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All abstracts by Catherine McCammon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Redox Heterogeneities in the Archean Mantle Inferred from Mineral Inclusions in Siberian E-Type Diamonds: Implications for Volatile Speciation and Diamond Formation
Marras G, Mikhailenko D, McCammon C, Aulbach S, Logvinova A, Dominijanni S & Stagno V

(2023) Iron Valence Systematics in Clinopyroxenes from Oceanic Basalts: Re-evaluating Stoichiometric Estimates of Clinopyroxene Ferric Iron Contents
Neave DA, Stewart A, Hartley ME, Namur O & McCammon C

(2023) Preferential Mobilisation of Oxidised Iron by Slab-Derived Hydrous Silicate Melts
Tiraboschi C, McCammon C, Rohrbach A, Klemme S, Berndt J & Sanchez-Valle C

(2022) The Ferric Iron Contents of Lower Mantle Minerals and their Use in the Determination of Deep Diamond Formation Conditions
Frost D, Melai C, McCammon C, Boffa Ballaran T, Miyajima N & Huang R

(2021) Carbon in the Deep Earth: The Fate of Magnesite in the Lower Mantle
Libon L, Spiekermann G, Sieber MJ, Kaa J, Dominijanni S, Albers C, Morgenroth W, Biedermann N, Appel K, McCammon C, Roddatis V, Husband R, Glazyrin K, Hennet L & Wilke M

(2021) Diamond Formation Through Mineral Hydration at the Base of the Transition Zone
Frost D, Huang R, McCammon C & Boffa Ballaran T

(2021) The Oxygen Fugacity of Sublithospheric Diamond Formation and the Conditions Encountered during their Ascent to the Surface
Melai C, Frost D, Boffa Ballaran T & McCammon C

(2021) Fe(II) Oxidation in the Presence of Sb(V): Mutual Effects on Fe(III) Precipitates and Sb Sequestration
Hockmann K, Wegner L, McCammon C, Peiffer S, Planer-Friedrich B & Burton E

(2020) An Experimental Approach to a Multiple Saturation Point of a “Direct Ascent” Petit-Spot Basalt
Yutani T, Condamine P, Hirano N, McCammon C & Frost D

(2020) The Redox State of Subduction Zones and the Implications for the Speciation of Volatiles
Frost D, Eberhard L, Melai C, Boffa Ballaran T & McCammon C

(2020) Magnetism in Iron-Nickel Alloys
McCammon C, Wei Q & Gilder S

(2019) Did Bacteria Induce Redox Cycling of Magnetite within Banded Iron Formations (BIFs)?
Byrne J, Schad M, McCammon C, Tomaszewski E, Smith A, Cerantola V & Kappler A

(2019) Iron Speciation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions Inferred from Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Gaborieau M, Laubier M, Bolfan-Casanova N, McCammon C, Vantelon D & Chumakov A

(2019) Fe-Mg-Mn Exchange between Olivine and Melt and an Oxybarometer for Basaltic Systems
Blundy J, Melekhova L, Ulmer P, Pichavant M, Humphreys M, Ziberna L, Cerantolo V, Brooker R & McCammon C

(2019) The Effect of Oxygen Fugacity on the Stability and Ferric Iron Content of Antigorite
Eberhard L, Frost D & McCammon C

(2019) Ferric Ferrous Ratios in Mantle Xenoliths by Synchrotron Mössbauer Source Spectroscopy
Kiseeva K, Wood B, McCammon C & Ashchepkov I

(2018) Aiding Atmosphere Oxidation Through Mantle Convection
Lee K, Gu T, Creasy N, Li M, McCammon C & Girard J

(2018) Mantle Metasomatism as Recorded in Diamond Dissolution Features
Fedortchouk Y, Chinn I, Liebske C & McCammon C

(2018) Silicate Melt Ferric/Ferrous Iron Speciation and the Redox State of a Deep Magma Ocean
Frost D, Armstrong K, Rubie D, McCammon C, Boffa Ballaran T, Siersch N & Wang Y

(2018) On the Use of Experimentally Derived Redox Sensors in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Laubier M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Gaborieau M & McCammon C

(2017) Facilitating Atmosphere Oxidation Through Mantle Convection
Lee K, Gu T, Creasy N, Li M & McCammon C

(2017) Oxidation State of Majoritic Garnet Inclusions in Diamond
Kiseeva K, Vasiukov D, Wood B, McCammon C, Stachel T, Chumakov A & Dubrovinsky L

(2017) Effect of Composition on Compressibility of skiagite-Fe-Majorite Garnet
Ismailova L, Bykov M, Bykova E, Bobrov A, Dubrovinskaia N, McCammon C & Dubrovinsky L

(2017) Effect of Fe3+ on the Subsolidus and Melting Phase Relations Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Sinmyo R, Nakajima Y, McCammon C, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S, Myhill R & Frost D

(2017) Do Fe-Bearing Minerals Control the Deep Carbon Cycle in the Interior of the Earth?
Stagno V, McCammon CA, Cerantola V, Andreozzi GB, Caruso M, Arimoto T & Irifune T

(2017) Elastic Wave Velocities of Fe-Bearing Carbonates: A Nuclear Inelastic Scattering Study for Deep Carbon
Chariton S, McCammon C, Vasiukov D, Cerantola V, Aprilis G, Chumakov A & Dubrovinsky L

(2016) Transformations of Hydrocarbons during Hot Subduction
Mukhina E, Dubrovinsky L, Serovajskii A, McCammon C, Kolesnikov A, Kupenko I & Kutcherov V

(2016) Evidence for Water in the Lower Mantle from Ferropericlase Included in Diamond
Palot M, Jacobsen SD, Townsend JP, Nestola F, Marquardt K, Harris JW, Stachel T, McCammon CA & Pearson DG

(2016) The Spin State of Fe3+ in Lower Mantle Bridgmanite
Sinmyo R, McCammon C & Dubrovinsky L

(2016) Strong Affinity of Al-Containing Bridgmanite for Ferric Iron
McCammon C, van Driel J, Kawazoe T, Myhill R & Dubrovinsky L

(2016) Stability of Fe, Al-Bearing Bridgmanite in the Lower Mantle and Synthesis of Pure Iron Bridgmanite
Ismailova L, Bykova E, Bykov M, Cerantola V, McCammon C, Boffa Ballaran T, Bobrov A, Dubrovinskaia N & Dubrovinsky L

(2016) Reductive Decomposition of Phase D by Formation of Fe-Bearing Aluminous Bridgmanite
Ishii T, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S, McCammon C & Katsura T

(2016) The Oxidation State of Iron in Silicate Melts as a Function of Pressure
Armstrong K, Frost D, McCammon C, Rubie D & Boffa-Ballaran T

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