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All abstracts by Woodward W. Fischer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Evolution of Anoxygenic Phototrophy
Hemp J, Ward L, Shih P, Pace L, Johnson J & Fischer W

(2015) Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis Triggered the Rise of Oxygen
Ward L, Hemp J, Shih P, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2015) Manganese and the Evolution of Photosynthesis
Fischer W, Johnson J, Hemp J, Johnson H & Webb S

(2015) Diversity and Evolution of Nitric Oxide Reduction
Pace L, Hemp J, Murali R, Ward L, Sanford R, Gennis R & Fischer W

(2015) Interpreting Primary Versus Metamorphic Manganese in Ancient Sedimentary Basins
Johnson J, Webb S, Beukes N & Fischer W

(2014) Microbial Manganese Reduction and its Mineralogical Record
Johnson J, Savalia P, Kocar B, Webb S, Nealson K & Fischer W

(2014) Large δ34SCAS Variability Among Sedimentary Components in End-Ordovician-Age Strata
Present T, Paris G, Burke A, Fischer W & Adkins J

(2014) Using Novel Coupled Microscale Techniques to Investigate Iron-Bearing Minerals in Precambrian Sedimentary Rocks and their Use as a Redox Proxy
Slotznick S, Webb S, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2014) Compound-Specific Carbon Isotopes Reveal Distinct Organic Carbon Sources Through the Shuram Excursion from the Sultanate of Oman
Lee C, Love G, Fike D, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Summons R

(2014) Links between the Sedimentary Redox Cycle and Marine Acid-Base Chemistry
Reinhard CT & Fischer WW

(2014) Archean ‘Whiffs of Oxygen’ Tied to Post-Depositional Processes
Fischer W, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Rasmussen B, Raub T & Kirschvink J

(2013) Earth Surface Redox Constraints from the Ancient Cr Cycle
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Wang X, Fischer W, Johnson T & Lyons T

(2013) Sedimentary and Genomic Insights into the Evolution of Iron Oxidation
Fischer WW, Johnson JE, Hemp J, Pace LA, Planavsky NJ & Webb SM

(2013) Environmental Diversity of Denitrification
Pace L, Hemp J, Murali R, Gennis R & Fischer W

(2013) Micro-Scale Complexity in Iron-Sulfide Phases in Precambrian Sedimentary Rocks Determined by Coupled Spectroscopic, Isotopic, and Magnetic Techniques
Webb S, Johnson J, Slotznick S, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2013) δ30Si in Early Archean Cherts and Implications for the Silica Cycle
Stefurak EJT, Fischer WW & Lowe DR

(2013) Evolution of Photosynthesis
Hemp J, Pace L, Johnson J & Fischer W

(2013) Manganese-Oxidizing Photosynthesis Before the Rise of Cyanobacteria
Johnson J, Webb S, Thomas K, Ono S, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2013) Carbon Isotope and Lipid Biomarker Stratigraphy from Organic-Rich Strata Through the Neoproterozoic Shuram Excursion in South Oman
Lee C, Fike D, Love G, Sessions A, Grotzinger J, Summons R & Fischer W

(2012) Stratigraphic Constraints on Critical Fluxes in the Phanerozoic Sulfur Cycle
Halevy I, Peters S & Fischer W

(2012) Archean 'Whiffs of Oxygen' go Poof!
Kirschvink J, Raub T & FIscher W

(2011) A Dynamic Archean Sulfur Cycle
Fischer W, Fike D, Guan Y, Eiler J, Kirschvink J & Raub T

(2011) The Geographic and Stratigraphic Record of Ordovician δ13Ccarb in Outcrops and the Subsurface of Anticosti Island, Canada
Fike D, Jones D & Fischer W

(2010) Fe-Redox, Aridification, and Acidic Surface Waters on Early Mars
Hurowitz J, Fischer W, Tosca N & Milliken R

(2010) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry as a Tool for Paleoceanography
Eiler J, Bergmann K, Bonifaci M, Eagle R, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Passey B, Stolper D & Tripati A

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