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All abstracts by Tobias P. Fischer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Finding the Source Following Sano
Fischer TP

(2021) Assessment of Active Fault Zones by Soil CO2 Flux Measurements in the Yangsan Fault System, South Korea
Hong J, Lee H, Kim H, Lee W, Yu J & Fischer TP

(2021) Sulfur Sequestration, Redox Control and Metallogeny in Earth and Other Planetary Volcanic Systems
Fischer TP & Henley RW

(2018) Magma Addition Rates in Continental Arcs: A New Protocol of Calculation and Global Implications
Ratschbacher B, Paterson S & Fischer TP

(2017) An Extreme Enrichment in Atmospheric <sup>15</sup>N<sup>15</sup>N: Biotic and Abiotic Contributions
Yeung LY, Li S, Kohl IE, Ostrom NE, Haslun JA, Fischer TP, Schauble EA & Young ED

(2013) Nitrogen Recycling Through Arc Volcanism
Fischer T, Li L, Sharp Z & Hilton D

(2013) High-Precision Atmospheric Helium Isotope Measurement in Volcanic Areas
Lan TF, Mabry JC, Marty B, Burnard P, F├╝ri E, de Moor JM, Fischer TP & McMurtry GM

(2013) Transformational Science with a New Global Volcanic Gas Emissions Database
McCormick B, Cottrell E, Fischer T, Chiodini G & Cardellini C

(2013) DEep CArbon DEgassing: The Deep Carbon Observatory DECADE Initiative
Fischer T

(2012) Nitrogen-Helium-Argon Isotope Relationships in Subglacial Glasses from Iceland's Neovolcanic Zones
Halldorsson S, Hilton D, Barry P, Furi E, Fischer T & Groenvold K

(2012) Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Basaltic Degassing
de Moor M, Fischer T, King P, Sharp Z, Marcus M, Spilde M & Marty B

(2012) Interpretation of Helium Isotopes in Modern Hydrothermal Systems
Sano Y & Fischer T

(2011) Superplume Control of East Africa Rift Volcanism: Helium Isotope Evidence from Alkaline Magmatism of Tanzania
Hilton D, Halldorsson S, Barry P, Fischer T, De Moor M, Ramirez C, Mangasini F & Scarsi P

(2009) He-CO2 Characteristics of Submarine and Subaerial Fluids of the Costa Rica Forearc
Hilton D, Furi E, Fischer T, Ramirez C, Tryon M, Barry P, Brown K, Alvarado G, Montero W & Denyer P

(2009) A Review of Chlorine Stable Isotopes as a Fluid Tracer in Subduction Zones
Barnes J, Sharp Z & Fischer T

(2008) Light Elements in Subduction Zones: Perspective from Volatiles
Fischer T, Hilton D, Shaw A, Sharp Z, Barnes J & Hauri E

(2008) Geochemical Monitoring of Hydrothermal Systems of Dominica, Lesser Antilles
Joseph E, Fournier N & Fischer T

(2007) Chlorine Stable Isotopes as a Geochemical Tracer along the Central American and the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arcs
Barnes J, Sharp Z & Fischer T

(2005) Hydrogen Isotope Variations in Mariana Arc Melt Inclusions
Shaw A, Hauri E, Kelley K, Fischer T, Hilton D, Stern R, Hawkins J & Plank T

(2005) Along and Across-Arc Profiles in He-C Systematics: New Data from El Salvador and Honduras
de Leeuw D, Hilton D, Fischer T & Walker J

(2005) Central America Arc Volatiles: along- and Across- Arc Variations
Fischer T, Hilton D, Elkins L, Shaw A, Zimmer M, Takahata N & Sano Y

(2005) The CO<->2<$>-He Isotope and Relative Abundance Systematics of the Central American Arc
Hilton D, Fischer T, Shaw A, De Leeuw D & Walker J

(2004) Insights into Arc Fluid Budgets from Mariana Melt Inclusions
Shaw A, Hauri E, Hilton D, Fischer T, Stern R, Wade J & Plank T

(2003) N-Isotopes in Hot Spot Hydrothermal Gases: Preliminary Results
Fischer T, Hilton D, Sharp Z & Shock E

(2003) Tracing the Sources of Volcanic Fluids: Following Giggenbach
Fischer T & Hilton D

(2002) Unravelling the C Systematics of the Central American Volcanic Output
Shaw A, Hilton D, Fischer T & Walker J

(2002) Volatile Mass Balance and Recycling at Subduction Zones
Hilton D, Fischer T & Marty B

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