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All abstracts by Nathaniel Findling in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Ferrobrucite Synthesis and Reactivity Under Hydrothermal Conditions Below 150℃
Carlin W, Malvoisin B, Brunet F, Lanson B, Findling N, Lanson M, Fargetton T, Jeannin L & Lhote O

(2021) Hydrogen (H2) Uptake and Physisorption in Clay-Rich Formations
Tchalala R, Magnin V, Findling N, Grekov D & Truche L

(2021) Evaluation of Selectivity of Sequential Extraction Procedure for REE Speciation in Laterite
Denys A, Janots E, Auzende AL, Findling N, Lanson M & Trcera N

(2012) Foliar Transfer of TiO2 and Ag Nanoparticles in Lettuce
Larue C, Cecillon L, Castillo-Michel H, Barthes V, Magnin V, Findling N, Bureau S & Sarret G

(2011) Effects of Organic Ligands and Temperature on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Findling N & Guyot F

(2011) Nucleation and Growth of Acicular Goethite from Ferric Hydroxide Gel Under Moderate Temperature (30 and 70℃)
Montes-Hernandez G, Beck P, Renard F, Quirico E, Lanson B, Chiriac R & Findling N

(2009) Grain Boundary Diffusion Rates Dependence Upon Water Activity in High Pressure Experiments
Gasc J, Brunet F, Corvisier J, Verlaguet A, Findling N & Lathe C

(2009) Calcium Carbonates Distribution in Experimentally Carbonated Portland Cement Cores
Brunet F, Corvisier J, Fabbri A, Bernard S, Findling N, Rimmelé G, Barlet-Gouédard V, Beyssac O & Goffé B

(2008) Combining Experimental Studies and Kinetic Modelling to Investigate the Carbonation of Ca-Bearing Silicates
Daval D, Martinez I, Corvisier J, Findling N, Goffé B & Guyot F

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