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All abstracts by Jens Fiebig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemical Markers of Magmatic Solicitations to Volcanic-Hydrothermal Systems: The Long-Standing Unrest of La Soufrière de Guadeloupe Dissected via Non-Condensable Gases
Moretti R, Robert V, Moune S, Inostroza Pizarro M, Jessop DE, Tassi F, Vaselli O, Bonifacie M, Fiebig J, Labidi J, Vlastelic I, Chilin-Eusebe E, Grassa F, Metcalfe A & Allard P

(2023) Mapping Metamorphic Methane Distribution and δ13C Across an Orogenic, Partially Serpentinized Massif: Insights into Abiotic CH4 Generation and Pathways for Fluid Migration in Subduction Zones
Olivieri OS, Vitale Brovarone A, Fiebig J, Boutier A, Van Baalen M, Ressico F & Peverelli V

(2023) Deep Magma Degassing and Volatile Fluxes Through Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems in Iceland
Ranta E, Halldorsson SA, Barry PH, Ono S, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Kleine BI, Ricci A, Fiebig J, Sveinbjörnsdóttir ÁE & Stefánsson A

(2023) Mantle CO2 Fluxes and Carbonate Fixation in Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems in Iceland
Kleine BI, Smit MJ, Toro DI, di Stefano AM, Pope E, Waight T, Thomassot E, Jeon H, Whitehouse M, Padilla Rivas EK, Wiese F, Fridriksson T, Ármansson H, Gunnarsdóttir SH, Mesfin KG, Sigurðardóttir ÁK, Fiebig J, Ricci A, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Halldorsson SA, Kjartansdóttir R, Ono S, Sveinbjörnsdóttir ÁE, Ólafsdóttir R & Stefánsson A

(2023) Tracing Vital Effects in Biogenic Carbonates via Triple Oxygen Isotope Systematics
Herwartz D, Klipsch S, Bajnai D, Raddatz J, Davies A, Gischler E, Fiebig J & Pack A

(2023) High-Precision ∆47 and ∆48 Acid Fractionation Factors for Aragonite, Calcite, Dolomite, Siderite and Witherite
Bernecker M, Bonifacie M, Staudigel P, Davies AJ, Tagliavento M, Siebert J, Wehr N & Fiebig J

(2023) Constraining Temperature and Reaction Chemistry Kinetics in Cold-Water Methane Seeps Using Dual-Clumped Isotopes
Staudigel P, Feng D, Peckmann J, Davies AJ, Tagliavento M, Bernecker M & Fiebig J

(2022) Using Dual Clumped Isotope Thermometry to Better Understand the Dinosaur-Bird Transition
Tagliavento M, Davies AJ, Bernecker M, Staudigel P, Dawson RR, Guo W & Fiebig J

(2022) Fluid Inclusions and Dual-Clumped Isotopes: Is it Checks and Balances all the Way Down?
Staudigel P, van der Lubbe HJL, Davies AJ, Tagliavento M, Bernecker M, Nooitgedacht C & Fiebig J

(2022) Dual Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Biogenic Carbonates: Identifying and Correcting for Non-Equilibrium Isotope Effects
Davies AJ, Guo W, Brand U, Tagliavento M, Bajnai D, Gischler E, Raddatz J, Bernecker M, Schlidt V & Fiebig J

(2021) Calibration of the Dual Clumped Isotope Thermometer for Carbonates
Fiebig J, Bernecker M, Schneider G, Bernasconi SM, Boch R, Daëron M, Dietzel M, Jautzy JJ & Guo W

(2021) Dual Clumped Isotope Analysis of Modern and Eocene Mollusc Shells
Schlidt V, Evans D, Bernecker M & Fiebig J

(2021) Thermodynamic and Kinetic Constraints on Molecular Hydrogen Abundance and Isotope Systematics in Hydrothermal Fluids
Ricci A, Fiebig J, Kleine BI, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Kamunya KM, Mountain B & Stefánsson A

(2019) Long-Term Precision and Accuracy of Clumped Isotope Measurements
Bajnai D, Fiebig J, Löffler N, Methner K, Krsnik E, Prud'homme C & Hofmann S

(2019) High-Precision Analysis of ∆48 and ∆47: Resolving Temperature from the Kinetic Information Recorded in Carbonates
Fiebig J, Bajnai D, Löffler N, Methner K, Krsnik E, Mulch A, Prud'homme C & Guo W

