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Xue Yiting (2022) Detrital Zircon U–Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes of Neoproterozoic Strata in the Songnen Massif: Implications for Basement Composition and Tectonic Affinity
Xue Y, Tang J, Xu W & Luan J

Xue Yr (2007) Transcription of E. coli on Stringent Promoter Enhanced by Nickel Stress
Liu C, Tang C, Zhao Z, Yao S, Xue Y & Lian B

Xue Yuejun (2016) Isotopic Character and Ages of Particulate and Dissolved Organic Carbon (POC, DOC) in the Huanghe River, China
Xue Y, Xu C, Luo C & Wang X

Xue YuLu (2023) Coupling of Climate and Seabird Activity Significantly Affected Soil Development in Antarctica
Zheng Z, Liu C, Xue Y, Ju P, Hao J & Liu X

Xue Yunxin

Xue Yunxing (2008) Exsolved Magnetite and Clinopyroxene in Olivine from Haladala Gabbro, West Tianshan, NW China
Xue Y

Xue Yuqun (2010) Sustainable Development and Utilization of Groundwater Resources Considering Land Subsidence: A Case Study in Suzhou City, China
Wu J, Shi X, Ye S, Xue Y & Zhang Y
(2008) Geostatistical Analysis for Estimating the Spatial Variability of Hydrogeological and Soil Parameters for the Regional Simulation of Land Subsidence in Shanghai City, China
Shi X, Wu J, Xue Y, Wei Z, Li Q & Wang H
(2008) Modeling of Regional Land Subsidence in Shanghai City, China
Wu J, Shi X, Ye S, Xue Y & Zhang Y

Xue Z (2004) Geochemistry of Pore Waters as Indicators for the Potential Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the South China Sea
Yang J, Jiang S, Yang T, Xue Z, Ling H, Chen D, Wu N & Liu J

Xue Z.-C. (2013) Thallium Isotope Geochemistry of Early Cambrian Black Shales and Ni-Mo Sulfide Ores in South China
Yang J-H, Jiang S-Y, Rehkamper M, Xue Z-C, Pi D-H & Zhu B
(2008) Sulfur Isotope as an Approach Tracing Cycling of Sulfur in Small Karstic River Basins in Southwestern China
Lang Y-C, Liu C-Q, Ding H, Li S-L, Li J & Xue Z-C

Xue Zichen (2013) Interactions of Dissolved CO2 with Cadmium Isotopes in the Southern Ocean
de Baar H, van Heuven S, Middag R, Neven I, Klunder M, van Ooijen J, Xue Z, Abouchami W, Rehkamper M & Galer S
(2011) Cd Behaviour in Arctic Estuarine Systems Using Cd Isotopes and Concentrations Analysis
Lambelet M, Rehkämper M, Van De Flierdt T, Xue Z, Kreissig K, Coles B, Andersson P & Porcelli D
(2010) Cadmium Isotope Constraints on Nutrient Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
Xue Z, Rehkämper M, van de Flierdt T, Grasse P & Frank M
(2010) In Search of a Common Reference Material for Cadmium Isotope Studies
Abouchami W, Rehkämper M, Galer SJG, Horner TJ, Xue Z, Henderson GM, Wombacher F, Schonbachler M, Gault-Ringold M & Stirling C
(2010) Cd Isotope Constraints on Nutrient Cycling in the Southern Ocean
Rehkämper M, Xue Z, van de Flierdt T, Middag R & de Baar H
(2009) A New Methodology for Precise Cadmium Isotope Analyses of Seawater
Xue Z, Rehkämper M & Statham PJ

Xue Ziqiu (2023) How Fast can CO2 be Mineralized in Basalt? Results from Hydrothermal Experiments on Mixtures of Plagioclase and Clinopyroxene
DePaolo DJ, Pester N, Mito-adachi S & Xue Z
(2016) A Reactive Transport Modelling at the Nagaoka Pilot-Scale CO2 Injection Site
Mito S & Xue Z
(2016) Geochemical Reaction of Well Cement in CO2 Sequestration
Nakano K, Mito S & Xue Z
(2013) Reactive Transport Modelling of Mineral Trapping of CO2, Revised by Water Sampling Data at Nagaoka CO2 Storage Site
Kawata Y, Xue Z & Mito S
(2013) Impacts of CO2 Perturbation on Well Composite Samples: Experiments and Numerical Simulations
Tremosa J, Mito S, Audigane P & Xue Z

Xuechun X. (2023) The Characteristics and Petrogenesis of the Late Mesozoic Granitoids in the Eastern North China Craton
Xuechun X, Fanghua C, Changqing Z & Chenyue L

Xuen Heng W. (2022) Multidisciplinary Characterisation of Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport in Legacy Mine Wastes, Endurance Mine, Northeast Tasmania
Miller CB, Cracknell MJ, Wilson O, Xuen Heng W, Fisher E, Roach M, Cooke D, Virtue R & Steyn C

Xueref-Remy I. (2021) First Field Record of 17O-Excess of Atmospheric Vapor Measured by Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Voigt C, Vallet-Coulomb C, Piel C, Reiter IM, Orts J-P, Xueref-Remy I, Santonja M & Alexandre A

Xun L. (2017) Species-Specific Control of External Superoxide Levels by the Coral Holobiont during a Natural Bleaching Event
Diaz JM, Hansel CM, Apprill A, Brighi C, Zhang T, Weber L, McNally S & Xun L

Xun S. (2017) Future Resource Competition in the Technology Space: China’s Critical Materials
Gulley A, Xun S & Nassar N

Xydas C. (2015) Speciation and Bonding Environment of Copper in Pyrite: Implications for Bioleaching
Kossoff D, Hudson-Edwards K, Santini J, Nwaobi B, Xydas C & Messios N

Xydous S. (2023) Albitic Jadeite and Majorite in L6 Ordinary Chondrite Northwest Africa 4137
Effraimidou S, Baziotis I, Xydous S, Sanchez-Valle C, Berndt J, Klemme S, Ma C, Hu J, Ferriere L & Asimow PD
(2017) Phosphorus-Rich Pyroxene in Mantle Xenoliths
Baziotis I, Asimow P, Klemme S, Berndt J, Xydous S, Mavrogonatos K & Flemetakis S

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