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All abstracts by Paul A. Fenter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Influence of Background Electrolyte on ThIV Sorption Behavior
Hellebrandt S, Schmidt M, Knope KE, Lee SS, Stubbs JE, Eng PJ, Soderholm L & Fenter P

(2015) Observing Ion Interactions at Charged Solid-Liquid Interfaces Using X-Rays: From Statics to Dynamics
Fenter P, Lee SS, Callagon E, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2015) Metal Adsorption at Mica-Water Interfaces
Bourg I, Lee SS & Fenter P

(2014) Real-Time Observations of Calcite Reactivity with X-Ray Reflectivity and Microscopy
Fenter P, Laanait N, Lee SS, Zhang Z, Callagon E & Sturchio N

(2014) Exchange Kinetics of Monovalent Cations at the Muscovite (001) – Water Interface
Lee SS, Nagy K, Sturchio N & Fenter P

(2014) Surface-Mediated Formation of Pu(IV) Nanoparticles on Muscovite
Schmidt M, Knope K, Lee SS, Stubbs J, Eng P, Bellucci F, Fenter P & Soderholm L

(2013) Rb and Sr Adsorption at the Quartz(101) – Water Interface
Bellucci F, Lee SS, Zhang Z, Fenter P & Wesolowski D

(2013) Hot CD-MUSIC
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Ridley M, Predota M, Zhang Z, Fenter P & Kubicki J

(2013) The Influence of Perchlorate (ClO4-) on the Sorption Behavior of Th(IV) on the Muscovite (001) Basal Plane
Schmidt M, Lee SS, Wilson R, Knope K, Fenter P & Soderholm L

(2012) In situ Observations of the Formation of a Single-Layer Gibbsite-Like Phase on the Muscovite (001) Surface
Lee SS, Schmidt M, Nagy K & Fenter P

(2012) Actinide Sorption and Reactivity at the Muscovite-Aqueous Interface
Schmidt M, Lee SS, Wilson R, Knope K, Fenter P & Soderholm L

(2012) Structure of the Calcite (104)-Water Interface: Direct Comparison of X-Ray Reflectivity Data with Computational Results
Fenter P, Lee SS, Sturchio N & Kerisit S

(2012) Probing Quartz (101) Surface Structure in Water with X-Ray Scattering Method
Zhang Z, Fenter P & Wesolowski D

(2012) First-Principles Studies of Dissolution Reactions of Orthoclase
Zapol P, He H, Tan X, Fenter P & Sturchio N

(2012) Interaction of Pb with Calcite (104) Surface in the Presence of EDTA
Callagon E, Lee SS, Fenter P, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2011) Influence of Interfacial Water Structure on Surface Protonation and Ion Adsorption at Metal Oxide Surfaces
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Vlcek L, Mamontov E, Kent P, Predota M, Rosenqvist J, Ridley M, Cummings P, Kubicki J, Sofo J, Kumar N, Lvov S, Bandura A, Fenter P & Zhang Z

(2011) Surface Transformations and Element Cycling Resulting from Interfacial Fe(II)-Fe(III) Self Exchange
Catalano J, Frierdich A, Luo Y, Fenter P, Park C & Rosso K

(2011) Cation Adsorption at the Muscovite-Electrolyte Solution Interface
Fenter P, Lee SS, Schmidt M, Soderholm L, Wilson R, Park C, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2010) A Combined Computational/Experimental Approach to Understanding the Quartz/Water Interface
Skelton A, Kubicki J, Fenter P, Van Duin A, Wesolowski D & Cummings P

(2010) Fe(II)-Induced Structural Transformations of Hematite Surfaces and their Impact on Contaminants
Catalano J, Fenter P, Park C, Rosso K, Frierdich A & Otemuyiwa B

(2010) Imaging Interfacial Topography and Reactivity with X-Rays
Fenter P, Lee SS, Park C, Zhang Z & Sturchio N

(2010) Aqueous-Mineral Interfaces Toward Extreme Conditions: The Potential Experimental Approaches with Synchrotron X-Ray Probe
Park C, Fenter P, Catalano J, Lee SS, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2010) Imaging Ion Adsorption with Total External Reflection X-Ray Standing Waves
Kohli V, Fenter P, Libera J, Elam J, Liu C, Rosenqvist J, Bedzyk M, Machesky M & Wesolowski D

(2010) In situ Observations of Competitive Adsorption of Monovalent Ions at the Muscovite (001)-Water Interface
Lee SS, Park C, Sturchio N, Nagy K & Fenter P

(2010) Extrapolating Investigations of Ion and Molecular Adsorption at the Muscovite (001)-Water Interface to Systems in Earth, Environmental, and Materials Science
Nagy K, Lee SS, Park C, Schlegel M, Cheng L, Sturchio N & Fenter P

(2010) Atomic Structure at the Quartz (101) – Water Interface by X-Ray Scattering Method
Zhang Z, Fenter P & Wesolowski D

