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Yue WeiFeng (2016) Redox Cycling of Heavy Metals Under Different Digenetic Environments in Lake Sediments
Zheng X, Song L, Teng Y, Yue W & Li J

Yue Weifeng (2021) Heavy Metal Pollution Risk in Soil and Groundwater Around a Copper Concentrator in Inner Mongolia
Zheng N, Teng Y, Yue W, Liu H, Yang J & Zhai Y
(2021) Valuation of Soil-Groundwater Pollution Damage at Site Scale Based on Risk and Economic Theories: Framework, Method and Case Study
Cao X, Zhai Y, Teng Y, Yue W & Yang J

Yue X. (2020) The Role of Plant Roots in the Critical Zone and its Research Framework
Ma T, Yu H, Jie Y, Yue X & Ma Y
(2019) The Influence of Ligands on Soluble Mn(III)-sulfite System for Methyl Parathion
Zhang C, Liao X, Tang M & Yue X

Yue Yahui (2019) Determination of 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratio in Different Rock Types with ICP-MS/MS
Dong S, Liu X, Yang Y & Yue Y

Yue Yuangang (2014) Paleozoic Ophiolitic Melange at the Northern Kunlun Orogen, Northernmost Tibet
Dong Y, Liu X, Zhou X, He D, Yue Y, Zhang J, Zhang H & Zhang G

Yue Yun (2014) Biomass-Burning Aerosol Emissions from Measurement to Modeling
Ichoku C, Ellison L, Wang J & Yue Y

Yue Zhongqi Quentin (2016) Cause of Great Earthquakes by Highly Compressed Methane Gas Mass Trapped in Subduction Faults
Yue ZQ

Yue Ziming (2010) Microbial Arsenite Oxidation in Soil Column Experiments
Yue Z & Donahoe R

Yuehua J. (2019) Feasibility Analysis of Building Underground Freshwater Reservoir in Ningbo Xianxiang Plain China
Yuehua J, Yun L & Guoqiang Y

Yuen D (2006) Post-Perovskite Phase Change and Lower-mantle Dyanmics
Yuen D, Kameyama M, Monnereau M & Matyska C
(2006) Unsolved problems in the lowermost mantle
Hirose K, Karato S, Cormier V, Brodholt J & Yuen D

Yuen Dave (2015) Levels, Source Diagnosis and Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Multimedia Environment from Heshan Coal District, Guangxi, South China
Huang H, Xing X, Qi S & Yuen D

Yuen David A. (2007) Melting and Mixing Processes in Mantle Wedges
Gorczyk W, Gerya TV, Connolly JAD, Burg J-P & Yuen DA

Yuguan P. (2012) The Evolution of Clay Minerals and Rift Structure in Zhanhua Depression, China
Ming Z, Junfeng J, Xiaoming C, Changzhi W, Bing W & Yuguan P

Yuguchi T. (2020) An Analytical Technique for Simultaneously Estimating Crystallization Age and Temperature of Zircon Using LA-ICP-MS
Yokoyama T, Yuguchi T, Sakata S, Ishibashi K, Ogita Y, Ito D, Ohno T, Kagami S, Mitsuguchi T & Sueoka S

Yui M. (2011) Application of NICA-Donnan Model to Modelling of Eu(III) Solubility in the Presence of Deep Groundwater Humic Substances
Terashima M, Okazaki M, Iijima K & Yui M
(2010) Comparative Study of Diffusion of HDO in Compacted Na- and Cs-Montmorillonites Characterized by Three-Dimensional X-Ray Tomographic Imaging Technique
Takahashi H, Seida Y & Yui M
(2009) Ionic Diffusion and Retardation in Horonobe Sedimentary Rock: Clay-Based Model Approach
Tachi Y, Seida Y, Yotsuji K & Yui M
(2009) Influence of Boundary Condition of Diffusion Test Method on Migration Parameter in Compacted Bentonite
Seida Y, Tachi Y, Yoshikawa H & Yui M

Yui S. (2008) Mineral Dust Fluxes over the Last 340kyr Derived from the Dome Fuji Ice Core
Suzuki T, Sato H, Yui S, Hirabayashi M & Fujii Y

