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All abstracts by Dominik Fleitmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Fluid Inclusions in Stalagmites Used as a Quantitative Thermometer in Paleoclimate Research
Krüger Y, Marti D, Hidalgo Staub R, Fleitmann D & Frenz M

(2011) Growth Conditions of Stalagmites Derived from Noble Gas Concentrations in Fluid Inclusions
Scheidegger Y, Vogel N, Figura S, Brennwald M, Wieler R, Fleitmann D & Kipfer R

(2011) Towards Past Climate Reconstruction of Speleothems by Atmospheric Sampling LA-ICPMS
Tabersky D, De Maddalena I, Fricker MB, Dietiker R, Fleitmann D & Günther D

(2011) Megadroughts at the Dawn of Islam Recorded in a Stalagmite from Northern Oman
Fleitmann D, Bradley RS, Burns SJ, Mudelsee M, Cheng H, Edwards LR, Mangini A & Matter A

(2009) Phosphorus Accumulation during Late Devonian Anoxic Events in Erfoud Morocco
Adatte T, Bomou B, Keller G, Gertsch B, Fleitmann D, Fargo R, Millian C, Kalmbach E, Fleming J & Lavdovski N

(2009) Accurate Analysis of Noble Gas Concentrations in Water Samples of a few Milligrams
Scheidegger Y, Baur H, Trösch M, Wieler R, Fleitmann D & Kipfer R

(2009) Paleoceanographic Change Associated with the Valanginian δ13C Excursion in the Western Tethys
Westermann S, Matera V, Adatte T, Schnyder J, Duchamp-Alphonse S, Fiet N, Fleitmann D, Ploch I & Föllmi KB

(2009) Anoxia during the OAE 2: Paleoenvironmental Insights from Tibet and Mexico
Bomou B, Adatte T, Follmi KB, Caron M, Tantawy AA, Fleitmann D, Matera V & Huang Y

(2008) Two High Resolution Snap Shots of Pleistocene Climate Change from U-Pb Dated South Africa Speleothems
Pickering R, Göktürk O, Kramers J, Steininger C, Fleitmann D & Badertscher S

(2007) Noble Gases in Fluid Inclusions in Speleothems
Scheidegger Y, Kipfer R, Wieler R, Leuenberger M, Badertscher S & Fleitmann D

(2000) Evidence for Solar Forcing of the Indian Ocean Monsoon in a High-Resolution Speleothem Record from Oman
Burns S, Neff U, Mudelsee M, Fleitmann D, Mangini A & Matter A

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