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All abstracts by Frédéric Moynier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Origin of the Volatile Elements of Primitive Achondrites and Iron Meteorites Revealed by Zinc Isotope Anomalies
Fang L, Moynier F, Paquet M, Kubik E, Barrat J-A & Chaussidon M

(2023) Triple Silicon Isotope Insight to the Formation of Precambrian Cherts
Sun H, Chaussidon M, Robert F, Tian S, Deng Z & Moynier F

(2023) Tracking Granitic Magma Origin and Evolution Using Stable Silicon Isotopes in Zircon
Guitreau M, Gannoun A, Deng Z, Chaussidon M, Moynier F, Barbarin B & Marin-Carbonne J

(2023) Refractory Element and Titanium Isotope Constraints on Volcanic Parent Material Variability and Elemental Mobility in the Critical Zone
Grant KE, Deng Z, Rigoussen D, Garcia MO, Chadwick O, Moynier F & Derry L

(2023) Rubidium Isotopic Compositions of Angrites Controlled by Extensive Evaporation and Partial Recondensation
Wang B, Moynier F & Hu Y

(2023) An Isotope Metallomics Characterization of Samples from the Australian Imaging, Biomarker & Lifestyle Flagship Study of Ageing, and ab Initio Calculations of K Isotope Fractionation in Biological Systems
Mahan B, Nestmeyer M, McCoy-West AJ, Moynier F, Lahoud-Heilbronner E, Fowler C, Bush A & Study A

(2023) Impact of Aging on Copper Isotopic Composition in the Brain
Lahoud-Heilbronner E, Moynier F, Mahan B, Rigoussen D & Le Borgne M

(2023) Baseline of Rubidium Isotopic Composition in Mice Organs
Rigoussen D, Moynier F & Wang B

(2023) Origin and Abundances of Volatiles on Mars from the Zinc Isotopic Composition of Martian Meteorites
Paquet M, Sossi PA & Moynier F

(2023) Zirconium Isotopes Reveal Continental Crust Recycling into the Mantle
Tian S, Moynier F, Jackson MG & Inglis E

(2023) Iron and Zinc Isotopic Evidence for Fluid Infiltration in Eclogite Breccias at Monviso, Italy
Goliber SFB, Starr P, Inglis E, Agard P, Locatelli M, Dragovic B, Paquet M, Moynier F & Baxter EF

(2023) Cadmium Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Mantle Derived from Mid-Oceanic Ridge Basalts and Komatiites
Devos G, Moynier F, Creech J, Liu D, Luu T-H, Rigoussen D, Puchtel IS & Bizzarro M

(2023) Origin of Moderately Volatile Element Depletion on Differentiated Bodies: Insights from the Evaporation of Indium from Silicate Melts
Liu D, Moynier F, Siebert J, Sossi PA, Hu Y & Kubik E

(2023) Origin of Oldhamite in Enstatites: Evidence from Ca Isotope
Dai W, Moynier F & Siebert J

(2023) Zinc, Copper and Calcium Isotopic Composition of Ryugu’s Samples
Moynier F, Paquet M, Dai W, Yokoyama T, Hu Y & Yurimoto H

(2023) Copper Isotope Compositions Measured Using the Collision/Reaction Cell (CRC)-MC-ICP-MS Sapphire
Luu T-H, Peters D, Gérard Y, Lahoud-Heilbronner E & Moynier F

(2023) Planetary Formation and Evolution Through the Lens of Zinc and Copper Isotopes
Savage PS & Moynier F

(2023) Volatile-Depletion Processing of the Building Blocks of Earth and Mars Recorded by Stable Potassium Isotopes
Hu Y, Moynier F & Yang X

(2023) Isotope and Trace Element Composition of Biogenic Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Formed by Cyanobacteria
Mehta N, Coutaud M, Bouchez J, Van Zuilen K, Bradbury HJ, Moynier F, Gorge C, Skouri-Panet F & Benzerara K

(2022) Stable Zirconium Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Carbonatites
Tian S, Magna T, Rapprich V, Moynier F & Giebel RJ

(2022) The K Isotope Composition of Göttingen Minipig Brain Regions and Implication for Alzheimer’s Disease
Mahan B, Tacail T, Lewis J, Elliott T, Turner S, Chung R & Moynier F

