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Xiao Shuang (2019) Fertilizers Rule REYs: Agricultural Catchments of Eastern Australia
Cendón DI, Harris SJ, Kelly BFJ, Peterson M, Hankin S, Rowling B, Watson J & Xiao S

Xiao Shuhai (2022) The Potential Influence of Mountain Belts on Ediacaran-Cambrian Ecosystems of Western Gondwana
Caxito F, Sperling EA, MacDonald F, Uhlein G, Cawood PA, Xiao S, Cui H, Pedrosa Soares A, Novo T, De Grave J, Roncato J, Uhlein A, Lana C, Santos L, Rangel C, Ross S, Halverson G, Tedeschi M, Alkmim F, Okubo J, Warren LV, Scholz R & Queiroga G
(2022) Lithium Isotope Evidence for a Plumeworld Ocean in the Aftermath of a Cryogenian Snowball Earth
Gan T, Tian M, Wang X-K, Wang S, Liu X, Luo T & Xiao S
(2021) Probing the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion by SIMS: Depositional or Diagenetic? Global or Local?
Cui H, Kitajima K, Orland IJ, Xiao S, Kaufman AJ, Baele J-M, Denny A, Spicuzza MJ, Fournelle JH & Valley JW
(2021) Recurrent Photic Zone Euxinia in Ediacaran South China Basin Revealed by Mercury Enrichment and Isotope Compositions
Zhou A, Nolan M, Sahoo S, Ostrander CM, Anbar A, Jones D, Xiao S, Chen J & Zheng W
(2020) Diagenetic Signals Archived in Calcitic Glendonite of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, South China
Wang Z, Wang J & Xiao S
(2020) Crystallization by Particle Attachment (CPA) in Biominerals over 550 Million Years
Gilbert P, Porter SM, Sun C-Y, Xiao S, Gibson BM, Shenkar N & Knoll A
(2019) Extensive Marine Anoxia during the Tonian Period Revealed by Uranium Isotopes in Marine Carbonates
Zhang F, Xiao S, Dahl T, Planavsky N, Romaniello S, Lenton T & Anbar A
(2018) Geochemistry of the Basal Ediacaran Tereeken Cap-Doloston of the Quruqtagh Group in Eastern Tianshan, Northwestern China
Wan R, Zhu J, Ke S, Xiao S, Li S & Wang Z
(2018) Calcium Isotope Constraints on the Terminal Ediacaran Rise of Calcified Animals
Zhang F, Lau K, Zheng W, Romaniello S, Xiao S & Anbar A
(2017) Tonian Evolution and Geobiology
Xiao S, Tang Q, Pang K, Bykova N, Ye Q & Yuan X
(2017) Global Marine Redox Changes Drove the Rise and Fall of the Early Animals
Zhang F, Romaniello S, Kendall B, Xiao S & Anbar A
(2013) Mg Isotope Evidence for Early Dolomite Formation in a Marinoan Cap Carbonate
Shen B, Wimpenny J, Yin Q-Z, Lee C-T, Xiao S & Zhou C
(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Neoproterozoic Cap Carbonates from Northwest and Southeast China
Gallagher T, Sheldon N & Xiao S
(2011) First Episode of Widespread Ocean Oxygenation 551 Myr ago
Kendall B, Komiya T, Lyons T, Bates S, Jiang G, Creaser R, Xiao S, McFadden K, Sawaki Y, Tahata M, Shu D, Han J, Li Y, Chu X & Anbar A
(2010) Germanium/Silicon Ratios of Diagenetic Chert Nodules in the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, South China
Shen B, Lee C-T & Xiao S

Xiao Tang Fu (2011) Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollutions from Lead-Zinc Mining Activities in the North River Basin, China
Wang J, Liu J, Chen Y-H, Xiao T-F, Wang C-L, Li X-P & Qi J-Y
(2010) Geochemistry and Environmental Impact of Cadmium in Cadmium-Rich Pb–Zn Mine Wastes of Southwest China
Li H, Xiao TF, Li D, Zhu Z & Ning Z
(2008) Health Risk of Cadmium: A Hidden Health Killer in Areas of Coal-Combustion Related Fluorosis?
Xiao T, Tang J, Lei J & Yang F
(2007) Mesozoic Magmatic Activities of Western Shandong (Luxi), China
Liu S, Hu R, Feng C, Qi L, Xiao T & Zhong H

