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All abstracts by Daniel J Frost in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Mineralogy of the Lower Mantle: Constraints from Elasticity
Murakami M, Mashino I, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S & Frost D

(2017) Effect of Fe3+ on the Subsolidus and Melting Phase Relations Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Sinmyo R, Nakajima Y, McCammon C, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S, Myhill R & Frost D

(2017) Sulfide-Silicate Partitioning of Moderately Siderophile Elements at High P-T
Abeykoon S, Laurenz V, Frost DJ, Rubie DC & Vogel AK

(2017) Sequestration of Tungsten into the Core during Earth’s Accretion
Jennings E, Rubie D, Jacobson S, Morbidelli A, Armstrong K & Frost D

(2017) The Behavior of Re and Os during Sulfide Segregation to the Earth’s Core
Laurenz V, Rubie DC & Frost DJ

(2017) Thermodynamic Constraints on the Mineralogy of the Lower Mantle
Frost D, Huang R, Armstrong K & Boffa Ballaran T

(2016) Complexities in the Phase Relations of MgFe2O4 at High Pressure and Temperature: Evidence for New Oxides Such as Mg5Fe2O8
Uenver-Thiele L, Woodland A, Boffa-Ballaran T, Miyajima N & Frost D

(2016) The Redox State of the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Frost D, Kurnosov A, Boffa Ballaran T, Marquardt H, Armstrong K & Myhill R

(2016) Nano Scale Chemical Analyses of Ultra-High Pressure Melting Experiments
Marquardt K, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S, Armstrong K & Frost D

(2016) Galactic Chemical Evolution Models and the Geophysical Nature of Cosmochemically Earth-Like Planets
Mojzsis S, Meyer B, Harrison TM, Frost D, Rubie D, Golabek G, Tackley P & Hernlund J

(2016) Deformation Mechanisms of Antigorite Serpentinite at Subduction Zone Conditions
Auzende A-L, Escartin J, Walte N, Guillot S, Hirth G & Frost D

(2016) Silicon and Oxygen Partitioning between Silicate and Iron at Core Formation Conditions
Jennings ES, Petitgirard S, Lord OT, Walter MJ, Frost DJ & Rubie DC

(2016) The Oxidation State of Iron in Silicate Melts as a Function of Pressure
Armstrong K, Frost D, McCammon C, Rubie D & Boffa-Ballaran T

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