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All abstracts by Zhifei Liu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Roles of Hydrological and Land Weathering Intensity Changes on the Nd Cycle of the South China Sea during the Past 35 kyr Inferred from Neodymium Isotopic Composition in Foraminifera
Huang Y, Colin C, Liu Z, Joffrey B, Dapoigny A, Douville E, Yu Z & Lin AT-S

(2023) Tracing Riverine and Atmospheric Supply Variability over the Holocene Mediterranean Sea: A Basin-Wide Perspective
Wu J, Yao S, Zhang Y, Liu Z, Zhao Y, Filippidi A & de Lange GJ

(2022) Widespread Deposition of Pre-Aged Terrestrial Organic Carbon on the Tropical Epicontinental Sea
Lin B, Liu Z, Zhao M, Sompongchaiyakul P, Zhang H, Blattmann T, Feng S, Wiesner M, Le KP, Meas R & Sathiamurthy E

(2020) Towards Refining the Carbon Budget of the Taiwan Orogeny
Blattmann T, Lin B, Liu Z, Wang S-L, Märki L, Eglinton T & Lupker M

(2018) Reconstruction of Deglacial Surface Ocean pH in the South China Sea Using Boron Isotopes in Foraminifera
Sun LY-J, Huang K-F, Ren H, Chen M-T & Liu Z

(2017) Monitoring Sediment Transport in the Deep South China Sea Using 231Pa-230Th Isotopess of Sediment Trap Samples
Zhao Y, Liu Z, Lippold J, Jaccard S, Zhang Y, Eglinton T, Zhang X & Wu Q

(2017) Tracing Seasonal Variation of Suspended Sediment Provenances in the South China Sea
Liu Z, Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Colin C, Wu Q, Lin S, Zhao S, Wen K & Zhang X

(2017) The glacial-Holocene Evolution of Water Masses in the Bay of Bengal Based on δ18O and δ13C Analyses
Ma R, Sepulcre S, Licari L, Bassinot F, Liu Z, Kallel N & Colin C

(2016) Provenance and Glacial-Interglacial Cyclicity of Clay Minerals Since the Mid-Pleistocene in the Southwestern South China Sea
Cheong N, Liu Z, Li Q & Colin C

(2016) Provenance and Source-To-Sink Transport Processes of Fluvial Sediments in the South China Sea
Liu Z, Zhao Y, Colin C, Stattegger K, Wiesner MG, Zhang Y & Li X

(2016) Climatic Control on Sediment Transport in the Bengal Region during the Holocene
Joussain R, Liu Z, Colin C & Bassinot F

(2016) Tracing the Provenance of Organic Matter and its Associations with Minerals in the South China Sea
Blattmann T, Wen K, Li J, Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Wacker L, Haghipour N, Plötze M, Liu Z & Eglinton T

(2016) Formation of Early-Middle Miocene Red Layers in the South China Sea: Element Geochemistry and Bulk Mineralogy Analysis
Lyu X & Liu Z

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