Iron Minerals
Li J, Xie X, Zhou H & Xue X

Xue Xuejun (2016) Two Black Carbon Pools Transported by the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers in China
Wang X, Xu C, Luo C, Xue X & Ge T

Xue Y (2005) Numerical Modeling of Land Subsidence in Shanghai
Ye S, Xue Y & Wu J

Xue Yarong (2011) Cr6+ Reduction by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Salt Marsh Sediments
Liu C, Yao S & Xue Y

Xue Yarong (2014) A Basidiomycete Fungus Isolated from a Lignite-Associated Sediment at 1, 929 M Below the Subseafloor
Liu C, Gong P, Zhao T, Xue Y, Lever MA, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

Xue Ying-Yu (2020) Geochemical Compositions of the Ultrapotassic Magmatism in Qinling Orogen, China: Petrogenesis and Implications for Crust-Mantle Interactio
Xue Y-Y, Liu H, Wang K & Sun W
(2020) Potassium Isotopic Composition of Low-Temperature Altered Oceanic Crust and its Impact on the Global K Cycle
Liu H, Xue Y-Y, Zhang G, Sun W-D, Tian Z, Tuller-Ross B & Wang K
(2019) Extremely Light K Isotopes Enriched in Subducted Low-T Altered Oceanic Crust: Implications for K Recycling in the Subduction Zone
Liu H, Wang K, Sun W-D, Xiao Y & Xue Y-Y

Xue Yiting (2022) Detrital Zircon U–Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes of Neoproterozoic Strata in the Songnen Massif: Implications for Basement Composition and Tectonic Affinity
Xue Y, Tang J, Xu W & Luan J

Xue Yr (2007) Transcription of E. coli on Stringent Promoter Enhanced by Nickel Stress
Liu C, Tang C, Zhao Z, Yao S, Xue Y & Lian B

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