Xiao Tangfu (2020) Bioaccessibility of Heavy Metals in Soils and Health Risk Assessment Around an Antimony Smelting Factory
Yao D, Ning Z, Liu E, Ma L, Xiao E, Chen H, Liu Y, Liu C & Xiao T
(2019) Thallium and Other Metals in Airborne Particulate Around an Abandoned Tl-Mine in Southwest Guizhou, China
Ning Z, Ma L, Liu Y & Xiao T
(2017) Geochemical Transfer of Thallium in a Sediment Profile from the Pearl River, China and its Source Apportionment by Lead Isotope
Liu J, Wang J, Chen Y, Xiao T, Belshaw NS, Bao Z, Luo X, Yin M, Zhang R & Lin Y

Xiao Tingting (2019) Influence of a Biostimulant on Se Enriching Wheat Plants
Xiao T, Boada Romero R, Llugany Ollé M & Valiente Malmagro M

Xiao Tingyin (2014) Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on ITCZ Position
Ridley H, Asmerom Y, Baldini J, Breitenbach S, Aquino V, Prufer K, Culleton B, Polyak V, Lechleitner F, Kennett D, Zhang M, Marwan N, Macpherson C, Baldini L, Xiao T, Awe J & Haug G

Xiao Wei (2016) Fe(II) – Ferrihydrite Transformation Studies in Oxygen-Free Environment
Xiao W, Jones AM & Waite TD
(2015) Bioreduction and Transformation of Fe(III) Oxides by Schewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Under Anaerobic Conditions
Xiao W, Li X, Bligh M & Waite D

Xiao Wen Jiao (2018) Distinctive Pb Isotopic Mantle Evolution beneath the Paleo-Tethyan and Paleo-Asian Ocean
Liu XJ, Xu JF & Xiao WJ
(2014) The Dupal Peak Isotopic Characteristics of Paleo-Asian Mantle Domains
Liu X, Guo L, Castillo P, Xiao W, Xu J, Shi Y & Xiong B
(2010) Geochronology and Geochemistry of the I-Type Granitic Pluton from the South Qilian Belt, NW China
Yong Y, Xiao WJ & Chen W

Xiao Wen-Jiao (2017) Tracing the Final Collision of Accretionary Orogens: Terminal Magmatic Activities in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB)
Li S, Chung S-L, Wilde S, Jahn B-M, Xiao W-J & Wang T

Xiao Wenjiao (2016) The Orthometamorphites from the South Margin of the Dunhuang Block: Geochemistry, Zircon U-Pb Dating, Hf Isotopes and Tectonic Implications
Wang Z, Han C & Xiao W

Xiao Wenjie (2023) Microbial Alteration of Organic Matter Accumulation and Preservation and Influence on Hydrocarbon Production Potential – Evidence from Geochemistry
Ji H, Xiao W & Huang G
(2021) Diet Change of Amphipods in the Hadal Trench Revealed by Fatty Acid Biomarker and Stable Isotope Ratio
Shi L, Zhang X, Xiao W & Xu Y
(2021) Distributions and Controls of Sediment Organic Carbon in Hadal Trenches
Xiao W, Xu Y, Fang J & Glud RN
(2018) Different 14C Age of Terrestrial and Marine Organic Carbon in Sediments of New Britain Trench: Insight into Carbon Source and Transport in Hadal Trenches
Xiao W, Eglinton TI, Haghipour N, Montluçon D, Jia Z & Xu Y
(2017) Chemical Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter Released from Alpine Permafrost Soils in Northeast Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP)
Wang Y, Spencer R, Zito P, Kellerman A, Podgorski D, Xiao W, Wei D & Xu Y
(2017) Reconstructing the Labrador Current during the Past 1, 400 Years Using Dynamic Sediment and Organic Geochemical Proxies
Rashid H, Xiao W, Xu Y, Li G & Piper D
(2016) Insight into Organic Carbon Provenance and Preservation in Coastal Sediments Based on a Multiple Organic Geochemical Approach
Xiao W, Xu Y & Wang Y

Xiao X (2004) Tectonic Evolution of the Central Higher Himalayan Crystallines in the Kharta Area, Southern Tibet: New Constraints from Geochronological Data
Liu Y, Siebel W, Massonne H & Xiao X

