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All abstracts by Boriana Kalderon-Asael in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Quantifying Carbon Dioxide Removal in an Enhanced Rock Weathering Field Trial in Queensland, Australia: A Soil-Based Mass Balance Approach
Reershemius T, Nelson PN, Davies K, Bird MI, Kalderon-Asael B, Asael D, Epihov DZ, Beerling DJ, Reinhard CT & Planavsky NJ

(2023) Paleosol Lithium Isotopes Indicate Lower Clay Production in the Weathering Zone Before Land Plants
Beaty B, Kalderon-Asael B, Rauzi S, Isson T & Planavsky NJ

(2023) Unconventional Lithium Resources and Recovery: Salton Sea Geothermal Brines
McKibben MA, Humphreys J, Brounce M, Dobson P, Planavsky NJ & Kalderon-Asael B

(2021) Interrogating the Cretaceous-Palaeogene Li Isotope Crash with New Records of Foraminiferal δ7Li
Henehan MJ, Kalderon-Asael B, Barnet JSK, Witts JD, Rae JWB, Planavsky NJ, Hull PM & von Blanckenburg F

(2021) Early Diagenesis Effect on Lithium Isotopes in Carbonates
Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky NJ, Oehlert A, Vitek B & Reid P

(2019) A day in the Lithium Cycle – or How Big Storm Events Affect the Rivers’ Lithium Content?
Kalderon-Asael B, Raymond P & Planavsky N

(2017) New Perspectives on the Cenozoic ∂7Li Record
Henehan M, Abell R, Tsong R, Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky N, Burke J, Elder L, Foster G, Davis C, Maas A, Elliott T, Schmidt D & Hull P

(2017) Deciphering the δ7Li Record in Carbonates
Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky NJ, Asael D & Terry-Tang YS

(2016) Tracking the Long-Term Carbon Cycle in Earth History: Himalayan Anecdotes
McKenzie R, Planavsky N, Colleps C, Stockli D, Singh B, Kalderon-Asael B & Reinhard C

(2016) A Carbonate Li Isotope Record Through Earth’s History
Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky N & Asael D

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