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All abstracts by Ciprian Stremtan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Advances in High-Performance LA-Icp-TOF-MS Imaging
Rittner M, Stremtan C & Săbău G

(2019) Ultra-Fast and Beyond: LA ICP MS Isotope Ratio Mapping of Zircon at 500 Hz
Stremtan C, Săbău G, Šala M & Šelih V

(2018) Doubling Sensitivity in MC-ICP-MS Using High-Efficiency, Rapid-Response Laser Ablation Technology
Craig G, Managh A, Stremtan C, Lloyd N & Horstwood M

(2018) Ultra-Fast, High Resolution 3D LA ICP-MS Imaging of Zircons
Stremtan C, Van Malderen SJM & Săbău G

(2017) Rapid LA icpTOF Trace Elemental Imaging of Stalagmites
Borovinskaya O, Stremtan C, Drăgușin V & Blamart D

(2017) Imaging Trace-Element Distribution in Zoned Crystals – An Application to Metamorphic Garnet Porphyroblasts
Stremtan C, Sabau G, Negulescu E & Chew D

(2017) Combining Rapid 2D Elemental Imaging Using LA-Icptof with Flexible Interrogation Software for the in situ Chemical Analysis of Meteorites
Williams N, Stremtan C, Borovinskaya O, Bussweiler Y, Tanner M & Kamber B

(2016) Optimised Performance Characteristics of an Active 2-Volume Cell for Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Asogan D, Stremtan C, Jackson S, Petrelli M, Winship P & Lay C

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