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Yallop Marian (2019) Phototransformation of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Nicholes M, Williamson C, Tranter M, Yallop M, Holland A & Anesio A
(2016) Modelling Microbial Processes during Soil Formation in a High-Arctic Glacier Forefield
Bradley J, Anesio A, Arndt S, Sabacka M, Barker G, Benning L, Blacker J, Singarayer J, Tranter M & Yallop M
(2014) Microbial Succession from Ice to Vegetated Soils in Response to Glacial Retreat in the Arctic
Anesio A, Wright K, Blacker J, Bradley J, Barker G, Yallop M, Tranter M & Benning LG

Yallop Marian L. (2020) In situ ZnO Speciation Changes Towards Zn-Sulfide and Zn-Phosphate within Urban Wastewater Environments
Gomez Gonzalez MA, Koronfel MA, Parker JE, Quinn PD, Yallop ML, Ryan MP & Porter AE

Yam R. (2020) Reconstructing Cenozoic Sea Surface Temperatures from Biogenic opal-A δ18O
Yanchilina A, Yam R & Shemesh A
(2019) Maturation Pathways of Amorphous Opal in Clay and Carbonate Rich Environments in Deep Sea Sediments Indicated by Silica δ18O
Yanchilina A, Yam R, Kolodny Y & Shemesh A
(2019) Sturtian Meteoric and Marine Ice Volume Constrained by Oxygen Isotopes in Marine Fe Oxides
Galili N, Shemesh A, Yam R, Bekker A, Macdonald F & Halevy I
(2018) Tracing the Evolution of Biogenic Opal to Porcellanite and Chert with δ18O in Deep Sea Sediments
Yanchilina A, Yam R & Shemesh A
(2017) The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O from Marine Fe Oxides
Galili N, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I
(2017) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Witherite (BaCO3) Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I
(2017) Trace Elements of Mediterranean Vermetid Reefs as Proxies for Natural and Anthropogenic Processes
Jacobson Y, Yam R, Montagna P, López Correa M, Devoti S & Shemesh A
(2017) The Stable Isotope Record of Vermetids from the Eastern, Central and Western Mediterranean Basins during the Past Two Millennia
Shemesh A, Yam R, Jacobson Y, López Correa M, Devoti S & Montagna P
(2016) Experimental Investigation of Kinetic Isotope Effects on Oxygen during CO2 Hydroxylation
Thaler C, Yam R, Shemesh A, Ader M & Halevy I
(2015) The Distributions of Carbon Isotopes and the Carbonate System Variables in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin
Yam R, Sisma-Ventura G, Kress N & Shemesh A
(2014) Isotopic Fractionation and Trace Element Partitioning of Green Rust
Schuster E, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I
(2014) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Carbonate Mineral Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

Yamabe A. (2016) Temporal and Spatial Variation of Radiocaesium in Seawater and Plankton Samples off Fukushima after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Accident
Aono T, Fukuda M, Yamazaki S, Ishimaru T, Kanda J, Ito Y, Sohtome T, MIzuno T, Yamada M & Yamabe A

Yamabe S. (2016) Effect of Sediment Trap by Check Dam on 137Cs Transport from Forest Catchment to Downstream
Oda T, Yamabe S, Ohte N, Hotta N, Endo I, Hashimoto O & Tanoi K

Yamada A (2008) X-Ray Microtomography Under Extreme Conditions
Lesher CE, Wang Y, Gaudio S, Clark A, Sanehira T, Yamada A & Roberts J

Yamada Akihiro (2020) Effect of Cerium Incorporation on the Structure of Hydrous Rhyolitic Melt
Kondo N, Kono Y, Ohara K, Skrzypec E, Yamada A & Saito S
(2008) Structure of MgSiO3 Glass at High Pressure and Temperature
Yamada A, Lesher C, Gaudio S, Inoue T & Funakoshi K-I

Yamada Akinori (2013) SO2 Photoexcitation Links Polar Sulfate and Climate-Impacting Volcanism
Hattori S, Schmidt J, Johnson M, Danielache S, Yamada A, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2010) Large MIF on O2 Photo-Dissociation and its Relevance to Earth Wind
Yamada A, Nanbu S, Kasai Y & Ozima M

Yamada H. (2003) Solid-Solution Reactions in As(V) Sorption by Schwertmannite
Fukushi K, Sato T, Nagano T, Yanase N & Yamada H
(2001) Post-Spinel Transition in Mg2SiO4 Determined by High P-T in situ X-Ray Diffractometry
Katsura T, Walter MJ, Yamada H, Shinmei T, Kubo A, Ono S, Kanzaki M, Yoneda A, Ito E, Urakawa S, Funakoshi K & Utsumi W

Yamada Hirofumi (2018) Particular Effect of Mg2+ on Hydration Structure at Calcite Surface
Araki Y, Kobayashi K & Yamada H

Yamada Hirohisa (2016) Grand Potential Approach to Water-Swelling Clay Minerals
Suehara S, Sakuma H & Yamada H
(2007) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Rocks in the Tropical Environment
Pascua C, Asai A, Arcilla C, Yamada H & Sato T

Yamada Hiroki (2017) Effect of Redox State of Iron on Viscosity of Sodium Silicate Melts
Sukenaga S, Yamada H, Wakihara T, Ohara K, Kamada S, Florian P, Shibata H, Cicconi MR & Neuville D