(2009) Interfacial Water Ordering and Complex Oxoanion Adsorption on Hematite and Corundum Surfaces
Catalano J, Fenter P, Park C & Zhang Z

(2009) Imaging Cation Adsorption at Aqueous-Mineral Interfaces
Fenter P, Lee SS, Park C, Sturchio NC & Nagy KL

(2009) Atomistic Origins of Mineral-Water Interfacial Phenomena and their Relation to Surface Complexation Models
Wesolowski DJ, Bandura AV, Cummings PT, Fenter PA, Kubicki JD, Lvov SN, Machesky ML, Mamontov E, Predota M, Ridley MK, Rosenqvist J, Sofo JO, Vlcek L & Zhang Z

(2008) Probing the Cassiterite (110) – Water Interface Structure with X-Ray Scattering Method
Zhang Z, Fenter P, Wesolowski D & Anovitz L

(2006) Observation of Molecular-Scale Interfacial Structures with X-ray Reflection Interface Microscopy
Fenter P, Park C, Zhang Z & Wang S

(2006) Direct observations of ion adsorption and interfacial hydration with resonant anomalous X-ray reflectivity
Fenter P, Park C, Catalano J, Zhang Z, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2005) Resonant Anomalous X-Ray Reflectivity: A New Structural and Spectroscopic Probe of Metal Adsorption at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Park C, Fenter P, Sturchio N & Regalbuto J

(2005) Modeling Zn2+ Adsorption at the Rutile-Water Interface to Hydrothermal Conditions
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Fenter P, Zhang Z & Kubicki J

(2005) Structure of Zn2+ at Rutile TiO<->2<$> (110)-Aqueous Solution Interface
Zhang Z, Fenter P, Kelly S, Catalano J, Kubicki J, Bandura A, Wesolowski D, Machesky M, Sturchio N & Bedzyk M

(2005) In situ X-Ray Reflectivity Study of the Mica-Fulvic Acid Interface
Lee SS, Nagy KL, Fenter P & Sturchio NC

(2005) Probing the Reactivity of the Dolomote-Water Interface Using High Resolution X-Ray Reflectivity
Fenter P, Zhang Z, Park C, Sturchio N, Hu X & Higgins S

(2004) Ion Adsorption at the Rutile-Water Interface to Hydrothermal Conditions
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Ridley M, Palmer D, Fenter P, Zhang Z, Kubicki J & Predota M

(2003) Orthoclase Dissolution Mechanism at Acidic pH: New Constraints
Fenter P, Park C, Zhang Z, Cheng L & Sturchio N

(2003) X-Ray Reflectivity Study of Fluorapatite (100) – Water Interface
Park C, Fenter P, Sturchio N, Zhang Z, Cheng L & Orlandini K

(2002) Direct Profiling of Atom Distributions in Mica with X-Ray Standing Waves
Cheng L, Fenter P, Bedzyk M & Sturchio N

(2002) Atomic-Scale Structure of the Quartz (10-10)- and (10-11)-Water Interfaces
Schlegel ML, Nagy KL, Fenter P & Sturchio NC

(2001) X-Ray Reflectivity of the Muscovite-Water Interface in CaCl2 and BaCl2 Solutions: Mechanism of Cation Sorption
Schlegel ML, Nagy KL, Fenter P, Cheng L & Sturchio NC

(2001) Barite-Water Interface Structures and Adsorption of a Growth Inhibitor: X-Ray Reflectivity Results
Fenter P, McBride MT, Srajer G & Bosbach D

(2001) Structure of Natural Organic Matter Sorbed on Muscovite as Determined by Surface X-Ray Reflectivity
Nagy KL, Schlegel ML, Fenter P & Sturchio NC

(2001) In situ X-Ray Reflectivity Study of the Water-Muscovite (001) Interface
Cheng L, Fenter P, Schlegel ML, Nagy KL & Sturchio NC

(2001) ??Probing the Ionic Strength Dependence of Zn2+ and Sr2+ Ion Adsorption at the Rutile/Aqueous Interface Using X-Ray Standing Waves
Zhang Z, Cheng L, Fenter P, Sturchio NC, Bedzyk MJ, Machesky ML & Wesolowski DJ

(2001) In situ Synchrotron X-Ray Reflectivity Studies of Mineral Dissolution Kinetics
Sturchio NC, Fenter P & Cheng L

(2000) Alteration of Muscovite to a Mg-Clay
Nagy K, Schlegel M, Cheng L, Fenter P & Sturchio N

(2000) New Evidence of Orthoclase Dissolution Mechanisms by in situ X-Ray Reflectivity and Atomic Force Microscopy
Sturchio NC, Fenter P & Teng HH

(2000) Probing the Electrical Double-Layer Structure at the Rutile-Water Interface with X-Ray Standing Waves
Fenter P, Cheng L, Machesky ML, Bedzyk MJ & Sturchio NC

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