Xiao Xiang (2011) Genetic and Functional Properties of Uncultivated Miscellaneous Crenarchaeota Group (MCG): Implication from the Metagenome Analysis
Wang F-P, Meng J, Zheng Y-P, Qin D, Xu J & Xiao X
(2009) Metagenomics Assisted Investigations of the Metabolic Diversities of Microbial Communities in the Chimneys at Juan de Fuca Ridge
Wang F, Zhou H, Meng J, Zhang C, Zhou J, Xie W, Xu A, Zhou N & Xiao X

Xiao Xiang (2015) Higher Temperature and Hydrogen Availability Stimulated the Methanogenic Activity in East Antarctic Subglacial Sediment
Ma H, Yan W, Xiao X, Sun B, Dou Y & Zhang Y
(2014) Understanding the Biogeochemical Roles of Uncultivated Archaea in Marine Sediments
Wang F, He Y, Yu T & Xiao X
(2014) Nutrients Limitation of Microbial Abundance & Activity at North Pond Crustal Biosphere, Western Flank of Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Zhang X, Zhou Y, Perumal V, Xiao X & Wang F
(2013) The Transformation and Co-evolution of Archaea with its Environment Assessed by Energy Quantum
Xiao X, Zhang Y, Wang F, He Y & Xu J

Xiao Xiang (2016) Activity of Abundant and Rare Bacteria in the Forehead of East Antarctica Ice Sheet
Ma H, Yan W, Zhang Y, Shi G, Xiao X & Sun B
(2016) Rhombohedra Shape of Dolomite Formation Mediated by Microbial Activity Under High Pressure
Zhang Y, Foubert A, Yan W, Muynck W, Hamaekers H, Bartlett D, Swennen R, Xiao X & Boon N

Xiao Xiang (2016) Chemistry of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from the Dragon Flag(Longqi-1) Field, SWIR
Tao C, William E. SJ, Liang J, Li X, Xiao X, Yu H, Ding K, Wu S & Cai W

Xiao Xianghui (2021) Effects of Sr2+ Impurity on the Nucleation and Growth of Barite Investigated by Optical Microscopy and X-Ray Nanotomography
Yuan K, Starchenko V, Rampal N, Yang F, Xiao X & Stack AG

Xiao Xianguo (2010) Huanglong Group Limestone Geochemical Constraints on the Formation of Bauxite in Xinmin, Northwest Guizhou Province, China
Xiao X, Wu G & Han R

Xiao Xianming
(2009) Kinetic Modelling of Gas Generation and Methane Carbon Isotope Fractionation during the Cracking of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Tian H, Xiao X, Guo L & Zhu Y
(2009) Thermal Stability and Gas Generation of Petroleum in the Earth's Subsurface Based on Kinetics Modelling and Field Observations
Xiao X, Tian H & Song Z

Xiao Xing (2014) Fluid Inclusions in Gold-Rich Ores of the Dongping Gold Deposit, China
Xu J, Zhang G, Xiao X, Yang F & Wei H
(2012) CO2-rich Fluids in Lode Gold Deposits at the Sarekoubu- Qiaxia Area, Southern Altaides, China
Xu J, Lin L, Xiao X & Yang R

Xiao Xiuling (2010) Characteristics of Coal Petrology and its Genesis of Jurassic Coal in Ordos Basin in China
Huang W, Xiao X, Tang X & Chen P

Xiao Xue (2020) Size-Dependent Accumulation and Toxicity of PS-Mps in Earthworms (Eisenia Foetida)
Xiao X, Tang Y, He E & Qiu R
(2018) Magnesium and Hafnium Isotopic Geochemical Characteristics of Mantle Peridotites from Penglai, the North China Craton
Xiao X, Lu Y-H & Li P-F

Xiao Y (2003) Oxygen Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Data from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Program: Different Scales and Possible Depth of Meteoric Water/rock Interactions
Xiao Y, Hoefs J, Zhang Z & van den Kerkhof A
(2000) Different Fluid Histories during the Metamorphic Evolution of North and South Dabie Shan, China
Xiao Y, Hoefs J, van den Kerkhof A & Fiebig J

Xiao Y-L (2006) Nb-Ta fractionation in rutile from eclogites
Sun W, Xiao Y-L, Hoefs J, Simon K, Zhang ZM & Li S-G

Xiao Yan (2012) LA-MC-ICPMS Iron Isotopic Measurements of Zoned Olivine
Sio CKI, Dauphas N, Teng F-Z, Chaussidon M, Helz R, Roskosz M, Xiao Y & Ireland T

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