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All abstracts by Eric Ferrage in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Assessing the Redox Reactivity of Tetrahedral Fe in Clay Minerals
Neumann A, Baron F, Biswakarma J, Pearce C, Ferrage E, Petit S & Hofstetter TB

(2021) Effect of Particle Orientation on the Diffusion of Water in the Dual Porosity of Vermiculite Porous Media
Asaad A, Hubert F, Ferrage E, Dabat T, Paineau EN, Savoye S, Gregoire B & Tertre E

(2021) Wettability of Clay Surfaces and its Implication on the Status of Water in Unsaturated Porous Media
Guérin L, Michot L, Ferrage E, Claret F & Marry V

(2020) Synthesis of Tachyhydrite and Bischofite for Isotopic Calibration Measurements
Gaucher EC, Pichat A, Ferrage E, Lerouge C, Flehoc C & Agrinier P

(2020) Salt Mineralogy and Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Evaporites of the West African Margin
Pichat A, Gindre-Chanu L, Delhaye-Prat V, Gaucher E, Ferrage E & Pedley A

(2019) Water Trapping Dynamics in Carbohydrate-Populated Smectite Interlayer Nanopores: Experiments and Theory
Aristilde L, Kelch S, Ferrage E, Lanson B, Bakker E & Charlet L

(2017) A Classical Polarizable Force Field for the Structure and Dynamics of Water and Cations in Clays and Zeolites
Marry V, Tesson S, Louisfrema W, Salanne M, Rotenberg B, Boutin A & Ferrage E

(2012) Clay-Rock Alteration Experiments at 80Â℃ in Closed and Open Conditions: Application to the Waste Storage
Beaucaire C, Tertre E, Ferrage E, Grenut B, Pronier S & Made B

(2010) Transport and Ion Exchange between Na+ and Ca2+ in Vermiculite: Modeling of Experimental Data Obtained for Static and Stirred Flow-Through Reactor Methods
Tertre E, Pacreau M, Bruzac S, Ferrage E & Prêt D

(2010) Water Organization in Na-Saponite. An Experimental Validation of Numerical Data
Ferrage E, Sakharov BA, Michot LJ, Lanson B, Delville A & Cuello GJ

(2004) Influence of pH on the Hydration State of Ca-Montmorillonite: XRD Profile Modeling Vs Chemical Modeling
Ferrage E, Tournassat C & Lanson B

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