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All abstracts by Finlay Stuart in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Low He Content of the High 3He/4He Afar Mantle Plume: Origin and Implications of the He-Poor Mantle
Balci U, Stuart F, Barrat J-A & van der Zwan FM

(2022) Olivine Ca as Proxy to Mantle Wedge Depletion in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
Straub SM, Batanova VG, Sobolev AV, Gómez-Tuena A, Espinasa-Perena R, Fleming WL, Bindeman IN, Stuart F & Widom E

(2022) Inter-Laboratory Redetermination of the Atmospheric 22Ne/20Ne
Gyore D, Sumino H, Yang I, Palcsu L, Laszlo E, Mukhopadhyay S & Stuart F

(2022) A Nascent Natural CO2 Reservoir: The Mihályi Field, Pannonian Basin; Opportunities for Geologic Carbon Storage
Gyore D, Cseresznyés D, Király C, Szamosfalvi A, Szabó C, Falus G, Czuppon G & Stuart F

(2022) Multi-Isotope Geochemical Baseline Study of the CMC Research Institutes CCS Field Research Station (Alberta, Canada), Prior to CO2 Injection
Utley RE, Martin-Roberts E, Utting N, Johnson G, Gyore D, Zurakowska M, Stuart F, Boyce A, Darrah T, Gulliver P, Osadetz K, Lawton D, Haszeldine S & Gilfillan SMV

(2020) Constraining the Subsurface Geochemical Baseline of CMC Research Institutes’ Field Research Station (FRS), Alberta
Utley R, Utting N, Johnson G, Zurakowski M, Gyore D, Stuart F, Osadetz K, Darrah T, Haszeldine RS & Gilfillan S

(2020) Constraining the Source and Magnitude of CO2 Contamination in Shale Gases: A Case Study from the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
Gyore D, Pujol M, Gilfillan S & Stuart F

(2020) Geochemistry of Gas Seeps from Haiti: Evidence of Plate Boundary Faults and Underthrusting of Oceanic Crust
Battani A, Mercier de Lepinay B, Stuart F, Burnard P, Pujol M & Momplaisir R

(2019) Helium Isotopes Reveals What Carbon and Nitrogen Cannot, a Mantle Component for Strongly 13C-Depleted Diamond
Mikhail S, Crosby J, Stuart F, Di Nicola L & Abernethy F

(2019) CO2 Mineralization in a Saline Aquifer-Like Environment, Pannonian Basin, Hungary
Gyore D, Kiraly C, Cseresznyes D, Szabo Z, Czuppon G, Szamosfalvi A, Falus G, Szabo C & Stuart F

(2019) Insights from Stable and Noble Gas Isotopes on the Evolution of Coal-Bed Methane in Southeast Qinshui Basin, China
Chen B, Stuart F, Xu S, Györe D & Liu C

(2019) Constraining the Origin of CO2 Upwelling beneath Southern South Africa Using Noble Gases
Gilfillan S, Flude S, Johnson G, Bond C, Gyore D, Hicks N, Lister R, Jones D, Stuart F & Haszeldine S

(2019) Constraints on the Evolution of the Heat and Primordial He Flux from the Iceland Mantle Plume
Martin-Roberts E, Stuart F, Fitton G & Hardarson B

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