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All abstracts by Xia Lu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Isotope Exchange between Dissolved Elemental Hg(0), Inorganic Hg(II), and Hg(II)-bound to Organic Ligands and Environmental Implications
Gu B, Wang Q, Zhang L, Liang X, Yin X, Lu X, Zheng W & Pierce E

(2020) Environmental Implications of Metal Binding by the Novel Chalkophore Methanobactin
Semrau J, Gu B, DiSpirito A, Kang-Yun C, Liang X, Lu X & Dershwitz P

(2018) Methylmercury Sorption, Uptake, and Degradation by Methanotrophs
Gu B, Lu X, Gu W, Zhao L, Haque MF, Dispirito A & Semrau J

(2018) Formation, Size, and Dissolution Behavior of HgS Nanoparticle: Implications for Release from Diffuse Source Zone Soils
Pierce E, Eskelsen J, Chiu M, Leonard D, Lu X & Gu B

(2016) Coupled Interactions between Mercury (Hg), Organic Ligands, and Microorganisms on Hg Reduction, Oxidation, and Methylation
Gu B, Lu X, Lin H & Liang L

(2016) Anaerobic Mercury Methylation and Demethylation by Geobacter Bemidjiensis Bem
Lu X, Liu Y, Johs A, Zhao L, Wang T, Elias D, Pierce E, Liang L, Barkay T & Gu B

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