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All abstracts by Timothy I. Eglinton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Warming Alters Soil Carbon Dynamics at Depth in a Qinghai-Tibetan Alpine Grassland
Feng X, Jia J, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Simpson M, Yang H, Eglinton T & He J-S

(2018) Microbial Oxidation of Lithospheric Organic Carbon in Rapidly Eroding Mountain Soils
Hemingway J, Hilton R, Hovius N, Eglinton T, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Chen M-C & Galy V

(2018) Perylene Imparts an Estimate for the Age of Terrigenous Organic Matter in Sediments
Hanke UM, Eglinton TI, Galy V & Reddy CM

(2018) Hydroclimate Forcing of the Terrestrial Organic Carbon Cycle during the Last Deglaciation
Galy V, Hein C & Eglinton T

(2018) Pervasive Carbon Export from the Indian Sub-Continent in Response to Holocene Climate Change
Usman MO, Ponton C, Lupker M, Giosan L, Haghipour N & Eglinton T

(2018) New Zealand Fjord Records of Southern Hemisphere Westerly Wind Variability
Moy C, Hinojosa J, Gilmer G, Browne I, Wilson G, Riesselman C, Stirling C, Gorman A, Lembo C & Eglinton T

(2018) Timescales of Leaf Wax Biomarker Transport and Preservation in Alluvial River Systems: Rio Bermejo, Argentina
Repasch M, Sachse D, Hovius N, Scheingross J, Eglinton T & Lupker M

(2018) Different 14C Age of Terrestrial and Marine Organic Carbon in Sediments of New Britain Trench: Insight into Carbon Source and Transport in Hadal Trenches
Xiao W, Eglinton TI, Haghipour N, Montluçon D, Jia Z & Xu Y

(2018) Organic Carbon Export from the Mackenzie Basin: Insights from Observations Spanning 30 Years
Schwab M, Hilton R, Galy V, Haghipour N, GrafPannatier E, Macdonald R & Eglinton T

(2018) Climate and Anthropogenic Influence on Organic Carbon Mobilization and Export from Watersheds
Eglinton T & Galy V

(2018) Multi-Level Radiocarbon Analysis of Hawaiian SOC
Grant K, Galy V, Haghipour N, Eglinton T & Derry L

(2018) Radiocarbon Analysis Strategies for Elucidation of Carbon Cycle Processes
Eglinton T

(2018) Old Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Mackenzie River Basin: A Smoking gun for the Degradation of Aged Organic Matter?
Hilton R, Tipper E, Galy V, Garnett M, Dellinger M, Schwab M, Tank S, Bryant C, Ascough P & Eglinton T

(2016) Radiocarbon Constraints on Timescales of Particulate Organic Matter Transport over Continental Shelves
Bao R, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Montlucon D, Zhao M, McNichol A, Galy V & Eglinton T

(2016) Radiocarbon Constraints on the Origin and Fidelity of Sediment-Based Paleoclimate Records
Eglinton T

(2016) Identifying Drivers of Past Vegetation Change in East Asia Using Molecular Climate Proxies
Peterse F, Zhou B, Magill C & Eglinton T

(2016) Diverse Origins and Pre-Depositional Histories of Organic Matter in Contemporary Chinese Marginal Sea Sediments
Tao S, Eglinton TI, Montluçon DB, McIntyre C & Zhao M

(2016) Tracing the Provenance of Organic Matter and its Associations with Minerals in the South China Sea
Blattmann T, Wen K, Li J, Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Wacker L, Haghipour N, Plötze M, Liu Z & Eglinton T

(2016) Molecular Isotopic Insights into Organic Matter-Mineral Associations and their Impact on Carbon Cycling within River Drainage Basins
Eglinton T

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