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All abstracts by Kotaro Nakata in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Measurements of Diffusion Coefficient of Dissolved He and Fractionation between 3He and 4He during Diffusion Through Rocks
Nakata K, Hasegawa T & Okamoto S

(2022) Identification of Glacial Meteoric Water Using Noble Gas Temperature, in the Northern Part of Japan
Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Tomioka Y, Ohta T, Okamoto S, Marui A, Machida I, Ikawa R, Ono M & Matsumoto S

(2022) Inverse Modeling on Hydraulic Conductivity in Groundwater Flow Model Using Groundwater Ages of 4He and 14C
Okamoto S, Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Ueda A, Mori K & Takeuchi R

(2020) Multiple Groundwater Dating Conducted at Mizunami URL
Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Tomioka Y, Ohta T, Okamoto S, Hama K, Iwatsuki T & Watanabe Y

(2019) Stability of Deep Groundwater at Costal Area in Japan
Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Tomioka Y, Ohta T, Marui A, Machida I, Ikawa R, Ono M & Matsumoto S

(2019) Radon-Based on-Site Estimation of Extraction Efficiencies of Krypton and Argon by Field-Degassing Device for Groundwater Dating
Ohta T, Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Tomioka Y & Matsumoto T

(2017) Comparison of Age of Groundwater and Dissolved Organic Matter
Nakata K, Tomioka Y, Hasegawa T & Kodama H

(2017) Reasearch and Development on Groundwater Dating for Very Old Groundwater in Coastal Area
Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Tomioka Y & Ota T

(2016) Effect of Solution Composition on Cesium Desorption of Phyllosilicates with Different Stacking Structure
Yokoyama S, Nakata K & Suzuki S

(2016) Geochemical Investigations of Groundwater in the Western Coastal Area of the Miura Peninsula, Japan
Tomioka Y, Hasegawa T, Nakata K, Kondo H & Kunimaru T

(2016) Chemical and Isotopic Study of the Impact on Groundwater Environment by an Large Underground Facility
Iwatsuki T, Kato T, Nakata K & Hasegawa T

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