(2021) Sample Analysis of Phobos Regolith Returned by JAXA's Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) Mission and its Scientific Objectives
Fujiya W, Furukawa Y, Sugahara H, Koike M, Bajo K-I, Chabot NL, Miura YN, Moynier F, Russell SS, Tachibana S, Takano Y, Usui T & Zolensky ME

(2021) Perseverance Rover Notional Caches for Mars Sample Return
Hickman-Lewis K, Herd CDK, Bosak T, Stack KM, Sun VZ, Benison KC, Cohen BA, Czaja AD, Debaille V, Hausrath EM, Mayhew LE, Moynier F, Sephton MA, Shuster DL, Siljeström S, Simon JI, Weiss BP, Smith CL, Steele A, Flannery D, Goreva YS, Gupta S, Kah LC, Minitti ME, McLennan SM, Madariaga JM, Brown AJ, Williford KH & Farley KA

(2021) Tracing the Origin and Differentiation of the Enstatite Achondrite Parent Bodies Using Cr Isotopes
Zhu K, Moynier F, Schiller M, Becker H, Barrat J-A & Bizzarro M

(2021) Triple Silicon Isotope Constraints on the Formation of Precambrian Cherts
Sun H, Chaussidon M, Tian S, Robert F, Deng Z & Moynier F

(2021) Triple Magnesium Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Chondrules
Chaussidon M, Deng Z, Ebel DS, Villeneuve J, Moureau J & Moynier F

(2021) Using Copper Stable Isotopes in the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Moynier F, Creech J, Lahoud E, Dallas J, Hugon J, Paquet C, Mahan B & Le Borgne M

(2021) Refractory Element and Ti Isotope Constraints on Parent Material Variability and Elemental Mobility in the Critical Zone
Derry LA, Grant KE, Deng Z & Moynier F

(2021) Earth’s Volatile Accretion as Told by Cd, Bi, Sb and Tl Core–mantle Distribution
Kubik E, Siebert J, Blanchard I, Agranier A, Huang D, Mahan B & Moynier F

(2021) Tidal Pull of the Earth Strips the proto-Moon of its Volatiles
Charnoz S, Sossi PA, Lee Y-N, Siebert J, Hyodo R, Allibert L, Landeau M, Oza A & Moynier F

(2021) Stable Potassium Isotopic Compositions of Angrites: Implications for Volatile Element Depletion in their Parent Body
Hu Y & Moynier F

(2021) Tracking the Origin of Earth’s Volatile Elements Depletion with Indium
Liu D, Moynier F, Siebert J & Sossi PA

(2021) Ca Isotopes as Tracers of Geothermal Gradients in TTG Magmas: Evidence for Hot Subduction throughout the Archean
Antonelli MA, Kendrick J, Yakymchuk C, Guitreau M, Mittal T & Moynier F

(2021) The Zirconium Isotope Composition of the Mantle and Upper Continental Crust Through Time
Tian S, Moynier F, Inglis E, Rudnick RL, Huang F, Chauvel C, Gaschnig RM, Creech J & Puchtel IS

(2020) Natural Copper Stable Isotopes in the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
Moynier F, Creech J, Lahoud E, Dallas J, Hugon J, Paquet C, Mahan B & Le Borgne M

(2020) A Longitudinal Investigation of Metal Accumulation in Brain Regions of Göttingen Minipigs, and a First Glimpse of Ca Isotopes in the Mammalian Brain
Mahan B, Antonelli M, Burckel P, Turner S, Chung R, Jørgensen AL & Moynier F

(2020) Internal Zr Isotope Zoning in Magmatic Zircons Revealing Magmatic Thermal History
Guo J-L, Wang Z, Moynier F, Zhang W, Hu Z & Ducea M

(2020) A Sketch for a Photolytic History of Organic Molecules in the Solar System
Orthous-Daunay F-R, Piani L, Flandinet L, Thissen R, Wolters C, Vuitton V, Poch O, Moynier F, Sugawara I, Naraoka H & Tachibana S

