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All abstracts by Denis Fontignie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2007) Miocene Oceanography of the Mediterranean Area Deduced from C-, O-, Sr-, and Nd-Isotopes
Kocsis L, Vennemann T, Fontignie D, Baumgartner C, Montanari A & Jelen B

(2006) Climatic and oceanographic changes during the deposition of circum-Alpine Miocene marine sediments
Kocsis L, Vennemann T & Fontignie D

(2006) The genesis of CAMP basalts (Morocco) from enriched lithosphere to late asthenosphere mantle sources
Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Chiaradia M, Fontignie D, Youbi N & Bellieni G

(2005) The Active Margin of Gondwana in Peru – Isotopic and Geochronologic Constraints
Schaltegger U, Chew D, Miskovic A, Fontignie D & Frank M

(2004) Tracing Crust-Mantle Interaction during Karakoram-Kohistan Accretion (NW Pakistan)
Schaltegger U, Heuberger S, Frank M, Fontignie D, Sergeev S & Burg J

(2002) Hf and Pb Isotope Systematics in Basalts from the Iceland Neovolcanic Zones
MALF»RE J-L, Fontignie D, Blichert-Toft J & Schilling J-G

(2002) Geochemistry and Age of the European CAMP Basalts
Rapaille C, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Feraud G, Reisberg L & Fontignie D

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