Yui T-F. (2016) Almost Epitaxial Forsterite in Nanometer-Sized K-Rich Fluid/Melt Inclusions of Aykhal Diamond
Hwang S-L, Shen P, Yui T-F, Chu H-T, Sobolev NV & Logvinova AM
(2016) Clumped Isotope Compositions of Marbles: An Example from the Backbone Range of Taiwan
Laskar A, Yui T-F & Liang M-C
(2015) A Revisit to the Yorii Jadeite-Quartz Rock, the Kanto Mountains, Japan: Implications from Zircon
Yui T-F & Fukuyama M
(2013) LA-ICP-MS Trace Element and Oxygen Isotope Variation of Vanadium-Rich Ruby and Sapphire within Mogok Gemfield, Myanmar
Zaw K, Sutherland L, Yui T-F, Meffre S & Thu K
(2013) The Genesis of Jadeitite: A Viewpoint from Zirconology
Yui T-F
(2012) Detrital Zircons from the Higo and Abukuma Metamorphic Terranes, Japan: Implication for the Sediment Provenance
Maki K, Fukuyama M, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F, Wang K-L, Usuki T, Hirata T & Grove M
(2011) Sr and Nd Isotope Disequilibrium in Migmatites and Leucogranites, the Higo Metamorphic Terrane, Japan
Maki K, Shellnutt JG, Wu T-W, Mori Y, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F & Jahn B-M
(2011) Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Data from Granitic Rocks of Taiwan
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Wang K-L, Yui T-F, Yang J-H, Lin W & Hsieh P-S
(2008) Syngenetic Nanometer-Size Fluid/Glass Inclusions in Metamorphic Microdiamond: Implication to Genesis of Metamorphic Microdiamond from Potassic Fluid/Melt
Hwang S-L, Shen P, Chu H-T & Yui T-F
(2007) SHRIMP Age of Detrital Zircon from the Rock of Taiwan
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Okamoto K, Yui T-F & Tseng C-Y
(2001) ?-PbO2-type TiO2: From Mineral Physics to Natural Occurrence
Shen P, Hwang SL, Chu HT & Yui TF
(2001) Coesite-Eclogite Rocks Preserve Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Evidence of a Temperate Latitude Cold Climate during Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth
Rumble Iii D, Giorgis D, Ireland T, Xu H, Yui TF & Liou JG

Yuki M. (2016) A Modified SDS-Based DNA Extraction Method for High Quality Environmental DNA from Seafloor Environments
Natarajan VP, Xinxu Z, Yuki M, Fumio I & FengPing W

Yulmetova M. (2023) The Study of Electrical Potential, Remote Sensing, and Preservation of Biosignatures at Sites of Serpentinization (SERP)
Morrill PL, Coxon IN, Cook M, Umoh U, Ventura GT, Leitch A, Poduska KM, Gao B, Yulmetova M, Mahdianpari M, English J & Gill M
(2020) Study of Electrical Potential, Remote Sensing, and Preservation of Biosignatures at Sites of Serpentinization (SERP)
Morrill P, Leitch A, Gao B, Poduska K, Mahdianpari M, Yulmetova M, English J, Evans L, Cook M, Bentley J, Ventura T, Wilson M, White N & LeGrow C

Yum B (2003) Statistical Examination of Subsurface and Surface Water Chemistry in Jeonju Area, Korea: Possible Tracers for Water-Rock Interaction
Park M, Yu J, Choi B & Yum B

Yum Byoung-Woo (2016) UGS Convergence R&D Project (2014-2017): Geological Aspects of Road Collapse in the Urban Areas, Republic of Korea
Yum B-W, Jung B, Bang E, Lee H-J, Jeong SW, Ryu D, Kim SW & Lee I-H

Yumimoto K. (2013) Inverse Modeling of Asian Dust Emission with MODIS AOT and the SPRINTARS Adjoint Model
Yumimoto K & Takemura T
(2009) Elevated Large-Scale Dust Veil Originated from the Taklimakan Desert: Intercontinental Transport and 3-Dimensional Structure Captured by CALIPSO and Regional and Global Models
Yumimoto K, Eguchi K, Uno I, Sugimoto N & Shimizu A

Yumo L.

Yumul G.p. (2014) Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Evolution of SE China: A Record in the Palawan Continental Terrane, Philippines
Walia M, Knittel U, Yang TF, Chung S-L, Dimalanta CB & Yumul GP

Yumul Graciano (2016) Volcanic Geology, Petrology and Geochemistry of a Juvenile Oceanic Arc in Northern Zambales Ophiolite
Perez A, Umino S & Yumul G

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