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Yager Joyce A. (2018) New Astrochronology of the End-Triassic Extinction (ETE) and Initial Carbon Isotopic Excursion (CIE)
Olsen PE, Yager J, Jessica W & Steinen R
(2018) The Timing of Redox Changes, CAMP Volcanism, and the End-Triassic Extinction from the Levanto Section (Northern Peru)
Yager JA, West AJ, Corsetti FA, Berelson WM, Thibodeau AM, Pinedo-González P, Rosas BS, Bergquist BA & Bottjer DJ

Yager Patricia (2017) Physical and Biological Controls on Phytoplankton Blooms in the Amundsen Sea Polynya
Oliver H, St-Laurent P, Sherrell R & Yager P

Yager Patricia L (2014) Fe Availability and and Bioactive Metal Dynamics in Antarctic Shelf Systems: Amundsen Sea Polynya vs. Western Antarctic Peninsula
Sherrell R, Lagerström M, Séguret M, Harazin K, Forsch K, Schofield O, Stammerjohn S, Yager P & Meredith M
(2012) Natural Fe Fertilization Mechanisms in the Amundsen Sea Polynya, Antarctica
Sherrell R, Severmann S, Lagerstrom M, Esswein K, Ndungu K, Andersson P, Stammerjohn S & Yager P
(2011) Oxygen Triple-Isotope Evidence for Enhancement of CO<sub>2</sub> Sequestration Efficiency by Diatom-Diazotroph Assemblages in a Giant River Plume
Yeung LY, Berelson WM, Young ED, Prokopenko MG, Carpenter EJ & Yager PL

Yaghubpur A. (2011) Environmental Effects of Zarand Coal Mines and Coal Washing Plant in Kerman Province, Southeast Iran
Yaghubpur A & Hakkakzadeh B
(2010) Environmental Effects of an Abandoned Antimony Mine on the Water Basin of Aq-Darreh Mine Valley, Takab, Iran
Yaghubpur A & Rahimsouri Y
(2008) Preliminary Investigation on the Economic Mineralization in Listwaenites from Sahl Abad Area, Southeast Birjand, East of Iran
Yaghubpur A & Abedi A
(2007) Influence of Acid Mine Drainage on Aquatic Life at Sar Cheshmeh Copper Mine
Orandi S, Yaghubpur A, Sahraei H & Behrouz M

Yagi H. (2020) In situ Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Pyroxenes in Precambrian Gabbro
Yagi H, Itoh S, Ishikawa A, Shibuya T & Ueno Y
(2018) Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Archean Mantle Estimated from a 3.2 Ga Gabbro
Yagi H, Murai T, Ueno Y, Itoh S & Shibuya T

Yagi K (2003) CH4 Emission, Production and their δ13C Values in Submerged Rice Soil as Influenced by Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
Cheng W, Yagi K, Xu H, Sakai H & Kobayashi K

Yagi Keisuke (2016) Numerical Simulation for the Long-Term Evolution of Freshwater-Seawater Interface
Kunimaru T, Saegusa H, Yagi K, Ono M, Ijiri Y, Horio A, Kurihara A & Ota K

Yagi Koshi (2019) The Inverted Barrovian Metamorphic Sequences and Fluid-Present Melting in the Arun Area, Eastern Nepal
Imayama T, Uehara S, Sakai H, Yagi K, Ikawa C & Yi K

Yagi N. (2001) Development of Micro SR X-Ray CT System at Spring-8 for Earth and Planetary Samples
Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi K, Nakano T, Suzuki Y & Yagi N

Yagi Takashi (2019) Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite at the Mantle Transition Zone Pressures
Kimura S, Ohta K, Kawazoe T, Hirose K, Kagi H & Yagi T
(2019) Thermal Conductivity Measurement at High Pressure and High Temperature Similar to Earth’s Lower Mantle Conditions
Hasegawa A, Ohta K, Yagi T & Hirose K
(2019) Sound Velocity Measurements on Lower Mantle Minerals by Femtosecond Pulse Laser Pump-Probe Technique
Wakamatsu T, Ohta K, Yagi T, Nishihara Y, Okuda Y, Mitsude Y & Hirose K
(2018) Anomalous Behavior of the Compressibility and Thermal Conductivity of Fe, Al-Bearing Bridgmanite
Okuda Y, Ohta K, Sinmyo R, Yagi T, Ohishi Y & Hirose K
(2016) Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Lower Mantle Minerals
Ohta K, Okuda Y, Yagi T, Hirose K & Sinmyo R

Yagi Takehiko (2016) Phase Changes of Hydrogen and Deuterated Hydrates Induced by Guest Orientational Ordering
Hirai H, Kagawa S, Kadobayashi H, Hirao N, Ohishi Y, Yagi T & Yamamoto Y

