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All abstracts by Lawrence Percival in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Uranium-Isotope Records of Global Ocean Deoxygenation during the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE 1a)
Percival L, Dickson AJ, Basu A, Castro JM, Ruiz-Ortiz PA, Bottini C, Erba E, Mutterlose J, Goderis S & Claeys P

(2023) Mercury (Hg) Isotope Evidence for Enhanced Importance of Terrestrial Hg to the Global Ocean during the Early Jurassic Oceanic Anoxic Event (Toarcian OAE)
Zheng X, Percival L, Yin R, Al Suwaidi A, Storm M, Ruhl M, Xu W, Hesselbo SP & Jenkyns HC

(2023) Tracing Variations in the Flux of Extraterrestrial Material Through Time
Krämer Ruggiu L, Goderis S, Debaille V, Da Silva A-C & Percival L

(2021) Insights into the Magmatic Processes, Volatiles and Environmental Impacts Through the Life Cycle of Large Igneous Province Volcanism
Mather TA, Black B, Karlstrom L, Schmidt A & Percival L

(2021) Determining the Style and Provenance of Magmatic Activity during the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE 1a)
Percival L, Tedeschi LR, Creaser R, Bottini C, Erba E, Giraud F, Svensen H, Savian J, Trindade R, Coccioni R, Frontalini F, Jovane L, Mather TA & Jenkyns H

(2019) Sedimentary Markers of Ocean Plateau Volcanism during the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Percival L, Tedeschi L, Creaser R, van Helmond N, Snoeck C, Debaille V, Mattielli N, Bottini C, Erba E, Goderis S, Mather T, Jenkyns H & Claeys P

(2019) Mercury Enrichment Associated with Local Volcanism: A Triassic Example Relevant to LIPs
Whiteside J, Nayee J, Percival L, Irmis R, Mather T, Mancuso A & Benavente C

(2019) Two CAMP Explosive Eruptions
Olsen P, Kinney S, Stüeken E, Jaret S, Percival L, Philpotts A & Whiteside J

(2018) The Late Devonian Mass Extinction: New Geochemical and Geochronological Insights
Percival L, Davies J, Selby D, Schaltegger U, Rakocinski M, Racki G, Bond D, Spangenberg J, Adatte T & Föllmi K

(2018) Atmospheric Deposition of Volcanic Hg on a Jurassic Lava Flow of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
Whiteside J, Percival L, Mather T & Olsen P

(2017) Comparing Records of End-Cretaceous and End-Permian Volcanism
Percival L, Jenkyns H, Mather T, Robinson S, Batenburg S, Woelders L & Hesselbo S

(2016) Sedimentary Mercury Signals from Large Igneous Province Volcanism: Insights from the End-Triassic and End-Cretaceous
Percival L, Mather T, Hesselbo S, Jenkyns H, Ruhl M, Whiteside J & Woelders L

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