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All abstracts by Jeremy Rushton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Is the Mississippian Bowland Shale an End-Member?
Emmings J, Poulton S, Davies S, Vane C, Jenkin G, Stephenson M, Hennissen J, Dowey P, Taylor K, Leng M, Lamb A, Moss-Hayes V & Rushton J

(2019) Combined Structural, Elemental and Isotopic Characterisation of Calcite Fracture-Fill Mineralisation
Roberts N, Lee J, Walker R, Drake H & Rushton J

(2017) Developing a Stratigraphy for Ferromanganese Crusts from Tropic Seamount, North East Atlantic
Josso P, Lusty P, Chenery S, Horstwood M, Rushton J & Murton B

(2016) Reaction of Bunter Sandstone with CO2 and Gaseous Impurities (NO2, H2S, SO2) – Implications for CCS
Bateman K, Selby L, Rushton J & Wagner D

(2014) The Formation of Ikaite (CaCO3.6H2O) in Hyperalkaline Springs Associated with the Leaching of Lime Kiln Waste
Milodowski A, Rushton J, Purser G, Rochelle C, Kemp S, Shaw R & Ellis M

(2013) Green River CO2 Natural Analogue, Utah: Insights into Fe Mobilisation from Jarosite Fracture Mineralisation
Rushton J, Wagner D, Purser G, Pearce J & Rochelle C

(2010) Characterisation of Mine Waste: A Case Study of Frongoch Tailings
Rushton JC & Banks VJ

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