(2018) Origin of the CO2 Fluxes of the Icelandic Hotspot
Kjartansdóttir R, Stefánsson A, Sveinbjörnsdóttir ÁE, Fiebig J, Heinemeier J & Halldórsson SA

(2018) Methane Clumped Isotopologue Thermometry of Icelandic Geothermal Gases
Beaudry P, Rhim J, Stefánsson A, Fiebig J & Ono S

(2018) Abiotic Hydrocarbons in Earth's Crust: A Phantom?
Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, Silva C, D'Alessandro W, Ricci A, Schreiber C, Lopez T & Mountain B

(2018) Belemnite Clumped Isotope Record: Mesozoic Seawater T and δ18O
Bajnai D, Fiebig J, Vickers M, Price GD, Wierzbowski H, Rogov M, Bodin S & Voigt S

(2017) Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Hydrocarbons in Volcanic-Hydrothermal Emissions
Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, D'Alessandro W, Ricci A & Lopez T

(2017) Assessing Kinetic Fractionation in Brachiopod Calcite Using Clumped Isotopes
Bajnai D, Fiebig J, Raddatz J, Tomašových A & Brand U

(2017) Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece
D'Alessandro W, Daskalopoulou K, Gagliano AL, Calabrese S, Fiebig J, Tassi F & Kyriakopoulos K

(2017) Applying the Clumped Isotope Paleothermometer to Teeth from T. rex and C. Megalodon
Löffler N, Böttcher ME, Fiebig J, Tütken T & Mulch A

(2015) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Carbonate-Bearing Apatites: Digestion Techniques and Calibrations
Wacker U, Löffler N, Rutz T, Conrad AC, Tütken T, Böttcher ME & Fiebig J

(2014) Background Correction for Clumped Isotope Analysis of CO2 Based on m/z = 49 Ion Beam Intensity
Fiebig J, Luedecke T, Loeffler N, Methner K, Wacker U & Hofmann S

(2013) It’s Getting Hot on Earth – The Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum in a Terrestrial Sedimentary Record
Methner K, Wacker U, Fiebig J, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2013) Clumped Isotopes, δ18O, δ13C, δ11B, 87Sr/86Sr: A Multiproxy Approach to Silurian Brachiopod Shells
Wacker U, Fiebig J, Gerdes A, Munnecke A, Joachimski MM & Schöne BR

(2012) Clumped Isotopes Applied to Silurian Brachiopod Shells, Gotland/Sweden
Wacker U, Fiebig J, Munnecke A, Joachimski MM & Schoene BR

(2012) Hydrothermal Hydrocarbon Gases: Geothermometry and Origins
Fiebig J, Tassi F, D'Alessandro W, Vaselli O & Woodland A

(2011) Formation of Carbonate Minerals during Magmatic/Hydrothermal Alteration of Volcanic Rocks at Unzen Volcano, Japan
Simonyan A, Dultz S, Behrens H, Fiebig J & Voges K

(2009) Sourcing Hydrocarbons in CO2-rich Hydrothermal Systems
Fiebig J, Tassi F, D'Alessandro W & Woodland A

(2008) Abiogenic Methane in Volcanic Emissions can be Non-Genetic with the Higher Hydrocarbons
Fiebig J & Woodland AB

(2007) The Freshwater Pearl Mussel: One Species – Several Proxies
Baier SM, Schoene BR & Fiebig J

(2006) Abiogenic methane formation in arc magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Fiebig J & Woodland AB

(2004) In situ Sulfur Isotope Ratio Measurements by Laser Ablation High Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Lahaye Y, Bendall C, Brey G, Fiebig J & Weyer S

(2002) Origin of Methane within a Subduction Related High-Temperature Hydrothermal System and its Role in Risk Evaluation
Fiebig J, Caliro S & Hunziker J

(2002) In situ 40Ar/39Ar UV Laser Dating of Mylonitic Mica Fish: Cooling or Crystallisation Ages?
Mulch A, Cosca MA & Fiebig J

(2000) Different Fluid Histories during the Metamorphic Evolution of North and South Dabie Shan, China
Xiao Y, Hoefs J, van den Kerkhof A & Fiebig J

(2000) Exchange Mechanisms, Fluid Flow and Fluid Evolution during Hydrothermal Alteration of Granites
Fiebig J, Simon K & Hoefs J

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