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All abstracts by Igor Ashchepkov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Peridotite Xenoliths from the Udachnaya-East Kimberlite: Clues on the P-T Structure and Composition of the Siberian Sub-Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle
Casetta F, Faccincani L, Ashchepkov I, Abart R & Ntaflos T

(2021) Unique Amphibole-Rich Mantle beneath the Leningrad Kimberlite Pipe, West Ukukit Field, NE Yakutia
Ashchepkov I, Babushkina S, Oleinikov O & Medvedev N

(2020) Mantle Xenoliths from Zapolyarnaya Pipe, Yakutia, Russia
Ashchepkov I, Medvedev N & Ivanov A

(2019) Ferric Ferrous Ratios in Mantle Xenoliths by Synchrotron Mössbauer Source Spectroscopy
Kiseeva K, Wood B, McCammon C & Ashchepkov I

(2019) Mantle Columns beneath Kosomolskaya and Zarnitsa Kimberlite Pipes: Xenolith Study
Ashchepkov I, Medvedev N, Ntaflos T, Yudin D, Ivanov A, Makovchuk I & Kiseeva K

(2018) Deep Mantle Roots of Zarnitsa Pipe
Ashchepkov I, Medvedev N, Ntaflos T, Khmelnikova O, Tolstov A & Smarov G

(2015) Monomineral Mantle Elcogite CPx and Garnet Thermobarometry
Ashchepkov I, Logvinova A, Spetsius Z & Stegnitsky Y

(2014) Evolution of Mantle Column of Pipe Sytykanskaya, Yakutia Kimberlite
Ashchepkov I, Reimirs L, Ntaflos T, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Travin A, Yudin D, Karpenko K, MakovchukI I, Palessky S & Salikhov R

(2013) Melt Modified Mantle Lithosphere beneath Dalnyayay Pipe
Ashchepkov I, Ntaflos T, Spetsius Z & Salikhov R

(2012) Formation and Evolution of Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle in Central Siberia
Ionov D, Bindeman I, Doucet L, Ashchepkov I & Golovin A

(2011) Peridotite Xenolith Inferences on the Formation and Evolution of the Central Siberian Cratonic Mantle
Ionov D, Doucet L-S, Carlson R, Pokhilenko N, Golovin A & Ashchepkov I

(2011) Redox State of Lithospheric Mantle in Central Siberian Craton: A Mössbauer Study of Peridotite Xenoliths from the Udachnaya Kimberlite
Goncharov A, Ionov D, Doucet L-S & Ashchepkov I

(2011) Origin of Craton Mantle Layering According to PT Reconstructions
Ashchepkov I, Ionov D, Ntaflos T, Hilary D & Palessky S

(2011) Os Isotope and PGE Data on the Age and Evolution of Lithospheric Mantle in the Central Siberian Craton
Doucet L-S, Ionov D, Carlson R, Golovin A & Ashchepkov I

(2010) Metasomatism in Peridotites beneath the Daldyn-Alakite Region Yakutia
Ashchepkov I, Travin A, Ntaflos T, Logviniva A, Vladykin N & Palessky S

(2010) Can Cratonic Mantle be Formed in Subduction-Related Settings?
Ionov D, Doucet L, Golovin A & Ashchepkov I

(2009) Clinopyroxene Eclogite-Peridotite Thermobarometry of the Large Yakutian Kimberlite Pipes
Ashchepkov I, Logvinova A, Kuligin S, Pokhilenko L, Vladykin N, Mityukhin S, Alymova N, Malygina E & Vishnyakova E

(2009) New Petrographic, Major and Trace Element Data on Lithospheric Mantle beneath Central Siberian Craton
Doucet L-S, Ionov DA & Ashchepkov I

(2008) Melts in Mantle Columns beneath Siberian Kimberlites
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Nikolaeva I, Palessky S, Pokhilenko L & Rotman A

(2008) Diamond Inclusions and Eclogites Thermobarometry, Siberia
Logvinova A & Ashchepkov I

(2007) Evolution of Kimberlite Magmatic Sources beneath Siberia
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Logvinova A, Vladykin N, Rotman A, Palessky S, Alymova N & Vishnyakova E

(2007) LAM ICP Study of Cloudy Diamonds: Implications for Diamond Formation
Logvinova A, Àshchepkov I & Palessky S

(2005) Zonation of Ebelykh Eclogite and Peridotite Diamonds: LAM ICP MS
Afanasiev V, Ashchepkov I, Zinchuk N, Kuchkin A, Saprykin A & Anoshin G

(2005) Regularities of Mantle Structure beneath Siberian Craton
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Rotman A, Logvinova A, Pokhilenko H, Saprykin A, Palessky S, Anoshin G, Khelnikova O & Kuchkin A

(2005) Mantle Layering beneath Angola
Rotman A, Ashchepkov I, Nossiko S, Palessky S, Saprykin A, Somov C, Shipupi J, Khelnikova O & Anoshin G

(2004) Trace Element for Archangelsk Diamonds: LAM ICP MS Study
Afanasiev V, Ashchepkov I, Zinchuk N, Grib P, Kuchkin A, Anoshin G, Saprykin A & Palessky S

(2004) Mantle Geochemistry and Consruction in Mirninsky Field
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Rotman A, Anoshin G, Saprykin A & Khmelnikova O

(2003) Geochemistry of Peridotite Minerals in Yubileinaya and Zarnitsa Pipes: Two Mantle Terranes
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Rotman A, Palessky S & Nikolaeva I

(2002) Laser and Stepwise-Heating 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Kimberlite-Like Rocks from Sayan Foothills and Peripheral Part of the Siberian Platform
Travin A, Aschepkov I, Udin D & Prostyakov K

(2002) Geochemical Evidence for Multistage Melt Percolation in Mantle Keel beneath Wyoming Craton
Ashchepkov I, Nikolai V, Roger M, Howard C, Anatoliy S & Gennadiy A

(2001) Deep-Seated Magmas from Siberian Platform and Surroundings and their Melting Sources Based on Trace Element Analyses
Ashchepkov IV, Vladykin NV, Gerasimov PA, Saprykin AI & Anoshin GN

(2000) Thermal Gradient, Mantle Layering and Geochemistry beneath Aldan Shield According to the Kimberlitic Deep Seated Disintegrated Inclusions
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Yuri O, Anoshin G, Gerasimov P & Saprykin A

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