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All abstracts by Nanako O. Ogawa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Phytoplankton Productivity in the Bransfield Strait Recorded in Isotopes of Sedimentary Chlorophyll-A
Servettaz APM, Isaji Y, Ogawa NO, Yoshikawa C, Jimenez-Espejo FJ & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Preliminary Results of Radiocarbon Dating of Amino Acids: A Novel Tool for Biogeochemistry and Chronology
Ohkouchi N, Itahashi Y, Ishikawa N, Yamane M, Yokoyama Y, Ogawa N, Takano Y, Chikaraishi Y, Yoneda M & Nagata T

(2016) Nitrogen Isotope of Chloropigments in the Nitrogen Cycle in the Ocean
Ogawa NO, Yoshikawa C, Suga H, Makabe A, Matsui Y, Yoshida O, Kawagucci S, Fujiki T, Harada N & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Isolation and Purification of Individual Amino Acids by HPLC for Precise Small-Scale Radiocarbon Dating of Archaeological Bones
Itahashi Y, Takano Y, Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N, Ohkouchi N, Yamane M, Yokoyama Y, Nagata T & Yoneda M

(2016) Seasonal Variations in Nitrogen Isotope Ratios of Amino Acid of Settling Particles in the Western Subarctic North Pacific
Yoshikawa C, Ogawa N, Chikaraishi Y, Fujiki T, Harada N, Honda M & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Effects of Increasing Salinity on the Biogeochemical Cycle of the Hypersaline Biomat: Insights from the Isotopic Composition of Pigments
Isaji Y, Kawahata H, Kuroda J, Yoshimura T, Ogawa NO, Suzuki A, Shibuya T, Jimenez-Espejo FJ, Lugli S, Manzi V, Roveri M & Ohkouchi N

(2016) Adsorption of Ammonia onto Grain Surface as a Potential Mechanism for Nitrogen Isotopic Discrimination
Sugahara H, Takano Y, Ogawa NO, Chikaraishi Y & Ohkouchi N

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