Yagi Takehiko (2015) Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Chlorine: Implications for Terrestrial Missing Chlorine
Kuwahara H, Gotou H, Ogawa N, Yamaguchi A, Ishibashi K, Yagi T & Sugita S

Yagi Takehiko (2011) Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and H-D Isotope Effects in Portlandite
Iizuka R, Kagi H, Komatsu K, Yagi T & Nakano S

Yagisawa M. (2016) Removal Mechanism of Mn(II) by Coagulation-Sedimentation Method Using Calcium Hydroxide
Yagisawa M, Mitani Y, Kato T & Tokoro C

Yaguchi M. (2021) Temporal Variations in Helium and Argon Isotopic Compositions of Fumarolic Gases at Kusatsu-Shirane Volcano, Japan
Obase T, Sumino H, Toyama K, Ohba T, Yaguchi M & Terada A
(2019) Helium Isotope Ratios in Fumarolic and Hot Spring Gases in Kirishima Volcanic Group, Japan
Toyama K, Sumino H, Kawana K, Akiyama Y, Ohba T, Yaguchi M, Aizawa K & Tsukamoto K
(2018) Variable N2/He Ratio of Non-Atmospheric End Member found in Fumarolic Gas at Kusatsu-Shirane Volcano, Japan
Ohba T, Nishino K, Numanami N & Yaguchi M
(2016) The Nature of Volcanic Ash Erupted from Owakudani Fumarolic Area of Hakone Volcano on June 30, 2015
Yaguchi M, Ohba T, Sago M & Sekimoto A
(2016) Volcanic Gas at Mt Hakone, Japan
Ohba T, Yaguchi M & Daita Y

Yahagi T.R. (2013) REE Geochemistry of ~3.2 Ga Old BIFs from the Mapepe Formation and Msauli Member, Barberton, South Africa
Yahagi TR, Yamaguchi KE, Haraguchi S, Sano R, Teraji S, Kiyokawa S, Ikehara M & Ito T

Yahalom-Mack N. (2021) Lead Isotopes and the Chemical Composition of Silver Items Reveal Developments in the Mediterranean Metal Trade during the Bronze and Iron Ages
Eshel T, Gilboa A, Yahalom-Mack N & Erel Y
(2021) Osmium Isotope Analysis as an Innovative Tool for Provenancing Ancient Iron-Based Metals
Eliyahu A, Yahalom-Mack N & Brauns M

Yahyaoui S. (2016) Early Diagenesis and Preservation of Organic Matter in Anoxic Aquatic Environments: Lagoon of Bizerte – Tunisia
Essifi M, Ouertani N, Dhaoui S & Yahyaoui S

Yaita T. (2016) Cs Adsorption/Desorption Behavior of Weathered Biotite at Actual Concentration Level in Fukushima
Mukai H, Motai S, Tamura K, Yaita T & Kogure T
(2013) Intepretation of Cs Adsorption Behavior Based on the EXAFS, TR-Dxafs, and STXM Methods
Yaita T

Yajie L. (2013) The Comparison Experiments of Acid Leaching and Bioleaching of Sand-Type Uranium Ore
Yipeng Z, Zhaoli S, Weijun S, Jinhui L & Yajie L

Yajima M. (2003) Mn-Cr Isotope Systematics of Mesosiderite Vaca Muerta
Yamashita K, Sakuragi K, Yajima M, Nagata Y & Nakamura N

Yajima T. (2008) Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Tests at the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site, NE Japan
Ueda A, Nakatsuka Y, Kunieda M, Kuroda Y, Kato K, Yajima T, Sugiyama K, Odashima Y, Ozawa A & Ohsumi T
(2007) Preliminary Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Test at the Ogachi HDR Site
Ueda A, Yajima T, Satoh H, Ozawa A, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ohsumi T & Kato K
(2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (2) Experimental Study of CO2/water/rock Interaction at Hydrothermal Temperatures
Kato K, Ueda A, Goto A, Odashima Y, Ohsumi T & Yajima T
(2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (1) The Capacity and Possibility
Ohsumi T, Yajima T, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ito Y & Kato K

Yakawano Y. (2016) Seasonal Variations of Organic Matter in Lake Kiba, Japan during 2014-2015
Bui HT, Nagao S, Sutuki T, Yakawano Y, Fukushi K, Hakashi K, Ochiai S & Yamamoto M

Yakimov M.M. (2018) Unraveling Diversity of Extremophiles along Salinity Gradient at the Sea-Water Interfaces of Several Mediterranean Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Lakes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Berlendis S, Maignien L, Yakimov MM, La Cono V & La Spada G

Yakob J. (2012) Equilibrium Partitioning of Li between Olivine and Clinopyroxene at Mantle Conditions
Deane J, Feineman M, Yakob J, Eggler D & Penniston-Dorland S

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