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All abstracts by Godfrey Fitton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Orogenic Eclogites, Rutile and Trace Element Flux in the Subduction Zone
Wilkinson D, Fitton G & Harley S

(2013) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in the Mantle
Liang Y-H, Siebert C, Fitton JG, Burton KW & Halliday AN

(2011) Integration of the Intrusive and Extrusive Cycles of Palaeogene Igneous Activity in N.E. Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble JA, Renne PR, Ellam RM, Fitton JG & Lyle P

(2010) Tectonic Controls on the Timing and Chemistry of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R & Lyle P

(2009) The Age and Peterogenesis of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R, Stuart F & Lyle P

(2009) Hotspots and Large Igneous Provinces: Excess Mantle Temperature or Mantle Fertility?
Fitton G & Starkey N

(2009) Osmium Isotope Insights into High 3He/4He Mantle and Convecting Mantle in the North Atlantic
Dale CW, Pearson DG, Starkey NA, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Larsen LM, Fitton JG & Macpherson CG

(2008) Is There a Hidden Primordial 3He-Rich Reservoir in the Deep Earth?
Stuart F, Basu S, Ellam R, Fitton G & Starkey N

(2008) The Origin of the High 3He/4He, High Temperature Early Iceland Plume
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) No Role for Discrete, Depleted High 3He/4He Mantle
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) Melt Mixing and Crystallisation in the Plumbing System of the 1783 Laki Eruption
Passmore E, Maclennan J, Fitton G & Thordarson T

(2005) Enigmatic Voluminous Andesite Magmatism at Glencoe Caldera Volcano, SW Scottish Highlands
Neilson J, Kokelaar P & Fitton G

(2004) Origin of the Ontong Java Plateau
Fitton G, Godard M, Mahoney J & Herzberg C

(2004) He-Isotope Characteristics of Geochemically Enriched Basalts from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Western Iceland
Williams A, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Johansen T & Tr√łnnes R

(2000) Constraints on Magma Sources in the North Atlantic Ocean from the Isotope Geochemistry of Basalts from Jan Mayen and Snaefellsness, Iceland
Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G & Raistrick M

(2000) N-Morb or a Depleted Plume Component? Evidence from Hf-Nd Isotope Systematics of Tertiary Picritic and Basaltic Lava Flows from Baffin Island
Kempton PD, Fitton JG, Francis D & Lass S

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