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All abstracts by Rebecca M. Flowers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Hot Shock vs. Cold Shock Zircon Across the Vredefort Dome; A Guide for Interpreting Residua of the LHB?
Moser D, Cupelli L, Barker I & Flowers R

(2008) Temperature and Timing of Diagenesis from Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry and Thermochronology
Huntington KW, Wernicke BP, Eiler JM & Flowers RM

(2008) Thermal Histories in Sedimentary Basins from Integrated Low-Temperature Thermochronometry: An Example from the High Plains of New Mexico and Western Texas
Flowers R & Kelley S

(2008) High to Low Temperature Geo- and Thermochronology and the Reactivation and Stability of Continental Lithosphere, Western Canadian Shield
Flowers R

(2007) (U-Th)/He Apatite Constraints on the Erosional History of the Southwestern Colorado Plateau and Implications for Early Tertiary Uplift and Carving of a "Proto-Grand Canyon"
Flowers R, Wernicke B & Farley K

(2006) Radiation damage and helium diffusion kinetics in apatite
Shuster D, Flowers R & Farley K

(2006) Evidence for radiation damage control on apatite He ages from the Grand Canyon region, Colorado Plateau
Flowers RM, Shuster DL, Farley KA & Wernicke BP

(2005) Temporal Constraints on the Juxtaposition and Exhumation of Deep Crustal Domains, East Athabasca Region, Western Canadian Shield
Flowers R, Pringle M, Mahan K, Bowring S, Williams M, Hodges K & Reiners P

(2001) Magmatic Intraplating and Impact Metamorphism of the Lower Kaapvaal Crust; A Combined ID- TIMS/SHRIMP Investigation
Moser DE, Davis WJ, Flowers RM & Hart RJ

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