(2020) Silicon Isotope Systematics of Zircon from Various Granite Types
Guitreau M, Gannoun A, Deng Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Chaussidon M & Moynier F

(2018) Origin of Carbonatites from Ca Stable Isotopes
Amsellem E, Moynier F & Bertrand H

(2018) Absence of Ga Isotopic Fractionation during Core Formation
Kato C, Moynier F, Mahan B, Blanchard I, Kubik E, Siebert J & Fujii T

(2018) Stable Zr Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation: Insights into the Evolution of Earth’s Crust
Inglis E, Moynier F, Creech J, Savage P & Deng Z

(2018) Cold Moon Formation Revealed by Chromium Isotopes
Sossi P, Moynier F & van Zuilen K

(2018) The Earth's Transition from Stagnant Lid to Plate Tectonics: Constraints from Titanium Isotopes
Deng Z, Chaussidon M, Savage P, Robert F & Moynier F

(2018) Re-evaluating the 238U/235U Ratio of Zircon and Accessory Minerals
Livermore B, Connelly J, Moynier F & Bizzarro M

(2018) Earth’s Building Materials from Mass-Dependent Ca Isotopic Compositions
Bouvier A, Martin P-E, Amsellem E, Maloney M, Frossard P, Boyet M & Moynier F

(2017) Stable Isotope Fractionation of Sn during Planetary and Nebular Processes
Creech J & Moynier F

(2017) Isotope Cosmochemistry of Gallium: Insights into Planetary Volatile Depletion
Kato C & Moynier F

(2017) Silicon Isotopes in Large River Sediments: Imprint of Modern-Day Weathering vs. Continental Recycling
Zhang X, Pringle E, Dellinger M, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & Moynier F

(2017) Barium and Sr Isotopic Fractionation during their Uptake by Cyanobacteria Forming Intracellular Carbonates
Coutaud M, Bouchez J, van Zuilen K, Moynier F, Gorge C, Poinsot M, Skouri-Panet F & Benzerara K

(2017) Chromium Isotopic Homogeneity between the Moon, the Earth, and Enstatite Chondrites
Mougel B, Moynier F & Göpel C

(2017) Testing the Chondrule-Rich Accretion Model for Planetary Embryos Using Calcium Isotopes
Amsellem E, Moynier F, Pringle E, Bouvier A, Heng C & Day J

(2017) Theoretical Study of Reduced Partitioning Function Ratios of Zn-Bearing Minerals and Metals
Abe M, Moynier F, Asai K, Ono K, Sossi P, Zempo Y, Imamura Y & Hada M

(2017) Effect of UV Irradiation on the Soluble Organic Matter Extract from the Murchison Chondrite
Orthous-Daunay F-R, Flandinet L, Thissen R, Vuitton V, Moynier F, Piani L & Tachibana S

(2017) Pebbles or bam Bam?: Insights into Earth's Source Material, Accretion and Differentiation from Zn Metal-Silicate Partitioning
Mahan B, Siebert J, Blanchard I, Badro J & Moynier F

(2017) The Titanium Stable Isotopic Composition of Chondrites and Earth: Implication for Continental Crust Extraction
Deng Z, Moynier F, van Zuilen K, Sossi PA, Pringle EA & Chaussidon M

(2017) Extreme Volatile Depletion in the Eucrite Parent Body
Moynier F, Dhaliwal J & Day J

(2017) Experimental Constraints on the Evaporation of Moderately Volatile Elements during Planetary Formation
Sossi P, Klemme S, O'Neill H, Berndt J & Moynier F

(2017) Copper Isotope Composition of Planetary Mantles
Savage P, Day J, Moynier F & Burton K

(2016) Cr Isotope Composition of the Earth-Moon-Enstatite Chondrite System
Mougel B, Moynier F & Göpel C

(2016) Origin of Volatile Element Depletion in Early Solar System Material
Pringle E, Moynier F, Beck P, Paniello R & Hezel D

(2016) Origin of Large Soluble Molecules in Murchison Chondrite
Orthous-Daunay F-R, Flandinet L, Thissen R, Vuitton V, Moynier F & Zinner E

(2016) Silicon Isotopes in Ancient Zircons
Savage P, Trail D, Burton K & Moynier F

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