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Zacny K. (2019) The Salt Astrobiology, Geochemistry and Nanonclimate (S.A.G.A.N.) Mission to Mars
Davila A, Colaprete A, Dave A, Sobron P & Zacny K
(2019) New Insights in Geobiochemical Characterization of Terrestrial and Planetary Underwater Vent Systems
Sobron P, Barge L, Acosta-Maeda T, Amend J, Burnett J, Detry R, Hermis N, Kelley D, Manalang D, Marburg A, Misra A, Nawaz A, Price R, Rehnmark F, Smith M, Thornton B, Yu D & Zacny K

Zaczek K. (2020) Exotic, Frothy Xenoliths in Recent and Historical Ocean Island Eruptions
Jägerup SB, Troll VR, Deegan FM, Geiger H, Carracedo JC, Harris C, van der Zwan FM & Zaczek K

Zaddach J. (2014) Phase Relations of the Solid Solutions Sm(Ca, Ce)PO4 and La(Sr, Ce)PO4
Neumann A, Hirsch A, Heuser J, Jung PC, Zaddach J, Neumeier S, Schlenz H, Bosbach D, Peters L & Roth G

Zadeh H.M. (2009) Geochemical Exploration Gold in Shanegh Area, Delijan, Isfahan
Yazdi M, Sakhdari M, Behzadi M & Zadeh HM

Zadelhoff H. (2020) Temperal Evolution of the St Eustatius Volcanic Field, Lesser Antilles
Vroon P, Zadelhoff H, Strootman R, Kuiper K, Wijbrans J & van der Meulen M

Zaenker H. (2012) Silica-Stabilized actinide(IV) Colloids at Near-Neutral pH
Zaenker H, Weiss S, Hennig C & Dreissig I
(2011) Spectroscopic Study of Influence of Silica on the Stability of Actinide(IV) Colloids at Near-Neutral pH
Banerjee D, Weiss S, Zaenker H, Scheinost A & Hennig C
(2010) Chemical Bonds and Formation Process of Actinide(IV) Oligomers and Colloids
Hennig C, Takao K, Takao S, Ikeda-Ohno A, Banerjee D, Weiss S, Zaenker H, Kraus W, Emmerling F & Scheinost A
(2009) Uranium(IV) Colloids in Near-Neutral Solutions: Influences on Particle Size
Dreissig I, Weiss S, Zaenker H & Bernhard G

Zaffani Maria Chiara (2016) Chemo-Biotratigraphic Characterization of the Triassic/Jurassic Boundary Interval in the Western Southern Alps
Bottini C, Jadoul F, Rigo M, Zaffani MC, Erba E & Artoni C
(2016) New Clues on the Complex Late Triassic Carbon Cycle from the Lagonegro Basin (Southern Italy)
Zaffani M, Godfrey L, Katz M, Maron M & Rigo M

Zaffani Mariachiara (2022) Biotic Extinction at the Norian/Rhaetian Boundary (Upper Triassic): Geochemical and Isotope Evidence of a Previously Unrecognised Global Event
Rigo M, Onoue T, Sato H, Tomimatsu Y, Soda K, Godfrey L, Katz M, Campbell HJ, Tackett L, Golding M, Lei J, Husson J, Maron M, Satolli S, Zaffani M, Concheri G, Bertinelli A, Chiari M & Tanner L

Zafra C. (2013) Diagenesis, Deformation Mechanisms and Architecture of the Fault Zones in the Extensional Neogene Basins of the Northeast Iberian Peninsula
Travé A, Baqués V, Cantarero I, Playà E, Alías G, Moragas M, Martínez C, Pacheco F, Zafra C & Plata A

Zagal Venegas E. (2016) Climate and Geochemical Interaction Control Soil Carbon Dynamics
Boeckx P, Doetterl S, Munoz C & Zagal Venegas E

Zaggia L. (2017) Radon Tracers of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Jamaica
Paulino S, Gordon-Smith D-A, Buddo D, Bokuniewicz H, Rapaglia J & Zaggia L

Zagnitko V. (2011) The Isotopic Composition of Carbon and Oxygen in Calcite of Veinlets and Host Rocks within the Limits of the Kokhanivka Oil Field Carpathian Foredeep, Ukrainе
Naumko I, Zagnitko V & Belets'ka Y
(2010) Fluid Inclusions and Stable Isotope in Calcite of Trostyanets Volcanogenous Complex (Ukrainian Carpathians)
Bondar R, Naumko I & Zagnitko V
(2010) The Isotopic Composition of Carbon and Oxygen of Calcite of Veinlets and Enclosing Rocks within the Limits of the Lopushna Oil Field Ukrainian Carpathians)
Naumko I, Zagnitko V & Belets'ka Y

