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All abstracts by Nicolas Finck in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Iron Corrosion Related Bentonite Alteration
Gill N, Heberling F, Dieste-Blanco O, Finck N, Metz V & Geckeis H

(2021) Anaerobic Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Compacted Bentonite Exposed to Natural Opalinus Clay Porewater: Bentonite Alteration Study
Morelová N, Schild D, Heberling F, Finck N, Dardenne K, Metz V & Geckeis H

(2021) Reactive Transport of Selenite and Strontium Through a Goethite Coated Sand Column
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Luetzenkirchen J, Finck N, Liu C, Marsac R, Jordan N & Hanna K

(2020) Interaction of Iodide with Green Rust and Magnetite
Platte T, Finck N, Polly R, Mangold S & Geckeis H

(2019) Selenite and Strontium Breakthrough in a Column of Goethite Coated Sand: Experiments and Modelling
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Marsac R, Hanna K, Finck N, Liu C & Lützenkirchen J

(2019) Speciation of Thorium in Soils from Sri Lanka
Ratnayake S, Lützenkirchen J, Schild D, Finck N & Geckeis H

(2018) Sorption of Eu(III) and Am(III) on Magnetite in NaCl Brine
Vozarova N, Finck N, Schild D, Dardenne K, Montoya V & Geckeis H

(2017) Treatment of Temperature Dependence of Interfacial Speciation by Speciation Codes and Temperature Congruence of Oxide Surface Charge
Lützenkirchen J & Finck N

(2013) Montmorillonite Colloid Size Heterogeneity – Fractionation and Characterization
Norrfors K, Bouby M, Heck S, Finck N, Marsac R, Schäfer T, Geckeis H & Wold S

(2011) Selenide Retention by Mackinawite: A Multi-Edge XAS Approach
Finck N, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2010) Selenium Retention by Iron Sulfides
Finck N, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2009) Lu(III) Coprecipitation with Hectorite: A P-EXAFS Approach
Finck N, Schlegel M & Bosbach D

(2008) Ln(III) Coprecipitation with Trioctahedral Smectite Hectorite
Finck N, Schlegel ML, Stumpf T, Walther C, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2007) Structural Incorporation of Trivalent F Elements into the Trioctahedral Clay Mineral Hectorite
Finck N, Dardenne K, Schlegel M & Bosbach D

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