Yamada Hiroko (2013) Chemical Speciation of Heavy Metal Elements in Indoor Dust by XAFS Spectroscopy
Yamada H, Qin H & Takahashi Y

Yamada Hiroyuki (2014) Light Absorbing Properties of Diesel Exhaust Particles Measured by a Three-Wavelength Photoacoustic Spectrometer
Guo X, Nakayama T, Yamada H, Inomata S, Tonokura K & Matsumi Y

Yamada J. (2007) Dependence of the External and Surface Morphologies of Matrix Olivine Particles on Growth Condition
Yamada J, Kobatake H, Nozawa J & Tsukamoto K

Yamada K (2006) (U-Th)/He thermochronology of the Tanzawa Tonalite complex, Japan.
Yamada K & Tagami T
(2006) Nojima and MTL fault zone gouge dating, Japan
Zwingmann H, Yamada K & Tagami T
(2003) Carbon Isotopic Composition of CH4 and CO Emitted during Biomass Burning Experiments
Nakagawa F, Komatsu D, Tsunogai U, Gamo T, Yamada K & Nara H
(2003) Stable Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Ratios in Atmospheric Methane over Siberia
Yamada K, Yoshida N, Nakagawa F & Inoue G
(2003) Comparison between (U-Th)/He and K/Ar Ages from Layered Young Rhyolites in Kyushu, Japan
Yamada K, Tagami T & Farley K

Yamada Kayoko (2017) Characterization of Analogues of Amino Acids and Sugars in Radiolysis Products Using Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME)-GC-MS
Hongo Y, Yamada K, Hübschmann H-J & Ruiqin Y

Yamada Kazuyoshi (2016) Stable Oxygen Isotope of Bivalve Shells in AsO-Kai Lagoon (Central Japan) in the Medieval Warm Period
Takata H, Dettman D, Tanaka S, Seto K, Sakai S, Yamada K, Takayasu K & Khim B-K

Yamada Keita (2019) Disequilibrium Oxygen Isotope Precipitation of Land Snail Shell Aragonite: Implication for Vital Effect
Zhang N, Liu Q, Lin M, Yamada K & Yoshida N

Yamada Keita (2011) Measurement of Intramolecular Carbon Isotopic Distribution of Acetaldehyde Emitted from Plant Leaves
Li N, Yamada K, Hattori R, Shibata H, Gilbert A & Yoshida N
(2009) Molecular Fossils Extracted from an Ediacaran/Cambrian Boundary Section in the Three Gorge Area, South China
Yamada K, Ueno Y, Yamada K, Yoshida N & Maruyama S
(2009) Latitudinal Position of Indian Plate during Phanerozoic Period; Revealed Based on Abundances of 13C-18O Bonds in Palaeosol Carbonates
Ghosh P, Vasiliev M, Ghosh P, Sarkar S, Yamada K & Yoshida N
(2007) Isotopic Composition of Methane and <Sigma>CO2 from Arsenic Affected Area of West Bengal, India
Ghosh P, Yamada K, Yoshida N, Acharyya S & Shah B

Yamada Keita (2017) Position-Specific 13C Isotope Analysis of Propane from Southwest Ontario
Gilbert A, Sherwood Lollar B, Giunta T, Yamada K, Yoshida N & Ueno Y
(2017) Near-Equilibrium Temperatures Derived from the Clumped Isotope Signatures of Methane Seep Carbonate: Japan Sea and the Northwest Pacific
Zhang N, Matsumoto R, Yamada K & Yoshida N

Yamada Keita (2015) Position-Specific 13C Isotope Composition of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons
Gilbert A, Suda K, Yamada K, Ueno Y & Yoshida N

Yamada Keita (2022) Methane Clumped Isotope Signatures and Microbial Activity: A Case Study from Two Mud Volcanos in Central Japan
Zhang N, Gilbert A, Nakagawa M, Taguchi K & Yamada K

Yamada Keita (2016) Study of Land Snail Shell and Body Fluid Oxygen Isotopic Compositions from Laboratory Culturing Experiment of Subspecies Acusta Despecta Sieboldiana
Zhang N, Yamada K & Yoshida N
(2016) Spacial Distribution of Dissolved Methane in the Western Arctic Ocean
Kudo K, Toyoda S, Yamada K, Yoshida N, Sasano D, Kosugi N, Ishii M, Yoshikawa H, Murata A, Uchida H & Nishino S
(2016) Measurement of Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Breath and Urinary Acetone
Yamada K, Gilbert A, Ohishi K, Akasaka M, Mineta Y, Tajima H, Kawakami N, Yoshimura R & Yoshida N
(2016) Intramolecular Carbon Isotope Signature of Thermogenic and Abiotic Hydrocarbons
Gilbert A, Suda K, Yamada K, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2016) Re-suspension Processes of Radioactive Cs Emitted by the FNDPP Accident in Summer and Autumn – Possibility of Biosphere-Atmosphere Circulation of Radioactive Cs
Kita K, Kinase T, Demizu H, Igarashi Y, Adachi K, Kajino M, Yamada K, Toyoda S, Yoshida N, Ninomiya K, Shinohara A, Okochi H, Ishizuka M, Maki T, Abe Y, Nakai I, Furukawa J & Onda Y

Yamada Kenta (2007) 3-D Colloidal Crystals of Magnetite in the Tagish Lake Carbonaceous Chondrite
Nozawa J, Tsukamoto K, Satoh H, Nagashima K & Yamada K

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