Zagorevski A. (2020) Boron Isotopic Characterisation of Serpentinites from the Atlin Terrane, Canadian Cordillera: Evidence for Preserved Oceanic Core Complexes?
Bogatu A, Bédard JH, Labrousse L, Martin C, Tremblay A & Zagorevski A
(2018) An Integrated Petrochronological and Thermochronological Approach for the Detrital Record
Kellett D, Weller O, Zagorevski A & Regis D

Zagorsky V. (2013) Global Lithium Deposits (Pegmatites and Brines) as Indicators of Plume-Tectonics
Vladimirov A, Zagorsky V & Volkova N
(2006) Enriched in Oxygen and Aluminium low temperature fluoride-calcium melts in the ongonite massif Ary-Bulak (Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia)
Peretyazhko I, Zagorsky V & Tsareva E
(2006) The Malkhan granite-pegmatite system: intrusion of chemically heterogeneous pegmatite magma
Peretyazhko I & Zagorsky V
(2006) Extremely Cs-rich alumosilicate melts in ongonites
Peretyazhko I, Tsareva E & Zagorsky V
(2006) Hydrosilicate liquids in late magmatic processes: experimental results and natural evidence
Smirnov S, Thomas V, Peretyazhko I, Zagorsky V, Kamenetsky V & Large R
(2002) The Model of Pocket Formation in Boron-Rich Granitic Pegmatites
Peretyazhko I, Zagorsky V, Smirnov S, Mikhailov M, Prokofiev V & Madyukov I

Zagoskina N. (2014) Lichens as a Source of Soluble Precursors for Humification
Zavarzina A, Zagoskina N, Makarov M, Nikolaeva T, Laphsin P & Zavarzin A

Zagrtdenov Nail (2019) Fast Assimilation of Serpentinized Mantle by Basaltic Magma
Borisova A, Zagrtdenov N, Toplis M, Ceuleneer G, Safonov O, Pokrovski G, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U & Bychkov A

Zagrtdenov Nail (2017) Making Earth’s Continental Crust from Serpentinite and Basalt
Borisova A, Zagrtdenov N, Toplis M, Bohrson W, Nedelec A, Safonov O, Pokrovski G, Ceuleneer G, Melnik O, Bychkov A, Gurenko A, Shcheka S, Terehin A, Polukeev V, Varlamov D, Gouy S & De Parseval P

Zagrtdenov Nail (2014) Experimental Study of Neodymium Speciation in Water Vapour
Zagrtdenov N, Bychkov A & Nikolaeva I
(2011) Experimental Research of Metal Mercury Solubility in Water
Alekhin Y, Zagrtdenov N & Mukhamadiyarova R

Zagrtdenov Nail (2015) Preliminary Experimental Investigation of Chromite Dissolution in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Melt
Zagrtdenov N, Borisova A, Toplis M, Tenailleau C & Duployer B

Zagrtdenov Nail R. (2021) Chromitites as a Memory for the Lithosphere Origin, Evolution and Recycling
Borisova AY, Zagrtdenov NR, Ceuleneer G, Toplis MJ & Safonov OG
(2021) Modelling of Chromite and Magnesiochromite Solubility in Silicate Melts at High Temperatures
Zagrtdenov NR, Toplis MJ, Borisova AY & Guignard J

Zagt K. (2011) 'Biogenic Natural Gas' Formation in a Pressurized Lab Scale Reactor
Lindeboom R, Weijma J, vanLier JB & Zagt K

Zagury Gerald J (2012) Nickel Removal Mechanisms from Neutral Contaminated Drainage by Sulfate-Reducing Passive Biofilters
Hamani-Zalagou A, Bussiere B, Neculita CM & Zagury GJ
(2012) Acid Mine Drainage Multi-Step Passive Treatment System: The Lorraine Case Study
Genty T, Bussiere B, Neculita CM, Benzaazoua M & Zagury GJ

Zagury Gérald J. (2019) Comparison of Wood Ash, Compost and Peat-Calcite for Passive Treatment of Contaminated Neutral Drainage in Column Reactors
Richard D, Neculita C-M & Zagury GJ

Zahajská P. (2020) Snowmelt Initiates an Additional Source of Silicon to Streams in Yellowstone National Park, USA
Gaspard F, Opfergelt S, Zahajská P, Hirst C & Delmelle P

Zaharescu Dragos G (2022) Connecting Weathering, Entropy and the Search for Life
Zaharescu DG, Lybrand R, Dontsova K & Chorover J

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